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My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?
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cessceej Original Post: Jan 24 '07,  10:11 am           Reply
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My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

Yesterday Morning my baby died in my arms. She was 20 years old and so strong. She had recovered from a stroke she had in 2005. On Friday she started acting weird and, sleeping in the bathroom/bathtub and, trying to get outside though she never had before. Saturday night she stopped eating and drinking and, I held her all monday night. She kept cuddling to me. I kept hoping she would go to her bowl and eat some food and drink some water. Tuesday morning at 6:45 I told her she had been so strong, and, it was ok to go now, she took a big breath and, was gone and, I lost it. She lived a long happy life I know but, I just can't get over this and, I don't understand how time will heal my broken heart. Seeing her die was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I just miss her so much! Everytime I look at my bed I start crying cause she's not sleeping in her favorite spot. Seeing my dog looking around for her kills me I know she misses her too. I don't know how I am going to recover from this loss, my heart hurts so much.

kjell1979 Posted: Jan 25 '07,  9:00 am           Reply
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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

I too had a tragic story of losing my cat just very recently. He disappeared during Christmas time while my wife, kids and I were away at my parents in Seattle. Since it was warm here in New England, we kept looking even 3 weeks after he disappeared. Then someone came up to our door and mentioned a cat had been run over in a busy street near our house and it was him. I was very close to him and it really hurt. My wife and I saved his life 2 times in the 5 1/2 years he was alive and he repaid us by being a sweet and gentle cat despite having two kids under 5. It's been 3 weeks since it happened, but I still haven't gotten over it. My wife hasn't either. The troubling part for me is if he would have grown old and died I would have already been prepared for his passing. But because it was so sudden and the fact that he was almost home after so long (200 feet from the door!) made it that much worse for me.

rcjones Posted: Jan 30 '07,  4:00 pm           Reply
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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

Quote: cessceej
Yesterday Morning my baby died in my arms. She was 20 years old and so strong. She had recovered from a stroke she had in 2005. On Friday she started acting weird and, sleeping in the bathroom/bathtub and, trying to get outside though she never had before. Saturday night she stopped eating and drinking and, I held her all monday night. She kept cuddling to me. I kept hoping she would go to her bowl and eat some food and drink some water. Tuesday morning at 6:45 I told her she had been so strong, and, it was ok to go now, she took a big breath and, was gone and, I lost it. She lived a long happy life I know but, I just can't get over this and, I don't understand how time will heal my broken heart. Seeing her die was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I just miss her so much! Everytime I look at my bed I start crying cause she's not sleeping in her favorite spot. Seeing my dog looking around for her kills me I know she misses her too. I don't know how I am going to recover from this loss, my heart hurts so much.

My sincere condolences. It will take a long time for you to heal, but the missing her, will always be there.

Please...keep watch on your pup. Animals mourn too and have been known to die of a broken heart. :(

Take care.
nagels Posted: Feb 01 '07,  8:20 pm           Reply
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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

I also am very sorry for your loss. RC has given you good advice. In time your pain will lessen, even though now that doesn't seem possible. The loss of a pet, especially of one you've had so long, can be heartbreaking and overwhelming. Think of all the good times and happiness you shared with your pet. One day you may be ready to share your love with another pet.
I wish you the best.

starbucksmine Posted: May 28 '07,  10:54 am (Updated: May 28 '07,  11:03 am)           Reply
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know how you feel

on may 21 2007 our two beloved female cats just disappeared
they were on their favorite chair on our porch at 11:00am by 12:30pm when I called them,they were no where to be found. we are heart broken these two angels literally gave my daughter the strength to cope with the systemic lupus she has been plagued with. we have had our mama cat (small silver gray short haired)since she was three weeks old,we all took turns being her stand in mother and feeding her round the clock.the funny thing is she has been named mama cat long before she had her baby. she had one litter that produced one kitten,and that is our scruffy cat a very petite long haired gray and white striped tabby cat. I go out into the neighbor hood two three four times a day just looking and then again at night,we miss them terribly and we are also afraid the loss is going to send our daughter into another flareup. I have searched everywhere shelters local vets,neighbors etc. we have hung fliers but in my heart I know they were taken, because both cats disappeared at the same time,they were house cats very seldom did they leave the front porch,and if we had to be gone for even the shortest run to the store, they were put in the house never left to roam. I would appreciate any ideas on how to find them and how to approach neighbors who may have trapped them. thank you Helena

verdun Posted: Jun 28 '07,  5:47 am           Reply
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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

A pet's passing reminds us that life is really precious and to never take life or health for granted. My cat, Ella was to turn 16 next week, but in matter of only 4 days (the hardest part is that this happened while we were away for the weekend) her sitter reported that she became very very weak, stopped eating and hid downstairs. We returned last night to find her almost lifeless, eyes open and was not even blinking. I thought she died just moments after finding her, but while stroking her and putting my ear to her heart could her a faint heartbeat and to my surprise a very faint purr... I really think that she waited to see me before letting go. We rushed her to the vet but I suspect the whole ordeal stressed her out and she was too weak to hang on. In retrospect, I wished I had kept her at home so that she could have kept her dignity and continued to give her all my love until she passed. I will focus on the 16 years of joy that she gave me and all of the special moments that we shared. Has this quick turning happened to anyonee else's cat? She seemed herself 5 days ago and the sitter said she was fine over the weekend...looking back she had lost some weight and had chosen a few odd places to rest, but no overt clinical signs of illness... I will miss her terribly.

kiwhiskers Posted: Jul 31 '07,  2:29 pm           Reply
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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

I know exactly how u feel. my cat died jus 2 days ago. At the time of her death i was at wrk. i out her outside 2 play as i normally did n she normally found her way bak. she was mainly a house cat n i shud hav known sumtin was up since she normally meows 2 come inside after 15 mins and on dat day she didnt. but i shrugd it off n figure she was chasin a butterfly. my parents normally put her in when it gets late so i wen 2 wrk. well wen i cam home da nite i noticed she didnt greet me. i knew immediately sumtin was wrng. i lookd 4 her up until 1am n finally gave up. i hardly slept. i woke up da nxt mornin tinkn i heard a meow however it wasnt her. i asked my family members if dey saw her n das wen dey told me she died. she somehow got to da dogs in da backyard n mangled her. i was devastated. it was so hard 2 put her tings away. i had her 4 only 3 months yet i she was da love of my life. she was soo affectionate n loving i miss her all da time. ery1 says get anuda cat bt u i cnt replc my dear kiwi. idk how 2 cope sumtims just time will heal i gues

oldhunter Posted: Jul 31 '07,  7:21 pm           Reply
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cat just died in my arms 2 hours ago

i knew it was coming
i think he waited for me to get home from work
held him like a baby
a few deep breaths and he was gone
must be in heaven now eating all his favorite foods
miss him and love him
see ya one day lunker

rcjones Posted: Jul 31 '07,  8:26 pm           Reply
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RE: cat just died in my arms 2 hours ago

My sincerest condolences.
Yes, sometimes a companion will wait to say a final goodbye.
I'm so glad that you returned in time to hold him as he crossed the bridge.

