25 Things to Do Before Baby Arrives!

Aug 11, 2000 (Updated Aug 5, 2003)

The Bottom Line Sleep, eat and read often. Enjoy your pregnancy!!

From a new Mommy, here is a list of things to prepare yourself and your home for your new baby:

1. Buy the "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" Book. Undoubtedly the best resource for expectant mothers.

2. De-Clutter drawers and closets. You will shortly be filling them back up again. Ditto for basements, attics, garages..

3. Clean and/or replace carpets, air filters, change vacuum bag etc.. anything to improve air quality.

4. If you own a 2-story home, create a changing area downstairs as well as upstairs.

5. Replace Carbon Monoxide / Smoke Alarm batteries. If you don't own one- get one.

6. Buy a cordless phone. It will be nice to be able to walk and talk; can't park yourself in one place anymore my friend.

7. Invest in a good camera.

8. Take a CPR class.

10. Wash baby clothes, towels, sheets, blankets, etc. as you receive them.

11. Preadmit at hospital.

12. Research classes offered at the hospital. Mine provided Breastfeeding Class, Daddy Boot Camp, First Aid, Newborn Care, Epidural Information, and Lamaze.

13. Address, stamp, and prepare your birth announcements so that all you will need to do is fill in name, date, weight, etc.

14. Buy in bulk things you always need. Postage stamps, toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, etc..

15. You can never own enough cloth diapers. Buy the tri-fold kind and have a stack in various places. They make great burp cloths, are a must when feeding baby (bottle or breast), and make an impromptu changing pad. Now that my kids are older they are especially useful for other household chores and to place on car seat just in case the potty-training didn't quite sink in yet.

16. If requiring daycare, visit them now. Many centers have waiting lists.

17. Complete a baby registry. It's a great way to inventory what you have, what you need, and what you want.

18. Read about the pro and cons of Cord Blood Banking. It might be something you will want to consider and if so, you need to have it arranged in advance.

19. Try out the car seat in all your vehicles. Insure it will be compatible for all of them.

20. Install a shelf in the bathroom near the baby bath area with all necessities: shampoo, soap, cotton balls, washcloths, etc.. great to have it all handy and within reach. Don't forget alcohol and Q-tips for cord care.

21. Install dimmer switches in various rooms where baby may sleep. You will appreciate the happy medium between complete darkness and bright stimulating light.

22. Register at CPSC.gov (Consumer Product Safety Commission) to receive email updates as recalls are issued. Also, at that sight you can research items you have received/purchased 2nd hand.

23. Don't buy a lot of baby bottles, nipples, etc.. some babies prefer only certain types. I made the mistake of buying a dozen of one particular kind and my baby preferred another. Wait and see what works for your baby. By the way, if you own a dishwasher you probably will not need a sterilizer.

24. Don't get overwhelmed by all the Labor horror stories. Not everyone has 258 hours of labor. Do keep your options open; you may want an Epidural after all.

25. Enjoy being pregnant. You may not believe it now, but you will miss it. Another thing to enjoy.. Sleep. It's the last time you will for a L O N G time.

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