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Question on Product Line
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smiley1966 Posted: Sep 21 '07,  9:29 pm           Reply
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RE: I had the same reaction to the sales pitch

hi , i know alot of people are scared when it comes to home based buisnesses ..i was too im knew to melaleuca.so i cant say very much right now .but to refer to the fact you have to by products once a month they ask you to buy maybe 70$ how much does it cost you to buy toothpaste ,laundry detergent ..cleaning supplies ect ..well im a mother of three so i buy alot a month ..i am really impressed with the econo brands .and plus no chemicals wow ..diluted hey what more can you ask for 4 times the amount of the same store brand and better for your health so for me i found it wasnt expensive one way or another you have to buy products for you home .i used to sell avon and oh god would never go back there. but i really do have a good feeling about this one and why not bring in people to introduce them hey if they can save money and health im going for it .but as we say everyone is aloud to their opinion ..

greenliving4me Posted: Oct 13 '07,  12:59 pm           Reply
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RE: researching natural, non toxic cleaners

Seriously, would you drink the Coolaid if someone told you too? Household cleaners are not required to list ingredients - so they don't. But personal care products are required to list their ingredients. Most Melaleuca's products do not show the ingredients however a review of the ingredients in the Melaleuca's Envia Nature's Salon tells, what I think is, the real story here. Sure, these products contain a sprinkling of natural ingredients however the list of potentially toxic ingredients used far outweigh Melaleuca's brilliant attempt at greenwashing this brand into a natural product. A good friend once commented "s#!+ is natural".

You can see for yourself online at: http://www.melaleuca.com/ps/index.cfm then look under the BODY link for the HAIRCARE section. To further educate yourself before chugging the Coolaid, refer to a comprehensive book about cosmetic ingredients or check the online reference Skin Deep on the www.ewg.org site or go there directly http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/index.php?nothanks=1. This is my opinion and I have not used any Melaleuca products nor would I ever. Just see for yourself that Melaleuca isn't what they say they are when it comes to hair care, and likely greenwashes other products as well. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And for heaven's sake don't drink the Coolaid.

sunnydayz11 Posted: Nov 12 '07,  7:13 am           Reply
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RE: Melaleuca


I completely agree with you, I just attended a Melaleuca presentation this week end.

I too considered that the products may be good, but totally disagreed that people are forced to buy each month, that is not a healthy way of doing business.
You can buy whenever you like if you want to, without joining, but then the rep doesn't get her residual cheques and you pay more for the products.

The person who gave our presentation wouldn't stop telling us that all the products we are using today are giving us Cancer. If their products are so good then they shouldn't keep them hidden like some cult and then force people to buy each month and become a member or else...
I think that to buy healthy safe products is the way that everyone should change too, and that there are other products out there that are equivalent and don't give you such a hard time to get to the products. And by the way anyone can buy Tea Tree Oil in a natural products store or pharmacy.

jonazen Posted: Nov 24 '07,  2:57 pm           Reply
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Melaleuca - another perspective

I'd like to share another perspective on Melaleuca with this group...

My wife would tell you that I am the ultimate skeptic, and I tend to analyze recommendations and "opportunities" too much. I've been in the work force for 25 years, having risen through the ranks to various C-level jobs for NYC-based corporations -- and also having run my own businesses at various times. Once, way back in grad school, I tried Amway for a dismal 6-month period, and my wife has tried various home-based businesses. As you can well imagine, I was quite skeptical when my wife wound up speaking with a local Melaleuca marketing executive.

I did a lot of homework on the company, and we tried out a pretty broad variety of products once I verified that all included a 60-day money-back guarantee. In short, I've found that I like the majority of their products better than the commercial competition. Whether or not they are 100% "green", it seems that the Melaleuca products have far fewer caustic and toxic components than the major commercial brands, yet work at least as well. The products tend to be highly concentrated, and in actual use, cost less per application than comparable quality commercial brands. Combined with a money back guarantee, this works well for me.

The requirement to buy a minimum amount each month makes the business model feasible, and self-selects for picky shoppers instead of casual experimenters. Some will like it, others won't. If you replace a number of comparable products in your home with Melaleuca products, it's easy to hit the 35 point requirement.

All told, I'm quickly turning from skeptic into fan. I like the products, and the business model is starting to pay off, even though we're only in our second month. I'm looking forward to a great year.

- Jon

elzora Posted: Nov 26 '07,  3:00 pm (Updated: Nov 26 '07,  3:22 pm)           Reply
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I was a distributor for Melaleuca and believe they are a lot of hype. Many of their personal care products are not all natural, they still have the chemicals in them. They are also much more expensive than store brands, especially when you add in the shipping fees. I live in Alaska, and they were very high.