I sincerely hope that your pain of loss will ease as you remember all the wonderful times that you shared together.

Bless you.


oldhunter Posted: Aug 02 '07,  7:33 pm           Reply
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RE: cat just died in my arms 2 hours ago

thankyou for the response
god bless you

cecee73 Posted: Sep 11 '07,  11:08 pm           Reply
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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

I am so sorry for your lost. I had to put my Mase to sleep on Monday, his reaction was like your baby, he was fine then suddenly became weak and listless, he would not sleep and just laid there. We took him to the Vet where they said he had FIV, I feel like we should have taken him home so he could have passed within his house and around his family. I have another kitten (Coffy) they too were very close and now she is searching for him, going to the carrier she saw us take him out in. I don't know what to do, should I go get another kitten for her right away or should I wait. Do you have any ideas or opinions on this? It would be so appreciated.

elwoodsmom Posted: Sep 13 '07,  8:02 pm           Reply
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poor kitty

I'm so sad. Today my kitty was put to sleep after having a stroke. He was paralyzed from the waist down due to a blood clot in his aorta. Please pray for him--my family will miss him terribly and I can't shake the sadness. We had him for 14 years and he was a joy. Can't write anymore.

misstinajoon Posted: Oct 06 '07,  1:05 am           Reply
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I lost my cat Aug,2007

My beautiful baby died in my arms over a month ago. She was 13 years old and sick, expecting her death doesn't make it any easier.
Nobody around me understands how I feel so I can't talk to them about her.
Heartache and secret tears...
I miss her so much.

Sweet dreams my beautiful girl
I'll always love you , always miss you

rinconmde Posted: Oct 06 '07,  3:25 pm           Reply
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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

I am so sorry about your cat. My daughters cat passed away in her arms recently. He was only 3 yrs old. We thought he had epilepsy, but the meds did not help him and the Vet said w/all the symptoms and the fact he did not get better, he was very sure it was a brain tumor. The poor thing suffered at the end and we miss him SO much. He had the best personality. She moved far away and had to leave him with us, so we had him for about a yr and got so attached to him. He did such funny thinngs. She flew home when I told her about him getting worse.
I know we will never be able to find a cat like him again, but she has already gotten another kitten where she lives now and even though I have an older cat, I'm ready to get another one too.
I hope you got another cat, as it will help you cope.

divadp1 Posted: Oct 11 '07,  6:28 pm           Reply
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RE: I lost my cat Aug,2007

I feel greater comfort knowing that there are others who have lost their cats embraced within their arms. After almost 12 years, I lost my beloved cat Sambuca to saddle thrombus complicated with congestive heart failure yesterday morning. He was lucky enough to have only been affected with the clot in his right rear leg one month ago. He was really beginning to recover, regaining use of the leg and eating well. I was giving him Enalapril and taurine daily mixed in his food. And just as things began to look so much better, his rear left leg was hit with a clot on Sunday afternoon. I noticed him lying down next to the water bowl all sprawled out. I tried to pick him up and he just fell back down. The leg was ice cold (as the other side was before). He had litter stuck to his hind quarters because he was dragging himself on the floor. I bathed him to make him feel better. Over the next day, he laid still and quiet in the same spot. He hardly moved, just let out some weird grunting noises as if he felt pressure in his chest. But he still continued to purr incessantly! When I went to feed him on Tuesday morning, I could just tell by looking into his eyes that this was going to be his last day. My boyfriend George comforted him while I was at work and during my late college class at night. I returned home from class and he picked up his head as I walked through the door. I sat down next to him and he dragged himself over to me to rest his head on my lap. My tears just poured out. I decided to sit with him through the night because I just had a funny feeling that he wasn't going to make it. I debated over whether to rush him to the emergency vet. And I decided that I didn't want to stress him out any further or risk losing him on the car ride over there. All of the vets that I had spoken with earlier on forewarned me of what was eventually going to come. It was only a matter of time before the clots hit both legs and possibly a clot would travel up to his brain during the next episode. His heart was giving out and there really wasn't much more I could do other than make him comfortable. I spent the night sleeping on the couch with him laying on top of me or laying on the floor next to him. Over the next hour or so, he began to pant and stretch out. When he let one large exhale out, I just knew that this was it. I embraced him in my arms crying uncontrollably as I looked at him and told him that it was okay for him to go now. I told him that I loved him and always will and that I just wanted him to be in peace. I hope that I made the right decision by keeping him at home with me for his last few hours. I couldn't fathom leaving him in a cold metal cage being left to die and having someone call me to tell me that he had passed away in the night. I loved him so much and keep re-living the last few breaths that he took. I hope he knows that I did everything that I could to keep him going for that month and would do anything to have him back. Sambuca....you are very loved and will be in my heart always.... Any thoughts are appreciated as I am struggling miserably with his death. God bless and thank you.

rcjones Posted: Oct 12 '07,  6:53 pm           Reply
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RE: I lost my cat Aug,2007

I am saddened by your great loss. I sincerely hope that your heart will heal and you will reflect on the wonderful memories that your little one left behind.

I do understand what you went through. Please don't burden yourself with guilt. You did what your heart wanted you to do. You shared his last moments loving him.

Bless you. May you find peace.


divadp1 Posted: Oct 13 '07,  6:19 am           Reply
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RE: poor kitty

I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds as if your baby passed from the same or similar condition that my Sambuca did. I understand your pain and grief. It seems so unfair for a healthy cat to become paralyzed out of nowhere without any warning.

I just keep trying to remember all of the good times that I had with him to get the last few hours before he passed out of my mind. I'm sure you loved your baby dearly too. My heart shares your pain and I hope it gives you strength.

They're both in a better place now...walking on all four legs, running around, playing with feathers and yarnballs, and they are watching over us.

God bless you and your dear departed little baby.

divadp1 Posted: Oct 13 '07,  6:29 am           Reply
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RE: I lost my cat Aug,2007

Thank you so much Ronni. Your kind words definitely brought me comfort.

My guilt was unimaginable even though there was not much more that I could do for Sam because of his condition. Even if some medication was able to break up the clots in his arteries, his poor heart kept deteriorating and the clots were getting worse.

He had been everywhere with me for almost 12 years. Sam was a source of comfort, a "pillow" to lay my head on, and a chubby ball of fur to absorb my tears.

It still amazes me how he held on until both of us were ready. I guess animals really have that strong 6th sense. He was an amazing cat loved by anyone who walked into my home. Everyone knew Sambuca and was graced by his lovable presence.

