Aug 8, 2000

I can think, I have got morals, I am ethical, sometimes I laugh,
sometimes I cry and I am modest. Well, maybe not the latter.
Compared to Einstein, DaVinci and their peers I have to admit I
am a dunce. I have yet to receive an invitation from Mensa, but
they don't know my IQ, probably fortunately.

Well, at least there is one thing I can beat, that being a

It concerns me that many of our youngsters seem to be a little
overawed with computers, whereas they should be regarded as
a tool. There really is nothing a computer can do that we can't
do on paper. The only difference is the speed and financial
viability, which often go hand in hand.

World chess champion Garry Kasparov managed to beat IBM's
Deep Blue supercomputer in the first match of a series.
Admittedly he lost the overall game but this was only after
Deep Blue was reprogrammed to "understand" his technique. I
contend that what beat him overall was speed.

In a world where we should never say never, I suppose we
have to entertain the notion that one day a computer could,
theoretically, mimic the intricacies of our brain. However, I
must say I am having trouble envisaging a computer laughing
or crying!

For the foreseeable future, let us keep things in perspective. We
should certainly marvel at the achievements to date but not
forget that is you and me that are still in command.

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