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Natural, Effective & Cheap Cure for Toenail Fungus
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rubyredpixie Posted: Jul 28 '08,  10:19 am           
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it is coming back

Gotta say I have been very disappointed lately on my nail progress - it was looking so good - was reattached and grown out to the end of the nail - and then about 2 weeks ago it started again except the fungus is growing right up the middle of my nail and almost to the nice pink moon - my nail is also starting to curve - the other big toe is nice and smooth and flat this one seems to be getting thinner kinda and starting to rise and is curved - the end of the nail is starting again with the crumblies - it was doing so good I was getting happy and now I feel like I have had such a major set back that I can cry - anybody else having set backs?

some-one Posted: Aug 12 '08,  5:21 am           
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Help please

I woke up at 4 am feeling so bad because of the itchiness in my private part. i knew it was skin fungus because i wash my private parts with water everytime i use the toilet. this is bothering me so much... I have a tube of ointment called Dermosalic the compositions are : betamethasone ( in dipropionate state) + salicylic acid+ excipients s.q.f ; it says its for external use only. i used it once or twice carefully in my private parts but i was and i still so scared because it might harm me if it gets inside me.. I'm not sure if it really could happen.. anyways when i use it it make me feel better for 3 days but then (maybe because of the use of water) it gets back :( what you advice me to do?

bluesgal1 Posted: Aug 20 '08,  8:51 am           
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Rx for fungus that works!


There is a terrific ointment called 'Econazole Nitrate Cream, 1%' Ask your doctor for a tube sample or a prescription for it.
This cream is good for any fungus or infection (was given to me for fingernail cuticle infection. It was almost healed over night. Soaking in vinegar and Clorox? Eek!
If you wear a lot of tennis shoes and socks, try Throlo Socks. These are the best for keeping feet dry and they last years! The come in all styles for ALL ages.
Good Luck to All

amyk49 Posted: Aug 21 '08,  1:58 pm           
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This thread is closed. Your posts will not be seen. Go to the "continued" thread...

Please go to the continued thread and DO NOT post anymore here. Thanks :)

bobolinkx Posted: Aug 28 '08,  11:48 am           
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toenail fungus

For hereditary fungus, Sporanox failed, so I'm ready for a combo: maybe 40% urea, 5% vinegar, VapoRub and/or Tea Tree Oil - and FT, but what is FT?
Thanks to all for sharing.

squidalicious Posted: Sep 06 '08,  3:50 pm           
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trying KEFIR to get rid of toe fungus

I have had toe fungus in my big toe for about five years now. My sister has had it for 25yrs. She started making kefir and putting it on her toe. Now the fungus is gone. I just started making kefir (it's like yogurt but making it is extremely easy with no sterilizing or waiting). My toenail, so far, is half way out and looks pink like a good nail. I will keep you posted since the top part of my nailbed is the gross part. I am mostly eating kefir (twice a day) and a couple times I have put it on my toe. Wish me luck!

jdown Posted: Sep 11 '08,  2:08 pm           
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Hi all. Great forum. I started reading at page 50...not sure where I stopped. Have some questions.

My story. I dropped/smashed my big toe with a bottle of liquid soap while taking a shower about 4-5 months ago. A portion of the nail turned purple, which I thought was no big deal at the time. A portion of the nail on the other big toe started turning yellow a few months later...I realized something bad was happening. The fungi affected about 1/2 half of each nail before I started treating. The bottom half of the nails are clear...is this a good sign?

I started treating the nails morning and night with a anti-fungal liquid about 2-3 weeks ago. The liquid contains undecylenic acid. I apply peroxide in the morning before taking a shower. I also cut the nail very close and file the top of the nail. have not tried soaking my toes at this point. Thinking I might skip the peroxide and start applying vinegar drops. Good idea?

Has anyone had any success with the undecylenic acid?

rs51788 Posted: Sep 23 '08,  12:16 pm           
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ltrejo131 Posted: Oct 08 '08,  8:47 pm           
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Bleach Pen...

Bleach pen, bleach pen, bleach pen! This simple technique has totally cured my 8 year old fungus. Just file down the tops of your infected nails as far as you can. Then every other day use the bleach pen, scrubbing in the gel. Let the gel dry. I usually just left it on my nails and went on with my day. After a week or so my nails looked so much better. Now after using it less and less over a couple of months my nails are pink, smooth and shiny. I can't say enough good about the bleach pen. I never thought my nails would look like this again, I am thrilled. Just so you know, household bleach is very diluted and safe. We swim in it and put drops of it in water to purify it. Give it a try, you will be so glad you did.


amyk49 Posted: Oct 09 '08,  3:54 am           
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No More Posts to this Thread Please

Please post only to the Natural Cure for Toenail Fungus CONTINUED thread....

Thank you :)


vicky624us Posted: Oct 10 '08,  11:29 pm           
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RE: Nail Fungus

Hello all,
I am a Professional, licensed, Nail Technician in FL.
I hope to shed some light on the "FUNGUS" issue to all.