Thank you again for your beautiful words. I realize that time will heal the pain, but I can't help but wish I had a few more years with my buddy. I'll always have him in my heart....


olimom Posted: Nov 03 '07,  11:41 am           Reply
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RE: I lost my cat Aug,2007

You have my deepest sympathy for you loss.
I need another kleenix now...
Nothing is harder than losing them in your arms as they look at you with that look.
As an MD told me, treating people are easier since they can tell you where they hurt and animals cannot.
What a beautiful name, Sambuca ....but how fortunate you were to have 12 many wonderful memories together. How lucky he was to have you in his life too.
As my dear dear friend just lost her cat of 15 years in her arms 2 nites ago, sleepless nites nursing and caring for her....renal failure and hyperthyroidism took her life....
They will always hold a special place in our hearts and know you are not alone as you mend....for all cats go to heaven to be with our loved ones and leave lasting memories in our hearts.

fiyero Posted: Nov 09 '07,  7:21 pm           Reply
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to all those whose recently lost a dear cat

I too just lost my dear little angel cat Fiyero. He was given to my son and I at 3 weeks old, a feral kitty. We soon discovered that he had a rare blood disorder and we went to great lengths to save this little feral tabby manx with such a wonderful personality. We had to give him special medicine to depress his immune system that was distroying his red blood cells. He had blood transfusions and mumberous vet visits but he always bounced back and I would often wonder if it was fair. But he was my sunshine and joy every morning and every day. He greated me and would curl up in my arms and fall asleep on his back and fall asleep purring away contently I just loved him. It was as if I was the only person in his world,it was such total unconditional love from this special feline angel. I knew that one day we would lose the battle and his little inlarged heart and one kidney would give out but you are never prepared for it when it happens. Suddenly the other day November 7, 2007 we couldn't find him and when we did, he was in the back of my closet and when we got him out he was having difficulty breathing. I gave him his meds as we have always done and didn't panic because he has always recovered and I too didn't want to add to his stress so I didn't take him to the vet immediately and I often wonder if I should have. That evening he was still having difficulties but still I thought he would pull out of it, unfortunately at 8:30 pm he wobbled over to me and I picked him up he gasped once and died in my arms. I was so distraught and devastated I just loved that little stubby tailed kitty! My one comfort is that he was able to stay for as long as he could in this world and give so much love and joy in our lives. I miss him every morning and the pain is so fresh and raw right now and my heart aches so bad right now I cry every morning when I don't feel him next to me purring and grooming me as he did. I feel the pain of everyone who has lost alittle pet they have loved so much and I feel that womens' pain who too just lost her her cat. I have other cats but this one was so fragile yet strong and he taught how to not give up when things seem so impossible and difficult. My little Fiyero only had 2 years and 4 months on this earth and in my life but he lived them well and to the max. God Bless and my thoughts go out to everyone who finds themselves in the same situation today, tomorrow or in the future. It is so hard to loose their love when we love them so hard. Leslye

sunshinecat Posted: Nov 15 '07,  8:05 pm           Reply
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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

I am so sorry for your loss. Last night I lost the best friend I ever had. My cat was almost 10 and her eating habits had changed slightly but everything else seemed the same. I came home from work on Tuesday night and she was sitting under the table and would not come to me. I tried to coax her with a treat but nothing. She came to bed and went to sleep. In the morning she seemed so still and very unresponsive. I took her to the Vet immediately. Upon exam and a blood test I was told she had chronic kidney disease. I was devastated and would not accept this. An ultra sound confirmed this and two hours later I was holding my baby and saying good bye to her. The Vet explained that a death from kidney failure would be very painful and that she was suffering as we spoke. I am afraid I take no comfort in this. I feel like I will never be the same and I don't know how this has happened. The Vet said this is how cats are. They rarely show signs of illness until it is almost unbearable. I knew my baby was the sweetest and gentlest soul but now I know she was very brave. She rested her chin on my arm and she left this world but she will never leave my heart.

dollybabydance Posted: Nov 17 '07,  2:34 pm           Reply
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I lost my cat too on Aug 26 2007

I lost my Willow on August Bank Holiday 26th. She was 16, and I had had her for almost 13 years. Yes it was sudden...like the other post, literally within 4 days. Looking back, yes she had gone quieter over the years, sleeping, yet playing still with my other cat Jasper. Yes she had gone thinner but she went to the vet every year, had her injections,ate well,drank well etc. Only a month before she had gotten what the vet called a bed sore on her paw, a sign of old age really setting in, yet he gave her antibiotic cream and it cleared up well. But I was at home on a week's holiday from work - and she had suddenly stopped eating on the Weds. I was going on a day trip to Wales the next day, didnt want to go, but she seemed ok. Bought another cat basket so that they would have one each whilst I was there, but the minute I bought it wished I hadn't....gut feeling. Came home, she wouldnt even eat her favourite sardines. Got advice from Jaspers vet the next day when he was having his jabs...she kept hiding in wardrobes etc and under the mallow bush in the garden..but not showing any signs of anything..Saturday night came home and she was definitely not right..spent her last night in the room with me, a little sick..took her to her vet sunday morning, us all thinking perhaps it was a bad tooth...and it was old age renal failure..can come on apparently so quick in old age..and there was nothing but to put her to sleep..had to ring an exboyfriend since we had shared her for years...was the hardest thing ever in my whole life...we stayed with her to the end, it was peaceful she just went to sleep and we cried and cried....and still do. Jasper misses her, frets, sits looking for her...goes to her casket and rubs against the table, and her little brush, plays with the little stuffed cat that looks like her..the last thing he did before we took her to the vet was kiss her on the nose...as if goodbye.

Every week nearly - 13 tomorrow - I have found a white feather in my house, all over, when I least expect it. I believe them to be signs that I she is now at peace, thanking me for rescuing her as a stray, caring for her, spoiling her rotten and then finally helping her to slip away from life with dignity, and doing the right thing. She was with me through some very very traumatic times, my little friend, and she will always be with me forever.

dncjo Posted: Nov 23 '07,  1:17 pm (Updated: Nov 23 '07,  1:22 pm)           Reply
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My cat passed away at 5 am on the 19th October. I knew she was going to die for 3 weeks before it happenned and I nursed her and told her howmuch I loved her all the time. She seemed comfortable but on the last night she kept meowing to me. I wondered if she was in pain or just trying to say goodbye. I held her whilst she died, and it has been so hard. I miss her so much and the grief is so raw. I must have cried a river. She was so mellow, so beautiful and so lovely in every way. I just hope there is life after death and she has gone to a better place. I would have called the vet out had she not died that morning, but I am glad she died naturally, in the surroundings she was familiar with, with me by her side. I just hope she didnt feel too much pain. She had lymphoma, and her kidneys were beginning to give her some trouble. I just wished pets lived as long as we do - it is so heartbreaking to lose them!

dora2505 Posted: Dec 19 '07,  2:57 pm           Reply
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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

I had a very similar story if it helps. my cat died in my arms aged 19 years. Her behaviour towards the end was like your cat - i felt very selfish at the time as I did everything i could to keep her alive and blamed myself that I should have got her put down. even when she lost her teeth I made her baby food - i was so desperate to keep her. That was 18 years ago and honestly time does heal. I vowed I would NEVER get another cat again but I got two kittens and it really did help me - it never took away my memories though. I have just lost another cat yesterday different circumstances but the pain equally is as bad. All i can say honey is that time will heal - you will never forget but in time you rememebr all the good times- keep lots of nice photos around the house and remember at least she was so well loved and it was just her time to go and what better way than to have you with her . I am sorry i cant help more but hope it is an honest account for you xxx

fergieblvd Posted: Jan 02 '08,  6:47 am           Reply
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my kity angel...

