Twins - thats MINE DADDY

Oct 15, 2000

I am as guilty as any of not realising or remembering lifes true blessings.

Amongst all the troubles it is so easy to forget the things that really count, those true blessing we all receive in one way or another.

These things manifest themselves in so many different ways, some so subtle as to be particularly easily forgotten.

Personally I have spent the last eight years fighting a medical malady that no-one believed I could win, and no sooner do I beat it but I find my marriage is more than a little rocky, such is the effort I had to expend working on myself. And who gave Spousy and I the most support - our number one blessing, ourTwins.

Nevertheless I had quite decided by early last year that I could do nothing right whatsoever and remained with that conviction until very recently.

Then, as luck would have it, I stumbled across something I had never heard of - that being Epinions. I have always enjoyed writing so I thought I would make an attempt, which was half hearted at first because I knew I would fail anyway.

And fail I did, bigtime. Some people tried to point out the errors of my ways which I took, of course, as not genuine help but as snide remarks aimed at getting rid of me.

Then a miracle happened - after deciding to abandon Epinions, which I did for a few days, for some reason I came back. I think it was just blind determination to prove everyone wrong - which of course was crazy thinking but at least this time I put some effort into a review and shock, horror, Highly Recommended!

Now all that has happened in the last thirteen weeks - readers can judge for themselves by looking at my visitor numbers and WOT as to my level of success or lack thereof. But for once I am happy and yet again I managed to forget the major blessing in my life - our Twins.

Our Twins, Perfect One and Perfect two were born on June 14,1979. We have no other children, but with a boy and a girl at the outset who could want for more?

We are generally not believed when we say they have never fought, about anything, but we insist it's true. This is despite their personalities being totally different.

Perfect One, our daughter, is this planet's greatest worrier and Perfect Two, our son, worries about nothing. Our poor daughter picked up her personality from me, which I wouldn't wish on anyone, whereas heavens knows where Perfect Two got his, but I certainly envy him. Perfect Two's size at around six foot seven also came from somewhere unknown and if I had not been at the birth I think I just may have had some difficulty believing he was ours.

That would be until I observed the "chemistry" between these two.

As I am sure practically anyone closely associated with twins will tell you, they are almost one, so strong is the bond between them. This starts at birth, when the first born will actually strain to see where the second is, knowing full well his/her brother/sister is yet to come. I had the pleasure of witnessing this first hand when Perfect One, our daughter strained and became quite agitated awaiting the arrival of her brother. She quite noticeably relaxed as soon as he was born, some seven minutes later.

At the age of about three months they would converse very fluently in their own language, entertaining each other for hours intermingled with virtually uncontrollable giggling. Regrettably this has to be stopped otherwise twins will retain their language for up to seven to ten years and will not learn English during that period. Science and the Medical profession have yet to decipher or make any sense of this unique language, which sounds like no other but somehow comes naturally - they certainly don't "learn" it - it's as normal as breathing to a twin.

Twins are subject to lifes little, and not so little, dramas in the same way as any child but they do have the advantage of the enormous bond between them, where one always, without fail, helps the other.

And how about those little things, like the first time daughter refers to me as "Mine Daddy" followed immediately by son saying "thats Mine Daddy too". If my chest had got any bigger it would have exploded.

And the Giant things, like daughter nearly dieing at one day old due to a heart problem, which fortunately turned out to be relatively minor.

All these things are not confined to when they are small. Our daughter is just completing her honours year in psychology and only yesterday she came home from Uni. beaming from ear to ear because her thesis is apparently so good it is to be published in psychological journals around the world. Quite an achievement for anyone, let alone a twenty one year old.

On the mercenary side, this guarantees her acceptance to continue with a research Doctorate and she actually gets paid to do it, in addition to all fees being paid.

Our Son never ceases to astound with his software engineering acumen and recently found sporting prowess.

Both our twins have strong academic ability, something also not found in their parents or elsewhere in the family. Admittedly spousy goes to Uni. as part of her Intensive Care Nursing position so perhaps she's more academic than either of us have ever believed. With both twins and spousy going off to Uni. the really important stuff is left to the cat and I. The cat is fortunately a natural born organiser!

Both twins complete their respective Uni. degrees this year and in the normal course would be out job hunting. Daughter appears to be "Set" with the Education Department but son, as always, will leave this minor matter to the last minute.
In any event they are now both considering staying at Uni for higher degrees so we will have to see what unfolds over the next few months.

Maybe I am biased, well okay you bet I'm biased, but these two, what a blessing.

Perhaps my forty nine years are getting the better of me, but I swear it seems they were only born six months ago, and their whole lives are within that period, rather than twenty one years, so vivid is the memory of virtually every day. In that relatively short time we have watched them grow from helpless babies into two young people very much in command of their own destinies.

Who could ask for more?

How can I ever forget?

Why would I want to forget?

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