It's not the clothes, it's the child that counts

May 27, 2000

As a child, I was one of those girls who was dressed all in pink, 24-7. I guess expectations were different then. Now, I love wearing baseball jerseys, t-shirts, and jeans. I hate the colour pink.

So where could I possibly stand on this issue? I wear clothes that are comfortable and look good on me. The same should be said for babies and young children. Don't restrict a girl to pink and a boy to blue. Conversely (and a bit off topic), don't restrict a girl to nothing but dolls and a boy to action figures and sports. There are plenty of girls who look good in blue, and vice versa. Go for it that way. We don't need to be old-fashioned anymore.

When the child gets a little bit older, let he/she go shopping with mom or dad. And parents, don't lead your kids to stereotypical clothes. Let them wander and point to what THEY like. And if a girl picks a Giants t-shirt or a boy picks a little pink shirt, support them. The child will grow up comfortable and in touch with their real selves.

Our kids need love and support, not stereotypes and restrictions.

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