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1 puckmugger My first novel, Speaking of Life, Death, and Hockey, is available now!
LOCATION: wandering the fringes of the goal crease

2 dlstewart Always looking for quality at bargain prices. Author of: Mist-Seer and Harriet's Horrible Hair Day.
LOCATION: Massachusetts -- USA

3 jps246 Visit the Catskill Mountains - A complete guide
LOCATION: Metrowest Boston, MA - USA

4 Never gave out MHs and will not be rating Expert. Come visit my store
LOCATION: on a bluff overlooking the ocean

5 dkozin I love to push buttons on electronic (audio and video) equipment. It makes me happy.
LOCATION: California

6 Bryan_Carey LOCATION: Houston, TX 877,431

7 metalluk Five ... Four ... Three ... Two ... One ... Blastoff!
LOCATION: Saunderstown, RI, USA

8 yakkowarner "If we all_reacted the same_way we'd be_predictable, and there's_always more_than one way to_view a_situation."
LOCATION: Riverside, California

9 modernmarvel Can anyone recommend a western family dude ranch for a vacation this summer?
LOCATION: Basking in the Sun

10 mkaresh Vehicle Reliability Survey results--updated quarterly
LOCATION: Detroit, Michigan
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