"Why Children Need Dicipline"

Aug 3, 2000

God blesses us with beautiful children to love and care for their needs. Our children are a wonderful gift from God. When we neglect their needs, when we allow them to raise themselves, when we think that all the naughty little things that they do as children are funny, when we hate to discipline them for things we know are wrong, we set our children up for failure at sometime in their lives.Discipline is good for all of us. Some look at discipline as being negative, but the truth of the matter, if children are not taught discipline at an early age, they develop little or no self-control and end up setting their own boundaries. The consequences of not raising children with discipline becomes a major factor in their adult life. Many children raised without boundaries end up in prison, addicted to drugs, abusers, and unable to to form stable and secure relationships. More importantly, if those children who were raised without boundaries have children, in many cases, they are very ineffective parents.But there are two kinds of discipline which a parent can act upon. One is discipline which is balanced with love and affection. The other is discipline which is unbalanced with being overly strict. Parents who choose a discipline which is overly strict will create unloved and unwanted children. This type of discipline could also result in the child becoming troubled and out of control. However on the other hand, a parent who demonstrates discipline in a balance way of love and discipline will find that the their children will have the foundation for strong emotional behavior. Our world contains many children who have had no discipline,and who have no boundaries. If parents do not provide discipline for their children, the authorities will. Parents who gives their children the balance of love and discipline will be happier. The bible states that "if we spare the rod of discipline, we spoil the child." This statement continues to be a very powerful in the rearing of children. Try it and see.

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