My Step Mother don't make her mistakes

Aug 30, 2000

My biological mom was a good woman, but I guess she had other things to do besides raise her children. I have a brother who is three years younger than I, so at the age of three my mom gave us to our dad. We of course still had visitation with her every other weekend. Then when I was five years old, my dad got remarried to a woman who had a daughter of her own, she was three years older than I. My stepmother knew my biological mom before her and my dad had married, and they did not like each other to put it nicely. From the very beginning my step mother had it out for me, I think it was because I reminded her of my mom. When I was a teenager, it was much worse, but it started way before that, daily beatings for things I didn't even do, but she would make things up just so she could hit me. I would be covered from head to toe in bruises because she didn't care about where she hit me. Skillets and kitchen plates frequently hit my head, as well as my dads belt buckle.

My father never stepped in to help, most of the time he was gone when the beatings took place, and so when he got home, she would lie and manipulate him into thinking it was all my fault, and that I had a blood condition that made me bruise very easily and my bruises would splatter and look worse than what they really were. She never treated my brother this way, only me, and she had my stepsister and my brother against me also, I wasn't allowed to be around them or play with them, it was like I had the plague or something. Of course when we were in front of other people, she would play the perfect mom, if you have seen the movie "Mommy Dearest" then you have seen what my life was like. As a teenager I was locked in my room, my meals were brought to me cold and they were left overs, she would take all of my makeup and clothes, and make me wear one outfit all week long with no bra, she took my deodorant away, nailed my windows shut, and I was only allowed out to take a bath, and go to school.

When I was sixteen, she made me drop out of school and get a job at a nursing home, when I got paid, she would take my money, give me enough for lunch the next week, and take the rest. I was put into a youth shelter when I was 14 years old because I got into a fight at school, these kids in there were hardened criminals, and I was almost killed in there. At thirteen I was put in a Psychiatric hospital, which was a vacation for me, and they really tried to help me get out of my home, but they failed. Finally when I was 17 I moved out. I just want to say, if you feel that you cannot love someone else's children as you would love your own, then do yourself and those children a favor and leave, walk the other way. You have to be fair as a step parent and treat all of the kids the same, don't be manipulative and down right evil, your children will get into enough trouble on their own, they don't need your help. If you need to criticize, do it constructively, and no matter what, always be there for them. Remember that the old saying that blood is thicker than water isn't always true, In a step family everyone has to be equal, or you will surely fail.

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