I did like their tea tree oil, but that was about it, nothing special in any other products that we used.

I agree completely with greenliving4me, poison ivy is "natural" but I don't want it in my face creams. LOL

I spent several years doing research on ingredients and their effects on our bodies, and I just don't see a lot of difference between what's in Melaleuca shampoo and a cheap shampoo bought in the store.

If I want a truly natural product I buy Burt's Bees, Avalon, Seventh Generation or Aubrey Organics. Those are natural. I truly believe that Melaleuca markets the benefits of tea tree oil, but mixes it in with petrochemical based ingredients.

The best source of help I've found is the Safe Shopper's Bible, which shows you which products are the safest and which ones are not. Some you can buy mail order but most are available in grocery stores.

flsun Posted: Dec 16 '07,  1:49 pm           Reply
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Melaleuca: Making it cost effective

I am a new customer and I make it cost effective by alternating ordering for myself, my mom, and 2 of my friends all under one account name. This way, we all enjoy the benefits and the bonuses and split shipping costs. It comes out to be pretty cheap when you are only paying $20 or so every few months. :)

soniav Posted: Jan 02 '08,  7:16 pm (Updated: Jan 03 '08,  7:43 am)           Reply
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Very Skeptical About Melaleuca

Melaleuca is all about the business. Just check out their Q & A on their website. It doesn't provide any information about their products. If you are searching for healthier living, do your research and do your research yourself. A Melaleuca contact that I encountered could only tell me that the research has been done, but I have yet to receive any tangible information.

If you input the ingredients list of Melaleuca's personal care products (of which they are mandated to provide), you will find that many of them are NOT geared towards health and wellness. They do not provide ingredient lists for their other products. Personally, I would rather use products from a company that discloses all of their ingredients, and does not require you to sign up and guarantee them a sale every month.

There are many other companies that are confident enough in their products to reveal their ingredients and leave it to the open market to make their decisions.

A company that is truly interested in your well being will educate, not manipulate.

soniav Posted: Jan 03 '08,  7:57 am (Updated: Jan 04 '08,  12:41 pm)           Reply
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Of Coarse People Will Praise Melaleuca

If people have invested their time, money and reputation by signing up with Melaleuca, they are going to praise it. If they want you to sign up with them and use their products, they are going to praise it. You will likely never hear a bad thing about Melaleuca from someone who is selling the concept of it. It is how they have rationalized their decision and how the owner of Melaleuca has done so well; creating fear that people are making the wrong decisions with their conventional products, then dangling the carrot of financial freedom to keep them their.

If they were selling their product without misleading people, using scare tactics and then obligating people to buy exclusively from them, I would have less of an issue with them.

padfoot625 Posted: Jan 05 '08,  7:57 pm           Reply
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Non toxic?

I started with Melaleuca because I wanted a natural and nontoxic selection of products to use in my home, for both me and for my pets, several of which have health problems and are sensitive to chemicals and odors. Imagine my shock to find out that Melaleuca oil (tea tree oil) is HIGHLY TOXIC to cats. It has also been known to cause reactions in dogs, but in cats it is far, far worse. Cats' bodies are not built like other animals and exposure to tea tree oil can build up in their systems and slowly poison them. Don't believe me? Google it. Google tea tree toxic cat. Ask a few vets - some will know and some won't. I can tell you first hand it's true.

I believe most ME's and the entire company are pushing lies. I have presented the toxicity info to a very close friend of mine who is an ME, she has a cat whom I adore and still she touts that Melaleuca is on the level.

I'm not playing russian roulette with my kids. Melaleuca is history for me.

flossmgood Posted: Jan 13 '08,  8:58 pm           Reply
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I have been using Melaleuca products since June 2007. My only problem is that I wish I would have found this company earlier. I love the vitamins. The energy is incredible. I am now a director for Melaleuca simply because I referred people to try it out.They pay me to refer people to shop at their store. It's that simple. I like Trader Joe's too. But they don't pay me when I refer them customers. Darn! Because I do that a lot too. I am a dental hygienist and I read a lot about health, wellness and prevention. I love to share the information I learn with others that I meet. I have so many patients that have long lists of medications that they take daily. As patients we are always ready to pop a prescription to fix a symptom. We never want to do something to prevent the problem in the first place. Why is that? Melaleuca's vitamins have all of the supplements that I have read about in Natural Medicine books. BTW it is recommended now that we all should supplement our diets with vitamins and minerals. The food we eat does not contain enough.
Anyway, Melaleuca is a very reputable company that does care about it's members. It is just like joining a healthy version of Sam's Club. Millions of people pay fees to belong to Wholesale clubs like Sam's. Why not pay less money for a healthier option. To see more about health and wellness go to www.thewhycircle.com/janice To get to the guest are the user name is discover and the password is twc.
PS I'm sorry that your sister in law is coming off as only into it for the money those people make a bad name for the rest of us. I really do it because I care!!!!!!!

misty_kin Posted: Feb 08 '08,  6:45 am           Reply
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Mealeuca, My 2 Cents


I have recently started using Melaleuca products, and am happy with everything I have tried.

