Discipline Is Very Important!!!

Mar 5, 2000

I feel when a Child does something wrong it is best to correct and discipline a Child when they do something wrong. If you keep saying "wait till daddy gets home" than Daddy is the bully...I feel if you have to punish, spank, etc etc the child do it when they do the wrong thing and do not wait till after the fact.
I grew up having respect for elders and respect for my parents kids today feel there is no need for respect well that is wrong...treat others as you wish to be treated. Kids today have alot more than we did and they get away with alot more. I feel there is to much on TV and in papers that you can get parents for Child abuse...that is nonsense if you need to discipline and spank them that should have nothing to do with Child abuse...as I say they should be taught to respect and treat their elders right.
I know it is not easy being a kid today but we were alot better than these kids are today...we had dress codes etc etc and today there is way to much freedom there for them.

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