Any Regret's ?

Jan 31, 2000 (Updated Mar 6, 2000)

It was just a few days ago when I was talking to a woman who has had one child. She asked me if I have any regrets having twins. I kind of chuckled at even entertaining the idea that I even had any choice at all in the matter, but intently I pondered the thought. It was an really good question with many answers and so here is the list I came up with and then my final thoughts.

1.I can't enjoy the pleasure of one of them sleeping through the night (because the other doesn't)
2.I am not able to go hiking without someone to carry the other in another back pack.(because contrary to popular belief, I am not wonder woman)
3.I am not able to focus in on each one's accomplishments individually.
4.It's hard to find a babysitter at such a young age at such a decent price.
5.I DREAD those side by side college tuitions!
With all of that said, I needed to counteract my thoughts, with all these positives:
1.I get to have more snuggle time when one comes into bed with us.And I can nap later
2.I am Wonder Woman and who has the energy to go hiking.
3.So I focus in on them together at the same time.
4.So I leave them with their dad and go catch a chick flick with the girls.
5. This one is hard to argue, but it's 18 years away. I just won't think about it now, I'll think about it tomorrow.

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