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Louis Vuitton Return policy
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mp533 Original Post: Aug 27 '11,  9:11 pm           
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Louis Vuitton Return policy

My husband recently purchased a gift for me from a local LV store here in Boston. It was the 'Rodeo Drive Monogram Vernis' retailed over $1370.00!!! The price is astonishing but for LV, it was the norm. I admit, women have a weakness for overpriced handbags, especially designer! I dont mind paying ridiculous amouts on material things just so long as I know its overpriced and I love it!

Anyway, he had brought it home as a surprise because I've been talking about wanting a 'dinner bag' for the longest time. I opened the neatly wrapped box FROM LV, took the bag out of the dust bag, looked at it, and wrinkled my nose. I didn't like the color (navy) and it was too small for my taste. After thanking him for such a nice gift, I quickly put it back in the dust bag AFTER LOOKING AT IT FOR FIVE MINUTES, mind you, thinking that, "oh, i'll just return it or exchanged it, no problem"... boy was I in for a shocker when I DID go back, 3 days later, to the store where he had purchsed it in the Copley Plaza, in Boston. I brought the original receipt and was quickly approached by a women in a black suit. I told her I wanted to return the bag and/or even exchange it for something more practical. She called over the manager, they BOTH examined the bag and came back to me saying that they "COULDN'T DO ANYTHING FOR ME! it's been obviously used and that they could tell from the buckle having been snapped open and closed." I was IN SHOCK! I didn't even put my fingerprints on it long enough to be considered used and they wouldn't even let me EXCHANGE it for anything else!!! Even after telling them it was a gift, and having bought many items from LV in the past, blah blah blah, they kept telling me, sorry, no can do. i normally am not a push over but they made me feel as if i was a criminal in their store and didn't belong there! I almost wanted to cry! POINT BEING, DO NOT BUY FROM LV! I HATE THEM! IF THEY AREN'T GOING TO STAND BEHIND THEIR RETURN POLICY (EVEN ON A BRAND NEW BAG-WRAPPED BY THE ASSOCIATE IN THE BACK), THEN DONT HAVE ONE! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!


PattyTherre Posted: Sep 02 '11,  10:34 am           
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Please post to the LV thread

We have a long thread about LV and its apparent bad return policy at this link LV thread. To avoid several threads on one subject, I am locking this one and ask that you post in the thread above for continuity. You are certainly not alone in your complaints about this company!


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