Why I called DHR

Oct 2, 2000

Last week I called DHR and had some kids removed from a home. They are finally in a safe place now, away from a Mother that does not love her children.

Let me tell you their story. My brother married this girl five years ago and she had three children that were in foster care in Virginia. My brother and his new wife lived in Louisiana and they went to Virginia and got the kids. When they got them they were four, eight and ten years old. I can only assume that they were better off where they were because my brother and his wife have ruined their lives.

Almost two years ago my brother was arrested for child molestation, he had molested the twelve year old girl. His story is that she came on to him, that she would go around without any clothes on and flirt with him. He wanted to teach her a lesson, get her to quit doing that. So he did things with her, he said they did not have sex, but I don't know if I believe him or not. I don't care what the little girl did, she was just a child, and it was not her fault. I found out that this had been going on for two years, so the little girl was only 10 when it started.

My brother went to jail and my parents let my sister-in-law live in their home across the street from me. My sister-in-law, we'll call her Jill, was supposed to stay home with the kids and make sure they stayed out of trouble. Well, Jill liked to stay on the Internet and meet guys. She started leaving the kids with whoever would keep them every weekend and she would go meet some guy. This started about a year ago and went on for several months until my parents got tired of her staying there for free and not taking care of the kids. She left every weekend and sometimes even during the week. She would tell the guys that she talked to on the net that it was her house and that Mom and Dad were company when they came down. She told them that my parents got on her nerves and she didn't know how much more she could take. My dad told her that she could just take what was her and to get out. She would not come back except as a "visitor" that it was his house, not hers.

She moved out and left the kids with different people. DHR was called several times, people told them that Jill was leaving her kids with just anyone and that she would go out of state and stay for several days at a time. DHR told them that as long as the people that they were left with were treating them OK there was nothing that would be done about it. This went on for several months and then last week I was informed that the two girls were living down the hill from me. They were staying with this man and his kids but they were not allowed outside. The fourteen year old girl was pregnant and neither one of them were going to school. I don't know where their brother is, but I called DHR and told them the situation. The lady at DHR told me that I needed to call the school, that they didn't in-force the not going to school law. I asked her what about abuse and neglect, is it not abuse to keep children in a house and not let them go out. She asked what was keeping the fourteen year old from opening the door and going out. I told her I thought someone was there all the time and would not let them out. She said she would check into it. I really didn't think she would, because they have been called so many times before. After I hung up with her I called the school and talked to the counselor. She told me that she would call the Truancy Officer and that he would check it out. Someone did their job, finally those girls are out of that prison. DHR came out last Wednesday and took the girls. On Tuesday the fourteen year old had a miscarriage, and on Wednesday she was taken somewhere where she can have a life and another chance.

I hope that by getting the girls out of there that they will have a chance to have a good life. The little nine year old told the DHR worker that she didn't want to go back to live with her Mom. I was told that she was crying the first day of school because she wanted to go to school but they wouldn't let her. Maybe now they will listen. I don't feel bad about calling and getting them out of there, and if I find out someone else is in that situation, I will call again. If you know anyone that is abusing their kids, neglecting them or physically abusing them call and get those kids some help. I know I feel better knowing that those girls are in a better place.

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