A Life Cycle Analogy

Mar 13, 2000

All children have a curiosity about plants. They will ask, "Why did the beautiful flower die? Was it because I hurt it when I brought to you?"

Teach your children at a young age about "life cycles". Spend a few pennies at the dime store for a pack of seeds. Help your child plant the seeds. Explain to them that we all start life very small. Take a walk around your neighborhood. Point out the different grow stages of the plants that you see. Make it fun! Ask questions such as, "Is that a baby plant or a grandpa plant?"

Help your child understand the developmental stage of growth in the different plants that you see along your walk. Find a plant that is dead. Discuss with you child how it started out as a seed. Talk about all of the beautiful flowers and plants that you saw along your walk. Leave this one thought in their mind, "A seed is planted. It grows. It become a beautiful part of life. It grows old. It dies. However, their beauty will never die. It will always live on in the life of the seeds it left behind". Point out new plant growth as you pass by on your way home.

Some children may make the analogy that they were born in a garden...

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