...i lost my kitty Angel of 13 and a half years last night at 9:15. He, like many others of you I have been reading, died in my arms. He was fine on Saturday and Sunday, and then Monday, I was at work, and my husband was off, and he called me to tell me that Angel was acting funny and he was concerned. He was lying on the bathroom floor all day which is unusual, as he's normally sleeping in our laundry basket, laying in our laps, or begging meowing for food. I didn't think anything of ot though. I know sometimes anials just don't feel well, and want to be alone. Maybe his tummy hurt from eating something he shouldn't have, ir maybe the dogs were chasing him around too much. I now wonder if we should have taken him to the vet? He didn't sleep with us new years eve night. new years day morning we found him downstairs just laying next to the dogs water bowl. that too was strange, but we had to go to work ..we figured we would take him to the vet if this behavior continued any longer.....we arrived home at 8:00ish pm from our jobs new years day, to find our kitty not waiting for his food on the countertop, but sprawled out on the floor of our bedroom. he wasn't moving and my blood ran cold as i knew he was dead. his neck was twisted, yellow eyes looking out almost as if he were waiting for me to come home to him. there was no movement......as i approached him however, he did begin to meow!..not move,just meow and cry like he was in pain. my husband searched frantically for an emergency animal hospital in our charlotte, nc area, while i layed down next to him, cuddled up with him in a fetal postition, showering him with love and kisses, and soft caresses and reminders that mommy and daddy love him so much! during our 13 and a half years together i had taught him to meow on command. i would say, "kitty say meow." and he would, and i was holding him, he did this for me three times, even as his life was fading. within minutes, we found a clinic, and a ten mile drive felt like 10 hours! i never once put him down, never once let him out of my arms on the drive there, just showed him love as he was wrapped in my red Old Navy sweatshirt that is nowcovered with white fur, and I WILL NEVER wash again. we checked again and again to see if Angel was breathing, and although barely, the answer was yes, up until we pulled into the driveway of the hospital, where he made two loud hiccupping noises, and then one last meow. his head then drooped to the side, and his yellow eyes, once shiny and bright glazed over and out of this world. The vet tech confirmed that are baby was indeed gone, and my husband and i both have been in tears since. Angel was fine on Sunday. But within 48 hours he was gone. I don't have any clue as to why. The vet says that many cats who die around that age have an underlying heart problem that probably wasn't detected. most web pages i've found seem to be saying the same thing. I am a mess right now, I can hardly write this through my tears, and I don't think I slept last night, nor will I tonight. I just keep blogging and crying, blogging and crying. don't want to do anything else. not eat. not drink. not talk to anybody. BUT I REALLLLYY BELIEVE THAT ANGEL WAITED FOR HIS MOMMY TO COME HOME TO HIM BEFORE HE PASSED! And I am glad he left IN MY ARMS. GOODBYE MY ANGEL CAT! MOMMY AND DADDY MISS YOU LIKE YOU CAN'T BELIEVE.......ANGEL- MAY 1994 TO JANUARY 1, 2008 9:15PM

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I too, have just lost my baby boy today, Jan 2

We just lost our Rielly today... My husband found him lying in his usual favorite spot... looking as if he was just sleeping.. It was only after Rielly continued to keep "sleeping" that he noticed something was amiss... and went to him calling his name. He was fine yesterday and late last night.. nothing seemed odd altho he did give me many more hugs than usual and blinky eyes.. his way of saying pleeeease Mommy... give me more food, drink from the tap... treats... etc. His "blinky eyes" were 3 squinty eye slow blinks when ever he was requesting something and I was hurrying enough for him, lol. Rielly was a "Garfield" in every way! He had so much character and a huge vocabulary.. he hardly ever spoke with just one meow... and each "word" in his kitty sentence would be different. He had many a conversation with us daily. I'll miss him dearly!

We have no idea how or why he died but because of the way he was lying, we believe he died in his sleep painlessly.

Being winter, the earth is frozen, and we've received so much snow overnight and the past week or so, we are unable to bury him in the yard, so we had to take him this afternoon to the Animal Rescue Leage for private creamation. We will be able to collect his ashes Friday for burial in the spring. While there, we did go look at all the homeless kitties, and put in a request to adopt another. A 2yr old orange and white long hair male we'll call George. We receive George tomorrow. I know Rielly would be happy for George as he too was a stray we found just the day before the big ice storm back in the 90's.

I miss Rielly sooo much, I can hardly see the screen now for tears as I write this.

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We too have lost a cat , our Sophie- but it is complicated

I am hoping some one out there can offer some advice. We have four cats, and a dog. A co-worker who is also a friend asked if we could take care of her beautiful golden lab, they had left it late to book him into a kennel and they were heading away for the Christmas holidays, could we please take care of him. We being pet lovers and seeing no big issue said "sure". We are a little inexperienced at the whole taking care of someone elses pet and you will soon see how that came to be an issue, when they dropped the dog off they mentioned that the dog does not like cats...that night after they had left he was barking while out on his bathroom break so he was brought inside to our kennel room on the way to the room the dog got out of my grip and bolted to my daughters bedroom and attacked our 14 year old siamese cat, everyone was screaming our dog tried to rescue the cat, it was a nightmare. Once my daughter got the cat out of the dogs mouth, and I dragged the dog out of the room,he wanted to still get our cat. I tried to calm everyone down and assess the cats condition Sophie had gone into shock and was not breathing, I turned down the lights and wrapped the cat up in a blanket- it looked like he was going to die right there, he lost control of his body functions and was not responsive-after a few minutes Sophie started to come around so I called the vet and let them know that we needed an emergency visit-we had just moved to the area and our vet was an hour away so once contact was made we were off. The vet said there was no way the our boy would survive surgery, but that he would perform further tests but that it was not good, his ribs were crushed one lung sounded collapsed and he was probably bleeding internally and his mouth was injured as well, in all our boy was very badly injured and probably would not survive the night. As Sophie breathing was becoming more laboured because of the fluid entering into his lungs we had a tough decision to make have our boy die in our arms or on the operating table alone away from us for the first time in his life. We chose to have him pass peacefully through injection with those who loved him petting and talking to him wishing him a safe journey and telling him how much we loved him---"choices" there is no easy one when it comes to these kind of decisions. Sophie has been in our family since my daughter was two so is now 16, my son who is 8 has known Sophie his whole life- Sophie would meet my son at the end of the driveway every day after school. Sophie has been hurt before and we were able to patch up--this time was different, we are all so heartbroken. One act of friendship brought this heartache into our home. We have to tell the family that there dog has played a part in our beautiful boys death, how do I tell them, my heart hurts so deeply. It is not my intention that they do anything about it, other than be sure that there neighbours know how there dog is with cats-(crazy, excited and well brutal)I realize that they need to know, and that we need closure on the issue, how do I tell them, they just got back from a family vacation and we are trying to piece together our hearts. Any suggestions of how to tell them what has happened.

