Raising Twins

Jan 25, 2000

Hi I am a mom of twins, one boy and one girl, their names begin with the same letter but that is the only thing that is the same about them. One has black hair, the other has blonde. They are total different from one another, their personalities, their friends, and their ideals.

I had these two miracles when I was 17 years of age, and it has not been easy but have had many blessing with them. They do compete for my attention in more than one way and also compete with each other. The reason for this, is to prove to themselves that they are unique, and that they are one and only. See I have always raised them the same, I treat booth the same way, one get something the other will too, and also if one gets into trouble the other will get punished too when they get into trouble. I have really learned to treat them as two different children and not as the same, their needs are different with different circumstances. I believe some parents don't understand that with twins, they are individuals.

Please allow your twins to be themselves, allow them to discover what is unique about them. Let them fight, it brings out their unique self and never tell them they are the same, there not!!

Here is two experiences of mine that tells me twins have an eternal bond with one another:

My son has been in 2 severe accidents and both times my daughter new something was wrong, the first time he ran into a car and was knocked out and my daughter came running in the house and said to me "Mom something is wrong with Brandon", I replied "Where is he", she didn't even know but she pointed right at the spot from inside of the house not even aware of what really happened. That to me is still unbelievable that she knew. The second time he hell off the back of a pick-up truck and even before it was noticed she told my friend to pull over because something was wrong and when he was slowing down to pull over is when Brandon fell out. So to those of you who don't believe twins have a unique bond, I beg to differ, these children have spoken the same words at the same time and will always make me believe that twins have a bond that will never be broken along with being unique from one another.

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