Cloth diapers can cause more rashes and yeast infections

Jun 23, 2000

When I first became a mother more then ten years ago I decided I would use cloth diapers to help out the environment. I wanted to be environmentally correct but sometimes doing what you think is the best way can lead to other problems.
My daughter kept getting rashes and even to the point of getting a yeast infection. I took her to the doctor he told me that with cloth diapers the moistness doesn't stay from the baby skin and with it being dark in the diaper that gave her a yeast infection. I was upset thought it was something I had done wrong but he assured me it was nothing I could help it happens a lot with babies in cloth diapers.
Well needless to say even though buying disposable diapers were more expensive I switched to Pampers. I never had any more yeast infections or rashes to have to worry about. I had two more children after my oldest and they went straight into disposable diapers and neither of them ever got a yeast infection or a rash that was any more then a small amount.
I know some children may be able to handle the cloth diapers but with my children disposable kept their bottoms as smooth as a baby's bottom is suppose to be.
Is disposable better I don't know for sure but it was for my children. I believe that if you feel like you want to be environmentally correct then try the cloth diapers but if your baby starts getting rashes or yeast infections, I suggest that you change to disposable.

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