Brain DEAD!

Aug 12, 2000


I contend that even the brain does not think. The brain, being
simply a conglomeration of molecules, instructs the nerves to create
movement, be that to breathe, walk, talk and so on. The brain also creates,by "simple" mechanical function, the ability to draw and otherwise be creative in an artistic sense, known as "right brained".

If everything is made up of tiny, minute particles, as our present level of knowledge indicates, how do we fit into the scheme of things. Indeed, why are we here - where did we come from? What is our purpose? Are we
only an assembly of tiny minute particles, as science tells us.

Many people confuse rationalisation with thought which comes from
a directive. The brain is purely mechanical, and being purely
mechanical, is incapable of thought. The brain's function is to take a
thought, or directive, and create the means to make it happen in the
physical sense. The brain can even, we are told, create different
options if the usual instruction cannot be carried out, for instance due to injury.
The brain is an extremely intricate piece of machinery, without
which we cease to function. Nevertheless, I believe that the brain's role is to act on a thought, not to have the thought.

If that is correct, and all evidence would appear to support the theory,
that leaves us with a real dilemma.

Who or what is the thinker of the thought?

To me there is clearly something else going on here. Something well
hidden from us to date. Hopefully I have shown through logic, albeit to
some extent only opinion, that we must be more than just a
conglomeration of molecules. It would also seem to me that, with this
universe made up of minute molecules, that we must not be restricted
within it's confines.

I contend that the real me, and you, is not minute particles, in fact
not particles at all, that we are omnipotent, and capable of thought.
Some may call this a soul, the name or label is not really important.

Should this be accurate, the question still arises, that is what are
we doing here. We could now ask that if we are omnipotent, capable of thought,and not confined in any way, why would we take on a molecular structure for what is really a brief time?

What is that thing called life if not an experience? Could it be that
the real me has a need or desire to experience life, and if so why?

Personally, I have no idea.


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