The Healing Power of a Hug and Kiss

Oct 10, 2000

Our family has been through a very trying time since my husband fell ill in April and was hospitalized for three weeks in August. I look back and wonder how I was able to stay so strong through it all. And you know what? I stayed strong because of our boys. Everyday after dropping off the boys, I drove to the hospital 35 minutes away. A lot of times it was twice a day. I was so exhausted at night doing homework with my 6 year old, settling down my 2 year old and nursing and caring for my infant son. Each night I wanted to scream and cry and feel sorry for myself. I wanted to crawl into the fetal position and stay there until the nightmare was over, but I didn't. I couldn't. I had three little boys looking to me to nuture, to learn, to care, to love and so I did. When it was "our time", I made sure to spend quality time with each of them. My oldest was the most effected by his father's illness. He was old enough to understand the seriousness and to worry that daddy might not come home for a while...if ever. We would say our prayers at night and snuggle. My 2 year old would crawl up with us and we'd have a family hug. After they were soundly in their beds, it was time to nurse the baby. This was my most prized time of the day...holding him and feeling his sweet hand squeeze my finger tightly. Those 3 sets of arms around my neck rejuvenated my soul and made me realize just how wonderful life is even when things are not "perfect".

It was the closeness I felt with my kids that kept me sane through everything. I looked forward to our nights together and getting those warm hugs and sweet kisses. When I would visit my husband in the hospital I would always pass along a hug and kiss from each of our boys. And when they were finally able to visit him, he couldn't hug them, but I would lift them onto the bed to kiss his cheek. Not only did their hugs and kisses lift my spirits, they made their daddy's soar.

I have always been so proud of what a close family we are. Nothing makes me beam with pride any more than seeing how much my boys love one another. My 9 month old has already learned how to blow a kiss from his brothers. They are each other's biggest support and ours as well. When my 2 1/2 year old sees his brother after a long day of school, they greet each other with a hug. When they fight, they make up with an "I'm sorry" and a bear hug. And most importantly, when someone gets hurt, we all have to kiss it and make it better.

And you know works!

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