Jul 8, 2000

Another law has been added to the books in Florida, at least in the county where I live. As of July 1, 2000, if your child has to be put into a juvenile detention center, the parent or legal guardian, of that child shall pay the state $50.00 a day.

Some of you will applaud loudly, some of you will protest loudly. This is going to be hotly debated.

Let's not forget, in the state of Florida, if you try to discipline your child, you are doing so at the risk of having your child taken from your home by Child Protective Services, should your child decide to report to HRS that your discipline is abusive.

This is but, another example of governmental control. Your right as a parent, has been taken away, but should your child get into trouble, You, not the child or the government is responsible.

What is happening to our children? Parents are no longer allowed to punish them, the school is not allowed to punish them. As it stands today, if your child is disruptive in school, expulsion is the only way to handle it! Kick them out of school, put them on the street to get into trouble. Whatever happened to accountability?

I am not on who believes in spanking a child. But, I only had one child to raise. I cannot say that I wouldn't have had to use that kind of punishment if I had two or three children. I do realize that children should be taught certain things at a young age, but by the time they are teenagers, with minds of their own, those things can fly right out the window.

If they are not held accountable as teenagers, how can we expect them to deem themselves accountable as adults?

I think the law should be to let the child work off the $50.00 a day. Put them on a clean-up crew, send them to nursing homes, or to the library to work. There comes a time when Mom and Dad should be able to say "This was your decision, your mess, clean it up".

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