Watching TV with your children vs. TV babysitting your child.

Mar 2, 2000

I started reading a few of the epinions on this subject and decided that I should put my few cents in as well. The problem being that there is too much violence committed by young people in todays society. Okay, let's try to explain why:

1. I remember the days when I was growing up, I never watched TV alone until I was about 13. Some parents today, let the TV babysit their children because they are to busy with their own lives. Parents, Don't fall prey to that! Your kids should be the #1 priority, if they aren't, why did you have them?

2. In todays world with the cost of living going up, It is necessary for both parents to work. There is nothing we can do about that, unless we go poor. If you love your children, you want to provide for them, so going poor is not an option.

3. Computers, okay I'm a big advocate for them, there are alot of good uses for them. There are also some bad things. Without the proper parenting, Violent games can be dangerous. Children need to be told that these games are just that, Games. In life there are no "power-ups", or "Unlimited Ammo codes". Kids can have fun and relieve stress just like you can, in a safe environment. You can't go to jail in Quake.
Parents sometimes substitute the computer for the TV. The computer is not a babysitter. Wait, that might be a new ebusiness, I can see it now..."

4. Spoiling your children- Why do you parents do this? What you are teaching your child is that with a little moaning or whining they will eventually get their way. I see parents that say no, then their child screams in the middle of the aisles until mommy gives the useless product to the child to shut them up. I'll take you back to my childhood and tell you that when I screamed in a public place, that was it, no matter what my parents were shopping for, we were gone, out the store, to the car, and I was smacked so hard on the rear, that I felt it for days.

Now, you may say, "Poor little child, he was the victim of child abuse" I say grow-up. There is a BIG difference between being hit abusively and being disciplined lovingly. I'll tell you something else too. I never screamed in a store again. Every time I felt like starting a tantrum, I remembered what hell I went through and how sore I was.

I'll tell you a story about my younger years:

After one of my many beatings in my teenage years, I was a little snot, I came out in the living room to my parents. In a very mature, professional voice, I said, "Mom, Dad, I just wanted to let you know that I am going to report you for child abuse." Now, my thinking was that they would cry and beg for forgiveness and say they didn't realize the damage they were causing. My dad replied, "Go ahead, my problems will be over, and yours will be just beginning!"

What he meant was, I'll finally get rid of my biggest headache, you will bounce from foster home to foster home, and you'll get to learn the meaning of abuse.
I realized that my parents loved me, so I knew that they really DID care, but that made me think, "Was I having such a hard life". It was only then that I started respecting my parents.

As far as answers to the other questions, I don't have them. All I know is as parents you must get involved in your child's life, you are not important anymore, you world should revolve around your children. Just don't let your teenagers know that, or they will make you go through hell. :)

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