Spanking abuse? Yep in my opinion it is!

Apr 4, 2000

Abuse of parental authority. There is no reason to hit you child in order to teach them what they need to learn. Spanking a child to teach right from wrong is a grave disrespect to their intellegence. It's shameful. I wouldn't train/teach an animal to behave by hitting or smacking them why would a parent choose to use a method that is widely used to train animals? I think it's horrible. Children's brains are not in their butts. They deserve so much more than a whack on the bum!

In no other relationship is hitting another acceptable. Why aren't children afforded the same respect? because thay are young and immature? lack verbal, coping, reasoning and comprehension skill? Gee what a great justification...NOT! So many reasons I see and hear about children getting spanked are purly developmental.

In my opinion parents that use spanking lack self respect and feel they need to *show* their children who the boss is no matter what they cost which is generally pain, humilation, embarrassment, resentment and fear. Some parents confuse fear with respect and I think that is a huge misconception.

I would never ever want my child to fear me or what I can or may do to them. I have heard the same song and dance "I was spanked and turned out fine" and for so many people the end justifies the means. I was abused and turned out great but I certainly wouldn't contribute it to the abuse I received. Think about it.

I know that spanking or not spanking plays only a small roll in parenting but it's just plain not necessary to hit a child to teach. There are NO children who need to be hit, only parents who need to hit them.

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