Whisper Or Scream?

Dec 28, 2000

My son was a hand full when he was a little boy. He was the blond blue eyed child that had the face of an angel sent straight from heaven.

And he knew it too!

He was constantly on the go, into one thing and then into another. Poison control knew my voice I had called them so much. My son would find ways into things that no other child ever dreamt of attempting, much less chewing on!

I would try talking to him, setting him in the corner or in a time out area. But this would never help him remember not to do the crime again.

So, I would have to spank my son. I hated doing this, but if I ever let on that I hated it, it always would assure a repeat of the crime.

Spank three times, no more crimes. Happy son, relieved Mom. It was that simple with my son. I used my hand as a safety.

Why my hand? Because if you spank your child with your hand, you will feel the pressure also.

With my daughter, things are different. Where my son wouldnít listen to you when you tried to correct him verbally, my daughter does.

For her, this is the best method. A spanking gets her temper up. While talking to her doesnít, however it does reach her and she seems to understand.

No matter what type of discipline you choose, make sure you NEVER DO IT OUT OF ANGER! And I am a firm believer in making the child tell me why I they are getting punished no matter what form I use.

Also, do try to understand where your child is coming from. If they canít open the door to come in from outside after playing and accidentally wet their pants, donít come down hard on them, it really wasnít their fault.

While I do believe in punishment, I also believe that to be affective, we have to have the childís trust and we canít get that if we blow up, or donít at least try to see it from their side.

Remember, we are shaping the world for tomorrow!

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