Dec 19, 2000

On August 4, 1996 I gave birth to boy/girl twins. Kiana Rayne (girl) is 8 minutes old than Tristan Storm (boy) and now that they are 4 years old she reminds him that she is the "oldest".
The most difficult experience was the pregnancy. I was on bedrest from early on in the pregnancy and I spent the entire 6th month in the hostpital. I delivered prematurely at 32 weeks. That was the most scary experience of my entire life, to be in labor with babies so tiny that they might not even be able to breath on their own. Since I had been in the hospital for the past month I had time to speak to doctors and nurses and do research of my own and I decided to go through labor without any type of pain medication, I had a "natural" delivery. I chose this because research showed that if I didn't take any drugs during delivery that the infants would be less grogy when born and that gave them an even better chance on their first breath of life.
Kiana came first and the first thing that she did was cry, and then I began to cry because I was so happy to hear her cry because that meant that she could breath on her own. Next, came Tristan 8 minutes later, and gave the world a crying salutation, which again made me cry. My babies could breath on their own, praise God.
Kiana weighed 3lbs 6oz, she was tiny but a fighter, she had to be on oxygen for 3 hours, and tube fed, but other than that all was normal. She sure made a nuisance of herself her first night because the nurses had to put her feeding tube back in 5 times because she didn't like it and kept pulling it out. To this day she still has that same spirit in all that she does.
Tristan weighed 4lbs 1oz, he never even needed oxygen, but his vitals and progress lacked behind Kiana's. He showed more progress once we put them together, it was as if he needed Kiana at that point in his life more than he needed his mother. He still carries this trait, he seems more confident whenever he is near his twin sister.
The twins were in the hospital for 19 days before they were released from the hospital, and then the real fun began. I chose at that time that they would sleep in the same crib at first while they were so small so that they could be closer to one another and I haven't been able to seperate them at night ever since. Tristan sneaks into his sister's room every night.
At first it was hard to even go out and eat because we were such an attraction to conversation. People would ask outrageous questions such as, " Are they identical", " Who is older", "Do twins run in your family", and " Did you know that you were having twins".
The real shocker is that whenever they were three months old I became pregnant again. The first thing that the doctor did was an ultrasound to make sure that it wasn't twins. This was a single order, a boy Takota Wolf.
Since Takota was full term he caught up in size with the twins after about 1 year and now were are always asked if they are triplets or if the boys are twins. Which mean currently I have a 3 year old and two 4 year old in our household, what an experience in patience and virtue.
I have chosen to have Kiana and Tristan in the same pre-k class, which has worked out great except for the fact that Takota is upset that he's not in school yet. I didn't want to immediately seperate them so that instead of concentrating on being without each other they could concentrate on beginning their education. At their parent/teacher conference their teacher told me that they usually play without one another but at snack time they make sure that one another get their share. That is also what I have been noticing at home.
I am going to seperate them whenever they reach first grade but I will let them attend kindergarten together next year. Each year is a milestone in their lives to look back and remember that these now normal sized and average 4 year old came into this world with such small beginnings. I praise God everyday for giving me these wonderful children and to have blessed them in so many ways.

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