1.) Not ALL treatments work for everyone. Some health issues mimick Nail Fungus as well and are mis-diagnosed. Unfortunately, in my opinion,some Doctor's don't see it as a REAL health problem and consider it a BEAUTY issue. But if you can afford it, Please see a Dermatologist and have a CULTURE done to be sure it IS fungus and NOT a health issue.
2.) Fungus (discoloration and/or lifting of the nail) is extremely difficult to treat, but IS treatable in most cases. Some people are just prone to nail fungus and will never be able to rid it and/or wear any artifical nail products. You can get it whether you have ever worn artifical nails or not!!! Most of the treatments I've seen on here that have been posted CAN work if done no less than 2 x's per day and by the way, it takes 6 MONTHS for a nail to fully re-grow and/or recover from treatment back to a healthy nail.So be diligent and patient in treatment!
3.) If you have a GREEN spot from wearing artificial nails, although it is a type of fungus, it is actually MOLD (with NO lifting of the natural nail), and will just grow out with or without the nails on. It should be exposed to the air and sanitized without further treatment of products, but it MUST be exposed to air , either by removal and replacing the artificial nail, preferrably by a professional.( You may have to wear polish until it is able to be cut off and a new aftificial nail put on. And PLEASE.....DO NOT USE THE GLUE ON NAILS for a long period of time (a week or so is OK), or you will forever deal with the GREEN or BROWN mold and it eventually WILL damage your natural nails forever and you won't have any nails to glue them to. I hope some of this info helps! Vicky

jennika69 Posted: Oct 21 '08,  3:06 pm           
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I was super grossed out when i first noticed the fungus

It sucked, after jogging a lot this summer with shoes that were too tight or not enough air circulation!

I searched google and found rxorganica.com and read it all, it seemed ok so I ordered the external topical one

I have been applying it twice a day and changing into clean socks religiously.. It's been 3 weeks now and I can start to see the pure white healthy nails growing in at the base! It is cheaper than the other sites i found [zetaclear brand] for the same size and seems to be beating the fungus!

I didnt want to risk my liver for this somewhat cosmetic manner.

luke03 Posted: Nov 03 '08,  10:42 am           
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PinPointe Laser for Fungus??

I don't know anything more than what is in this release. http://www.drfoot.tv/?q=node/8

Apparently it's a new laser device that's claiming 88% effectiveness. The pdf file showing pictures is here: http://drfoot.tv/site%20content%20uploads/Patholase.pdf

Don't know anything more about it and I did a google as to its popularity...but apparently just a handful of podiatrists are using it right now.

Anymore info much appreciated.

alongeteig Posted: Nov 11 '08,  9:03 am           
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What is FT?

I see posters here commenting on FT. Is that the name of the product, or just an abbreviation? Looks like it's helping a lot of people.

amyk49 Posted: Nov 12 '08,  5:03 am           
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Do Not Post to this Thread - Use the Continued Thread

This thread is closed, and your posts will not show. Please used the Continued thread. Thanks!

Mystwalker Posted: Nov 20 '08,  7:00 pm           
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Hey all, just wanted to say that I'm trying the vinegar method and after just 3 days, the results are very encouraging. Time will tell, but I like what I'm seeing so far. I'm using ordinary white vinegar.

I don't see any reason not to try this before looking into something like Lamasil or Penlac. The health care industry has no financial incentive to tell us about home remedies like vinegar, so why would they?

ilovesandals Posted: Nov 30 '08,  2:03 pm           
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Miranel Results

I hate nail fungus! I live in Florida and love to wear my sandals. I got toenail fungus on my right big toe to the point that I only had a tiny pink spot in one corner of the nail. UCK! The fungus lifted my nail about half way to the cuticle.
I begged my doctor for prescription medicine to cure the fungus. He would not give me the prescription because it would interfere with my other meds and affect my liver. It was too dangerous for me to use the pills. I tried everything: Vinegar soaking, Vicks, everything anyone told me would work. Nothing worked for me.
I began to use the Miranel 3 months ago. I washed my feet with hot soapy water and applied the Miranel beneath the nail and on the skin around the nail. Miranel does not work on the nail itself.
I used Miranel twice a day for the first 6 weeks. Now I only use it once a day. My nail bed slowly turned pink across the nail bed. Now 2/3 of the nail bed is pink and today I noticed a pink spike going to the top of the nail. Looks like a spike on an EKG. I probably will take the whole tube to clear up the nail. By the way, I squeeze the tube cream up and down so it doesn't separate. When the tube gets about half used up, I hit the tube against the side of my palm to remix the cream as it will separate a little. Good luck! I am one happy Floridian and NO I do not work for Miranel!

thefactis Posted: Dec 04 '08,  8:55 am           
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how about?

Has anyone tried a 'sunlamp' type therapy? It seems that sunshine and air helps and since we all can't get to the beach . . . ?
Also, I'm concerned about spreading this fungus to my family. How easily is it contracted?
What is the easiest/best way to treat your shoes so that you don't reinfect? Do clean socks help shoes stay clear?

sqfpill Posted: Dec 19 '08,  4:58 am           
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Just curious...

Hey guys..I'm new to this site and actually stumbled across it looking for a cure for my girlfriend's foot fungus. Have any of you guys tried that prescription pill to systemically cure the fungus? If so what happened? If not why not? :)

hlove Posted: Dec 19 '08,  8:13 am           
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After doing alot of seaching for medicines this time I have purchased Deggurcide. I have tried a number of other produces and home remmedies for nothing to work, I used Lamisil about 5 years ago every day for three months for my toe fungus to just come back!! I will keep every one posted on how my process is coming I have 2 toes that are infected (I THINK). But after reading I think I might have more that are infected just not yellow or thick and brittel. Thanks for all the post they were very helpfull to me on what I should try next that might help!!!

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