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RE: I too, have just lost my baby boy today, Jan 2

Hello, I am so sorry for your loss especially because it was similar to mine. I came home on Wed and my little felecia was gone. She was lying on my bed like she always slept and just had a tiny slit in her eye like perhaps she knew it was happening. I believe she died peacefully but that doesn't make it any easier. I wish like so many people on here that I could have had her in my arms. She was only 13 and I felt much to young to die. She was always a light eater but she had gotten thinner and I had a flea problem from outside strays and she was allergic to fleas so I took her to the vet and he knew her size but never said anything about it. The vet said she probably died from a blood clot to the brain, that is how most cats die suddenly. I am so wracked with guilt that I never had the vet do a complete physical when I was there and I also feel guilty because I had brought strays in and perhaps that was too stressful. I am crushed and having a very hard time dealing with this. She was the sweetest, most gentle baby I've ever had. I know I shouldn't question God but I do because he never let me say good bye and why he took her so young. I appreciate you letting me grieve on this site. I will miss my Munkin ( my knick name for her because she was so little) and never forget her. No one will ever take her place in my heart.

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The same Thing

My good friend had her cat Since high school(22 years) and one day the cat had a stroke, and she thought about putting it down, but the cat was doing everything like normal. then she had another one two weeks later. the cat could barely stand, eat or drink, she would just lay there. wouldn't move or anything, just breathed. so my friend decided it was time to put her down, because she was slowly dieing. when she called the vet, they told her to make an appointment. she was mad that they wanted her to make an appointment to put her dying cat down. so when she finally got to the vet, she held the cat in her arms and was talking to her, the doctor told her she didn't have to her their when they did it, she she said that 'i was the fist thing that cat touched when she was born, and I'm going to be the last when she dies ' when they finally gave her the shot, she came to life and started kicking and clawing. when the doctor pronounced the cat dead, my friend stared to pet her and talk to her, then the cat started purring!, and she freaked out! and screaming the cats not dead!!!, but the doctor told her that's just natural, that the cat will do that..that's when my friend broke down. she said that was the hardest thing she had to do, was put her baby down.

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i cannot bear the loss of my 4months old cat

I am not able to get over the death of my poor cat who was only 4 months old.It was born in my house since then he was with me, as it was living with her mother kitten who is a indoor outdoor cat,he use to roam outside with her mom.I had even saved her when some dogs killed his sister but somehow he escaped death two months earlier.However on the day when he died he slept on my bed next to me when i was asleep as i was tired that day.But in the late night he was sent to the balcony where it always slept at nights with her mom. But the next day when it didn't came we started worrying and searched him outside in the late evening we founded its corpse and our family was devastated and i was not able to stop my tears as we even don't know his cause of death and some said that he was killed by stray dogs.Now wherever i look his face comes on my mind.Now his poor mother kitten is left alone. but i am happy that she is pregnant but again fear of the same thing.

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RE: i cannot bear the loss of my 4months old cat

Quote: sandeep1984
but i am happy that she is pregnant but again fear of the same thing.

Then why don't you get her spayed and keep her inside?
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it's been a year, i hope you have healed

I was very touched by your post and though I know it has been year since you baby moved on, i still felt obliged to write to to you to make you feel better. I lost my golden retriever 3 years and 5 months ago and up to now the feeling of emptiness is still inside me. But i see that you stll have a dog to care with so i know you will heal. Cherishing the good memeories and knowing your cat is in a better place will definitely make you feel less devastated.

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my cat died today

I know what your going through my cat just died last night, she was 20 years old very active till last week. People would think she was 4 or 5 not pushing 20!

She died at home surrounded by her human and cat friends and we all were together. When I woke up this morning for the first time since the 1980s she wasnt there waiting for me to get up and feed her. Im devastated, she was such a good friend for so many years, but im glad she went at home with us all together, her name was harley the cat. Im glad she liked me enough to hang around for 2 decades, was an honour to have her.

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My Cleo

My Cleo (kitty) died 2 days ago im so heart broken and sad. I dont feel like eating or being around anyone it hurts so bad. She was such a good kitty, she was my wifes cat b4 we meet and at the time i never had any cats and never really looked at them as pets more like just funny animals to tease. for the longest time i was never really close to her but no matter how much i teased her and drove her nuts she would always come to me jump on my lap when i sang thinking i was in pain, just so many things that made her iraplacable. I love her so much, she died of liver disease in my wifes arms on the way to the vet. The night b4 i spent alot of time just petting her telling her how much i love and thanking for showing me love when i didnt. I have so many regretslike not letting her sleep with us alot or maybe not spending enough time with her but it seems almost like she waited for me to pour out my heart to her b4 she went. Im sorry for ranting on I really miss my Cleo she was only 11 and the best friend I ever had.

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Our cat died yesterday in my arms

Our cat had been sick, or I should say, was showing he was getting old for a couple months now so we kinda new he wasnt going to be with us for all that much longer. Regardless, today I feel totally miserable. Only a few days ago we were playing with ribbons and today we had to take him away in a cardboard box. So sad. Lately he had grown so much closer to me (he was my husband's cat before he was ours), waking me up the morning by bumping his head into mine etc. I opened my eyes today he wasnt there. Having been a dog person all my life, I never knew I'd miss a cat as much as this. I feel like talking to catpeople who'd understand.

