Why Can't I wear Blue?

Mar 1, 2000

As a child, I was encouraged to wear pink, be my girly self, and play with dolls. Instead, my favorite color was blue, I loved sports, and I played with legos. Unfortunately, other boys and girls whose creativity was stifled just as much as mine, were not able to rise above it and be who they really wanted to be. Those children have grown up and have had more difficulty functioning as a productive member of society. The early experiences of "No, you aren't supposed to do that..." and "Girls don't DO that!!" have caused them to modify their behavior within the bounds of society's 'norms'. This kind of restraint suffocates their sense of perception and individuality which can lead to depression among other disorders. Blue is not for boys;pink is not for girls, and if one promotes this kind of misgiving, it can seriously hurt later in life.

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