discipline is OK

Jul 29, 2000

First and foremost, there is nothing wrong with discipline.
You and I need it, and so do our kids.

We have laws and Police to enforce them, children have only their parents.
If we abrogate our responsibility, what guide do our children have?

The question is not should, but how.
As far as general behaviour is concerned, a large wooden spoon is ideal. Give
it a name - ours was called "The Smacker Spoon" and was kept on top of
the refrigerator. The kids knew that if they were too "naughty" they would
feel it- but to the best of my memory it was only used twice.
It was not a threat, but a promise.
Being a parent carries responsibility, and sometimes we have to do, for the
good of all concerned, things we would rather not. Overall however,
parenting can sure be a lot of fun. All we need do is keep a guided, balanced

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