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my rudy died in my arms on way to vet..does anyone think the last gasps for air hurt him,, he seemed like he choked.. im so upset he was one block from the vet.. i cant write anymore


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i understand

7 1/2 weeks ago i had to take my beloved 7 year old cat to the vets to be put down. she had been getting nosebleeds and was off her food for a couple of weeks so i took her to the vets and they did some tests and discovered she had a tumour at the top of the nose and they couldn't do anything about it so referred me to a specialist. i took her there and spent almost £1000 only to be told there was nothing that could be done as it had rapidly spread to her brain and was eating away at her skull. 5 days later i took her to the vets with my dad and while i was cuddling her in the waiting room she was purring and i was crying and telling her how sorry i was that nothing more could be done and that soon she would be out of pain. when the vet called us in and i had to hand her over it broke my heart. he put a catheter in her arm as she was scared of needles and wrapped her in a blanket and i stood there stroking her and crying as they injected the stuff into the catheter. as it went up she let out a sort of yelp and the vet said its because she could feel it going up her arm and didn't like it and i just kissed her and then that was it, she was gone. it was the hardest and worst thing i have ever had to do and every day i cry as i miss her so much and i don't know what to do or who to talk to as nobody understands. i still talk to her every day which again people don't understand but i hope that she can hear me wherever she is. she was my little fluffy baby and nothing will ever stop this pain i don't think. so i can totally understand how everyone feels about the loss of their animals and just wish there was something that could be said that would honestly make us feel better

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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?


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RE: my cat died today


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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?


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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?


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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

Quote: cessceej
Yesterday Morning my baby died in my arms. She was 20 years old and so strong. She had recovered from a stroke she had in 2005. On Friday she started acting weird and, sleeping in the bathroom/bathtub and, trying to get outside though she never had before. Saturday night she stopped eating and drinking and, I held her all monday night. She kept cuddling to me. I kept hoping she would go to her bowl and eat some food and drink some water. Tuesday morning at 6:45 I told her she had been so strong, and, it was ok to go now, she took a big breath and, was gone and, I lost it. She lived a long happy life I know but, I just can't get over this and, I don't understand how time will heal my broken heart. Seeing her die was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I just miss her so much! Everytime I look at my bed I start crying cause she's not sleeping in her favorite spot. Seeing my dog looking around for her kills me I know she misses her too. I don't know how I am going to recover from this loss, my heart hurts so much.

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cat passed in arms

My cat died this morning. She was 19 years old and so very dear to me. she started showing signs about a week ago, then a few days ago, stopped eating and last night had a terrible seizure. I was torn about taking her to the vet because I didn't want her to die in an unfamiliar place. I was with her until the end and witnessing something you love pass is devasting. I too am comforted to know others allowed their pets to die at home.

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i lost my baby last night

Nomi short for Nomad,as he was a stray followed my daughter home from school 16 yrs ago,i felt sorry for him ,so, i fed him and everyday he would come back and i fed him day after day, we live in Ontario Canada, and the winters here get very cold, and being that he wouldnt let anyone get within 15 ft of him without running away,i thought what are going to do about the winter he will freeze!! so, the family got together and we built him a house he had quilts with 2 heating pads sewn into the lining,hyrdo as he had a light in there too,so it would add some extra heat, and a pillow for him to sleep on as well as a place for his food, when it was -20 outside it was plus 20 inside,so we knew he'd be ok. he lived in that house for 2 yrs, i'd worry in the winter time and go and look for him in blizzards if he wasnt in his house,but, he was a tough guy,not too friendly as he trusted no one, but, one Jan night we went out to get his bowls and we noticed blood in the house, so, i told my daughter to leave the bowls ,as when he came if i hadnt put his food out he would scratch at the door, and then wait near the house till we put his food in,this night we waited and waited until finally we heard the scratch ,when i opened the door i saw that his head had a big tear in it, and i dont know if it was the pain,the cold, the hunger,or just the fact he knew we loved him we got him to come in,he hid under my bed all night. the next morning my daughter gathered him up in a blanket and we took him to the vet, i can tell you it was so wonderful to finally be able to pet him as before this i had never touched him,anyways they fixed him all up, and he immediatly became my boy, we loved eachother so much ,when i got sick he comforted me like no one else could,he was funny too, one day he was sitting on the arm of the chair and the song "isnt she Lovely came on,i was stroking his backend and all of a sudden he started weaving his head back and forth just like he knew Stevie Wonder was singing it, it was the funniest thing, it became the Nomi song around here,he was such a good boy, he loved all the things other cats usually didn't like, he loved water,playing in the bathtub for hours ,you'd find him sleeping in the sink in the bathroom,and everyday without fail there would be a lake on my kitchen floor as he would empty his water dish and then play, he had hyper thyroid for the past few yrs and had lost weight ,but, was coping well, then all of a sudden withing a few days,lost weight,and then 2 nights ago he came to see me in my bed and layed with me ,we layed together and chatted and loved eachother up ,and i knew then he was going to go, then last night i asked my daughter and and my friend to look for him downstairs as i hadnt seen him all day, even though i knew in my heart that he was already gone, they looked and when they found him he was laying in a cabinet with his eyes closed and one paw over his eyes, i knew as soon as i heard me daughter scream that he was gone, but, my question now is, how do i get over the lose of one of my children ?? cause he was so much like my son... i hurt so much i can barely breath...please help..thanks...Nomis'Mama

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Getting a New Cat Too Soon

It's been one week since my cat passed away. I couldn't bear not having her in the house, it felt so empty. I received an email about a cat in desperate need of a home after her owner had passed away, I said yes and now feel guilty of taking in this new cat too soon. All I can think about is my cat and how this one is not her. Did I make a mistake? Will I bond with this cat? I feel I had a really special relationship with my kitty that can't be replaced. Please let me know what you guys thinks. Thanks

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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

i feel the same way my dog died today at 4:00 and we had him for 2 days and i got so close to him and it was so unfair i was telling myself be strong dont let anybody or anything get you down but i couldnt i just been very sad ever since he died it was a minature pincher mixed with a chihuahua By: Jessica

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RE: Getting a New Cat Too Soon

I've been told, and I believe, that when your beloved animal dies, they always lead you to the next one that needs a home. Don't feel guilty about opening your heart to another animal. Part of why you loved your kitty so much is because they healed you through some dark times. This new cat needs you, just as you need it to help you heal. I lost my 11-year-old Maggie suddenly a week ago today and understand your heart is broken because mine is too. But tonight I take home a 9-week old kitten Tutu, and I thank Maggie for helping me find her to help me get through this.


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Your cat may have died if it wasn't properly vaccinated! Even properly vaccinated pets have a 4% or greater chance of dying if exposed to an improperly vaccinated animal! I just wrote a rant on the subject! One unvaccinated cat has left 5 of the fosters sick, with 3 more in the hospital, and several more waiting to see if they get sick! I am so angry right now that people won't spend a few bucks for a shot to protect the animals!

Terri :-)

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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

Give it some time. Here I am two days after my precious baby kitty Rico (actually he was two years and a couple of months, but he was my baby) died, suddenly, on our way to the kitchen to get dinner. I simply don't know what to do with myself.