I really don't mind "switching stores"! These are products that I use on a daily basis. The company does not ask us to order products we would not need or use. Everyone washes and knows of someone who washes, right?

Compared to a lot of products that are out there, these products are "safer" and they actually work! I'm sure there are totally organic products out there, but I feel that Melaleuca is an economically right direction for my family. I feel good and my family is seeing the benefits, I wouldn't put a price tag on my families health.

As for toxicity to cats, you must dillute the Melaleuca oil before applying to a feline. Cats are sensitive to many products and it is best to research before giving any product. I applied dilluted oil to my cat after he was involved in a cat fight. He is fine and all of his wounds cleared up. Again it was dilluted.

If anyone wanted to give it a try, I'd say go for it. You have nothing to lose, as everything has a guarantee. How many other stores give you your money back for empty containers?
As with any company, sometimes people who have a bad experience ruin it for the rest of us. It's best if you find out for yourself! For the record there are far more good comments than bad!


kgoedicke Posted: Mar 11 '08,  6:09 am           Reply
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RE: I had the same reaction to the sales pitch

If any of you are familiar with Suze Orman, she spoke at the Melaleuca convention in 2006. She said she WOULD NEVER get involved with an MLM because MLMs hurt people. Melaleuca is not like that.

isis297 Posted: Apr 15 '08,  8:17 am           Reply
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RE: I had the same reaction to the sales pitch

Melaleuca is terrible. I do not believe the ingredients are all that wonderful and if they are, why don't they provide lists? To say it's because of proprietary formulas is ridiculous. They can still say what the ingredients are without giving their formulas away.

They are not all natural nor are they non-toxic. I just talked to Melaleuca directly yesterday. Have any of you called Melaleuca or are you just going on what your upline tells you? Customer service just told me yesterday AGAIN that they are only 70% natural and that they are LESS toxic...not non-toxic. They are not a green company and do not carry a green label.

Mela reps get defensive when people say these things about the company which I find very interesting but what gets me even more is, I HAVE done the research with the company directly. Those of you defending the company obviously have not so before you get defensive with people, why don't you call customer service for yourself.

It has nothing to do with Mela being an MLM or not. Direct sales isn't bad if there is a product and the business plan is set up correctly. It has to do with Mela's business practices that make it bad.

BTW, research Vandersloot. There was an article I read yesterday about how he is opposing the FDA making it mandatory that direct sales companies give full disclosure statements a week before someone signs up. Why would you think that is if they have nothing to hide?

They have some letter about how they don't do animal testing yet I have found evidence to the contrary. The company is just full of lies. It's horrible.

ilovemoses Posted: Apr 22 '08,  6:11 pm           Reply
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RE: Melaleuca

I agree with what you said about Melaleuca: "If I want a truly natural product I buy Burt's Bees, Avalon, Seventh Generation or Aubrey Organics. Those are natural. I truly believe Melaleuca markets the benefits of tea tree oil, but mixes it in with petrochemical based ingredients." It's refreshing to hear someone speak the truth! (By the way, I use Burt's Bees products, and I love them!)

elzora Posted: Apr 24 '08,  9:51 pm           Reply
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RE: Melaleuca

I love them too, they are proud of their ingredients and disclose each and every one.

Melaleuca USED to print their ingredients, because I remember being all hyped up from a "party" and then ordering the stuff and seeing the same toxic ingredients on the labels that they were saying caused cancer!

When did they stop listing ingredients?

lucifugous Posted: Apr 30 '08,  12:22 pm           Reply
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re previous post

The ingredients are listed on the products. Not all product labels are available on their website. I've heard that the UK branch's website makes more detailed lists available. Many of the products have vague ingredients like "fragrance" that set off alarms. Fragrance as an ingredient in many store bought products is a key word for petrochemicals. While Melaleuca products are not free of petrochemicals, any and all "fragrance" ingredients are blends of essential oils. Members can call a product information line for very detailed information about any product. I recently called about parabens in the Renew lotion and was told that their goal was to eliminate parabens within the next year (that they would not substitute ingredients before finding one that is compatible to uphold product quality).

