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1 mkaresh Vehicle Reliability Survey results--updated quarterly
LOCATION: Detroit, Michigan

2 shoplmart It's all about hydrogen....
LOCATION: Atlantic Coast

3 Never gave out MHs and will not be rating Expert. Come visit my store
LOCATION: on a bluff overlooking the ocean

4 nick1326 Music, Motorcycles, Drumming, Surfing, the finest cigars and living life to its fullest...
LOCATION: Long Island, NY

5 openroad Don't go-around saying the world owes-you a living. The world owes-you nothing. It was here-first.
LOCATION: Northwoods, USA

6 scmrak I am a bomb technician: if you see me running, try to keep up!
LOCATION: ~240000E, 3300000N UTM15

7 kparsons13 LOCATION: Sunny Arizona 73,888

8 luckydoc     63,773

9 jumperless Go with it.
LOCATION: Northern California

10 vara You want a 15 word autobiography? Are you mad, sir?!
LOCATION: Miami Beach, FL
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