I had just gotten home from work (fortunately about 30 minutes earlier than usual or he might have died alone). I had to make a quick bathroom stop, about which Rico was none too pleased. I kept calling out to him, "just a minute, just a minute."

I emerged from the restroom and together we headed to the kitchen. Suddenly, near the kitchen doorway, he stopped, stiffened up from head to toe, fell to the floor, made a couple of seizing-like moves (seemed involuntary), his little tongue popped out of his mouth, a couple of noises were audible, and I watched his pupils dilate and fix, and he was gone. I watched life drain from his body.

I picked him up and cradled him, petting him a lot more than he would tolerate were he still alive. I called my office because I was so distraught, and talked with the boss (more a friend) because I didn't know what to do. I live in a downtown high-rise. Should I take him to the vet the next day? After receiving comfort and support, the boss said that I could bury him in their yard; she wanted to come to me but I assured her I would be okay. After ending the phone call, one of my co-workers called--he lives outside the city in a house in the country. He said he would be proud to pick up baby Rico and take him home and give him a good burial. I accepted this generous offer, and he did, indeed, pick up Rico before going home that evening.

I have opened my heart to share. Perhaps that will be of some comfort to others experiencing such a loss.

BTW--Rico went to visit his doctor twice a year. All vaccinations (and license) up to date.

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My cat died today

I was at work when it all happened... My grandmother, with whom I live, called me saying she and grandpa found our little Petit Gateau dead in our garden. She told me she saw him in the morning laying between the basil leaves and thought he was just sunbathing, like he loved to... But to her surprise, when she came back home this afternoon he was still at the very same spot... He was probably already dead... Unlike most of the cats I read about here, he was only one year old...and two months to be precise... He was very sweet and playful like no other cat I ever knew... It really kills me to think of coming back home from work and not having him waiting for me on the stairs. Or seeing him wrestle with his mum over nothing like he used to... The poor mother is really sad...She wanders around the house, like waiting for him to come bite her ear, but he never does... I think he was poisoned and I'm not sure how accidental it was, because my neighbour's cat also died poisoned... I really miss him and his bright yellow eyes. But grandpa misses him the most...He says it won't be like Christmas, and who did this must pay...he said he has no idea how is he gonna sleep without Petit laying over his belly... I really miss him...I already cried my eyes out today...

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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

she/he was too old. it was ment to die . i am so sry for ur lose . iknow how u fell

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my kitten died

he was only 7 mounths old. he died in his sleep . how ? i dont under stand

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my dog did the same.his joints locked up and stoped working

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RE: i lost my baby last night

i fell ur pain. you will be ok. think positive

silverycold Posted: Jan 09 '09,  8:40 pm           Reply
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worst feeling ever

this is possibly the worst feeling ever, my cat just died last night(r.I.p.) of what we think is. stroke. 2 mornings before he passed I found him in the basement after I heard a meow which he usually does before he throws up. I went down to find him laying down not able to get up, I helped him up an it looked as though he had a broken leg or arm. that's what I though. then he started hiding out in the basment, I took him down the first time because I thought he couldn't get down there with his broken arm or leg, I noticed he hid down there a lot, and I told my mom I thought he was dying. easy I was right. the next day he was very weak and looked sad. my mom and sister attempted to give him a pill because the doctors said he had a thyroid problem. looking back on it now I think that is when he knew he should give up. he hid in the basement the rest of the day, I went to basketball practice and when I came back my sister and mom were with him in the basemet and he was dying . he could not stand up and was drooling and taking short breaths. my sister said he was meowing violently and shaking? now I still can't get over it, and don't think I will be able to. I really miss him and the only thing that would cheer me up is being with him. my other cat I think knows he is dead. she would go to him in his last hour and sniff him and go away and come back, then she went up stairs and a little while later he died. also he was staring off into the distance and wouldn't look at me. he was only 12 years old(medium old) and I was very close to him.
I don't know if I will ever get over it,

may he rest in peace and may his wisdom be a beacon for all of us
thunder , I will miss you

freddawes Posted: Jan 23 '09,  3:32 am           Reply
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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

My old and Great Good Buddy who I called old pig beast die one year ago today at this hr 330am, you remember that great cat you lived with and all the fun times you had with that good cat and do not Cry for your Cat he or she still lives with you.

the best people are Cat's

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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?


Firstly I am vert sorry for your loss.
My cat died yesterday and i also have a huge hole in my heart. Although, I know it will heal eventually but never completly. My cat was put down and i cried so much.

You will be ok. Remember that so so many other people are going through the same thing, including me.

arcticdead Posted: Feb 12 '09,  6:11 am           Reply
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I know how you feel my cat snowflake passed away yesterday in my moms arms I came home from school to find him wrapped up in a blanket he was 12 he had stomach cancer and stopped eating and drinking and fell almost everytime he walked and he stopped purring and meowing he fell beside his water dish when he was trying to get a drink It feels like the pain will never go away I am so heart broken

glendvd Posted: Feb 18 '09,  6:38 am           Reply
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My cat died in my arms too.

I can fully appreciate what everyobdy on this message board is going through, especially the original post. In the early hours of Sunday morning, just minutes before I was due to turn in for bed and bring the cat in, I heard a commotion out in the back lane, I ran out to see my little baby cat being attacked by a dog, I ran to her and picked her up in my arms and brought her home, I was in such tunnelvision mode to save her and get her home, I didn't see until we entered the lights of the kitchen how badly her stomach had been ripped apart, I knew then that it was too late. So I wrapped her in a blanket in my arms, and soothed her until she took her last breath, it only took a minute or so, so I hope she didn't suffer too much. It currently feels like the hurt will never go away, I wish it would. I really miss having her around, everywhere I look is where she used to sleep or play. I'm just glad she was with me in her final seconds, with me stroking her little head, and not scared and alone.

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RE: my kity angel...

My heart goes out to you on the tragic loss off your angel,i lost my angel 8 days ago today.You are lucky in one respect,you got to say goodbye.My baby died while i was at work,i never got to say goodbye so the tears fall a little heavier than they should.All i can say is you're not alone.

mygonch Posted: Feb 19 '09,  2:02 am           Reply
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RE: I too, have just lost my baby boy today, Jan 2

I totally understand how you feel,i lost my beatiful little baby 8 days ago today,i never got to say goodbye and that makes it hurt even more.