I have not decided 100% yet. Just placed my second month's order. Of what I've tried so far, some of it was no big deal. For some things, like the dishwashing detergent, I can't possibly afford to buy a comparable product at whole foods. Also, look up what is actually in seventh generation and ecover cleaners and you will find they are no better than Melaleuca's Ecosense. 7G used to be petrochemical free but are no longer. I agree I would like to use more all-natural things on my skin, but based on extensive research I think that a lot of the products are the best compromise for safety and budget.

onechicmama Posted: May 27 '08,  7:43 pm           Reply
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RE: Nicole Miller and Melaleuca

I'd love to hear more about your experiences with Melaleuca and Nicole Miller cosmetics. I am considering this as a business opportunity and would love to find out more information, and also hear a list of cosmetic ingredients in the NM products.

butter_cupp Posted: Jun 01 '08,  11:48 am           Reply
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Re: Nicole Miller and Melaleuca


I was customer and also involved in the business aspect for over 4 years. If you have an income already and can support this Mela business as you are building it then you will be fine. I wish I had realized in the beginning what the actual cost of running this home based business. It is not ONLY $29. You have to buy a minimum of 35 product points (approx. $50 - 60) every month until you reach Director, then it increases to 75 product points.

Also, consider the marketing cost TO YOU. You will of course get free websites supplied by the team you enroll with, but YOU are responsible to market those sites. Your enroller will tell you that if you do not have the money for advertising then you must spend your time. Free advertising does not pay. You will need a minimum of at least $200 per month set aside for advertising alone.

- Cost of internet marketing/advertising
- Cost of business/drop cards
- Cost of local marketing; eg - flyers, goodie bags, sample handouts, ads in local papers/magazines etc.
- Cost of long distance phone calls
- Cost of additional phone services; eg - 3way calling, call waiting etc
- Cost of gasoline
- This list goes on and on

There is much more hidden costs than just the $29 to enroll. The laundry products are good, Nicole Miller cosmetics are good. But really think about how much you are investing in this.

If you have a large network of people you know then it will be easier to advance. Are you willing to approach your "warm market"? You can make money with Melaleuca. I truly believe that having the right support team and enroller will either make or break you. If your potential enroller is NOT a senior director or higher DO NOT enroller under her/him. You will not get the help and support you need to succeed.

If you don't approach your warm market you will not advance quickly. That is the whole idea of warm market. If you can get to director within two months after enrolling you will qualify for a one time pacesetter bonus. That's the hook. Don't be fooled, it takes time before you will see a decent income.

You have to believe in the product, believe in the company and believe that you can do it. If there is any doubt at all at any time, then you will fail.

Do your homework. Be sure this is the type of business you want to get into. It is not an MLM. I enrolled people who gradually advance quicker than I did and made more money than i did.

Good luck.

kingdomentrprz Posted: Jul 01 '08,  12:51 am           Reply
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RE: Nicole Miller and Melaleuca

Hi, I just joined Melaleuca and I love it!! I have to say that the $45.00-60.00 a month is very low because this is not an extra amount of money that I have to set aside to "keep up the business" but rather the same $45.00 -$60.00 that I would spend anyway on my products. Although you don't buy the same products every month, there are plenty high point items that are awesome. You really have to look at the whole picture though about the business side of it. The only reason they ask you to commit to at least 35 points a month is so that you may be able receive the discounts and awesome deals as a preferred customer. You can cancel at any time though.
The compensation plan is unlike anything I have ever seen!
I have been in Quixtar/Amway (a great co.)Real Estate type businesses, energy product sales etc. Nothing tops the way that Melaleuca compensates. It is great and I have seen a lot of business plans, so I can say this is the best. It is a life changing type of business and if you don't see it that way then it will be easy to drop off as a customer. If you have any questions, please reply.

kingdomentrprz Posted: Jul 01 '08,  1:07 am           Reply
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RE: Nicole Miller and Melaleuca

Oh I forgot to add that business cards are free from vistaprint.com all you pay is shipping. You don't have to pay for advertising unless you are extremely shy and don't care to talk to anyone. I don't have to pay for my website unless I want a Melaleuca e-mail. Oh and My Space is a great way to advertise for free! Your up line should be the one that should be using the long distance if absolutely needed. Otherwise wait til the weekend for free minutes. If you are willing the path will be made. If you don't want to work for the rest of your life, since social security is practically nothing now (in 10-15 years it will be lower)do something different. If you are in Melaleuca already go for it!! If you are thinking about it, Go for it!! Don't let anyone or anybody stop you.
If your immediate up line is not helping you, look for the next higher up to help you, don't give up!

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