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How To Choose Infant Formulas

How should I choose infant formulas?

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by melissasrn
Discuss this issue in-depth with your pediatrician and research all the possible choices before making this highly personal decision for yourself. ... read full review
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by emmababy2000
Apr 11, 2001 Make Your Own And Save Money
Don't be selfish. Educate yourself and put your baby first. Breastfeed!... read full review
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by Jennd417
Jan 22, 2001 There is no right or wrong
Not all kids are alike. All three of my kids had to take different formulas. Nothing wrong with that, they just all had different tolerances.... read full review
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by MyTribe
Jan 12, 2002 My Experience: Twins, Breast, Bottle and Too Much Iron
I discovered by necessity that you can breastfeed and formula feed but since babies get so much from breastmilk, be careful they don't get too much from the added formula.... read full review
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by blublkt
Jun 15, 2001 Breast feeding isn't always better
Another note...Buy cheap, compare ingrediance there the same as the cheap brands for whatever type of formula you need. Don't let people guilt you into buying name brand! ... read full review
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by Nannette28
May 14, 2001 Why pay for a name?
Go with costs, the ingredients are basically the same, storebrand is a good way to go.... read full review