12 Easy Steps to being a better Bulimic

Apr 20, 2000

LET ME STATE THIS FIRST: there are so many books and shows on TV and magazine articles that are used to help FEED the desire to be bulimic. I can remember watching a made for TV special with Joanna Kerns where she was sticking her fingers down her throat. That show helped me become better at it. As did the afterschool specials I would see on TV. Since there is NO education on this matter and for some reason women DO NOT talk about it then I am going to take this opportunity TO talk about it. If you don't like it that's your opinion and you are entitled to it.

I in no way shape or form condone or even exemplify you if you are bulimic. Bulimia is an eating disorder that NEVER goes away. There is no help for itů only treatment. I would like to think that there is some kind of magical cure that takes the desire to hurt yourself away but that is virtually impossible because an eating disorder is yours for life.

I have compiled a list so that if you choose to do this to yourself, you at least have some sense and go about it the right way. If you want to see the video you can check out http://oneopinionatedbitch.com/I/used/to/be/bulimic

Let me tell you what bulimia does to you first. You completely ruin your digestive system. I have problems using the bathroom now that I have stopped. Plus there is the added bonus that every time you make yourself vomit you are also making your heart stop. I was severely bulimic from the time I was 13 until I was 17 and I puked up blood, I would barf at restaurants and I would even barf for my friend's entertainment. I was just hurting myself and denying myself one of the few sensual pleasures this life has to offer because I believed that in order for people to like me I would have to be thin. (and when I was at my largest I found no problem being with a man... I think I got it more to be honest ;)

If you are doing this to yourself, please think about why you are doing it and what the long term effects are. I know other bulimics whose teeth are completely messed up and they will one day be wearing dentures.

Even if you are a healthy adult you might want to remember to brush your teeth and drink baking soda after you have vomited.

12 Easy steps to Being a Better Bulimic

1. Look at yourself naked everyday for at least an hour so you can get
a distorted body image.

2. Look through magazines and think that you can obtain Kate's weight,
even if you aren't built like her.

3. Drink LOTS of water, since it serves as a lubricant it keeps
things moving...

4. I'm sure you have learned this the hard way, but you should always
empty your bladder.

5. Clip you fingernails, or you can scratch the back of your throat and
when you vomit, you will aggravate the scab so it won't heal properly.

6. If you start to see blood mixed in with your food, and you are
positive it's not catsup, it's time to switch to laxatives. (I recently
heard of people performing blood letting, but that sounds painful and
messy, and somebody might think you are trying to kill yourself or

7. If you brush your teeth EVERY TIME you vomit, then they won't lose
their enamel. Remember, your teeth will take care of you just as long as
you take care of them. It also might help if you keep lip gloss on your
lips so they stay kissably soft.

8. Wash your hands diligently. You don't need to be out at a party or
restaurant and have other people getting a whiff of vomit as they eat.

9. I have found that if you drink baking soda afterwards, it will
neutralize the acid in your esophagus, so you will do less damage to your

10. Try to stay at home when you are bingeing. Not only do you not want
to freak your friends out, but like I said earlier, you can get vomit
running down your arm.

11. Take a shower when you are done, not only can you flush the
evidence down the drain, but your tears will be washed away, as well as
any accidents that may occur.

12. I'm sure you have learned this one the hard way too, but
NEVER vomit after an hour. The acid has mixed with the food so it's
real strong and it really burns coming up. After all, stomach acid has been
known to take the paint off of cars...

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