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my little boy

Boober died about 8 hours ago.
he'd been sick for awhile now and i asked god last night to either make him better or to please let him go.
this morning he seemed fine, asking for some of my breakfast (blueberry pancakes and milk)
i told him no, he seemed to have a problem with milk
i went to the store and when i got back he seemed to be sunning himself out in the yard, after a few hours of that i heard a strange noise.
i went out to see him....he had his eyes open, was having trouble breathing, and had a lot of spit coming out (dirt was caked to him)
i took him inside to the bathroom and started cleaning him off.
i cradeled him in my arms and felt his heart slow.
he curled up tightly and then let go.
i truely lost it
i know i should be happy he's no longer sick, no longer in pain (he had a back injury before his 1st birthday....in 4 weeks would have been his 10th birthday) but i miss him so much.
i'm 40 years old, back in college, a man, and i just can't seem to see how anything is important any more.

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cat death

Is there any way to save a cat after it had a stroke. After the stroke, the cat became senile and let her do things to her that she would never have let us do when she was ok
i mean, id rather see a pet die naturally instead of having to put her down but was there anything we could of done for the stroke.. i know there wasnt much time :(

rpbratt4885 Posted: Feb 24 '09,  1:38 pm           Reply
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My beloved Kitti

I had to put my baby Kitti down on Friday of last week. She was my soulmate, best friend and so compassionate and loving. She showed up on 9/10/01, the day my grandaughter was born, as a stray cat, we took her in, loved her, gave her shots, fixed her and she gave us in return unconditional love. Because of the vaccines we gave her she developed vaccine site cancer. She was diagnosed the day after Thanksgiving. On her final days She could not even stand up and eat, get to the litter box to pee. What a horrible day. My other cat has been very depressed and sad. He was a spunky guy and sassy. I hurt so bad,it is like losing a family member. How do I help my other cat cope with the lose?

giaboots Posted: Mar 02 '09,  9:13 pm           Reply
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RE: my kity angel...

i just lost my beautiful 4 yr old maine coon through electrocution! i have always used a space heater for the past 3 years NEVER without a problem, due to it gets cold in my apt where i rent in a house. I am devestated to say the least!! i went inside to eat dinner and heard a zapping sound, came running into the room and she was dead!! no smoke from her body, yet after the fact i noticed that the wire had been chewed on. she was doing this all along without my knowledge! i never once saw her even fiddle with the plug, never mind bite it !! she died instAntly and i am broken inside. i need to go this friday to the place where she is getting cremated! this is a living nightmare for me!! it's harder because i have noone to comfort me as i live alone. i feel guilt as to not seeing that she had been chewing all along!! i hate myself, yet, i do know that i wasn't careless. why couldn't she had given me a sighn that she was doing this behind my back, i would have GLADLY IMMEDIATELY thrown the heater out. i hate life now and don't see a way through yjis pain i'm hoping this site helps. i am so sorry for ur loss as i am there and here myself.

myanastasia Posted: Mar 05 '09,  10:28 am           Reply
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Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.
They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His/Her bright eyes are intent. His/Her eager body quivers. Suddenly he/she begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his/her legs carrying him/her faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

unknown author...(animal lover very wise person)

gautamiyer Posted: Mar 05 '09,  5:20 pm           Reply
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RE: My cat died today

I know how you feel. My cat died yesterday and it was absolutely awful. He was hit by a car in the morning while i was still sleeping. He was the most curious of cats. Unfazed by anyone or anything. He would go up to other people's pets even though they didn't like him, he just wanted to be everyone's friend. He would never shy away from strangers, something most cats do. Because of that, I think, he didnt' shy away from traffic because he wasn't scared enough like most cats. That is when he got hit and died.

It pained me to pick up his dead body and put him in a blanket. I couldn't even bear taking him to the vet for a proper cremation, so my parents had to. I felt so bad yesterday and the house feels so empty inside. It's such a pain, but I am moving along well.

It's only been a day but I no longer cry when I think about him or see his old pictures. It actually brings a smile to my face knowing that I had the privelege of owning perhaps the greatest creature of all. I'll miss all those days when I felt alone and he was always there beside me. He would spend the entire night too, rarely leaving me alone until I woke up to leave, myself.

he was only 2 and a half years, but he was easily the most precious thing I've ever had. I still have 3 other cats, but it's difficult to think of them in the same way. They were nothing like him.

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RE: My cat died today

First of all, my condolences to everyone that have lost their cat. I have been reading everyones post and stories to also give me some releif of my feelings. I have never felt this sad for a pet. I lost my pet cat today to Hepatic Lipidosis. She stopped eating and the Vet placed a feeding tube to get the nourishment she needs. She was doing much better this week and today, she just started breathing slow and started to cough up liquids. She has always been the sweetest and most loving cat to me and my wife and children. Very cudly. My wife just lost her sister to cancer so having another loss just really took a toll on all of us. I am so sad but I feel blessed that God has given us a loving cat that has given us so much joy and love. Thank you all for sharing your comments and stories. It helped me coped with our loss as well.

v1838 Posted: Apr 06 '09,  10:40 pm           Reply
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My 18 year old cat is slipping away

My precious cat is sleeping in my lap, but she is slipping away from me. She stopped eating 2 days ago and now won't drink. I am giving her water from am eye dropper. We will see the vet first thing in the morning, but I am not hopeful that I will have her much longer - her kidneys have been losing function for the past 2 years.

I can't stop crying. I love her so much.

smccsk Posted: Apr 30 '09,  11:33 am           Reply
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My kitty Gizmo

My poor kitty Gizmo died yesterday morning after a battle with FIV. He had a seizure and died minutes later. I have been trying to nurse him back to health after a serious sinus infection 2 months ago. The vets didn't seem to know exactly how to help him. I had him on 100 ml of sub q fluids a day, which I'm sure kept him alive. The vet told me to put him down 2 months ago, but also told me he didn't appear to be in pain, so I made the decision to try to save him. He was getting better, after losing alot of his hair the past couple weeks it was all growing back. Over the weekend he seemed to become somewhat lethargic again, but not as sick as he was initially 2 months ago. I have been sleeping next to him on the couch for two months watching his every move. I don't understand why he died and am feeling rather angry that he was doing so well and then this happened. I feel really bad about it and keep wondering if there was something else I could have done for him, though I was giving him the fluids through a needle(actually my mom came over every day, because I just couldn't bring myself to poke him with a needle) and he was on vitamin supplements. I just cannot contain my tears for him and I feel really depressed about the whole thing. I just don't know what to tell myself to feel better. He woke me yesterday because of the seizure I could hear him making noise. So I just held him until he died in my arms. It didn't take long so I guess I could be thankful for that. I just don't understand since he seemed to be coming around, even started walking and using his litter box again, even started eating on his own again, until this weekend, when I had to start force feeding again. The vet couldn't even beleive how well he was doing. It just seems so sudden. I wasn't ready to let him go, poor thing. I just feel so bad for him. If there is anything someone can tell me to make me feel better I would really appreciate it. I've been trying to spend alot of time with all my dogs since they seem to know. But I just feel so bad about it. You never get over the loss of a pet. I'm still mourning for dogs that died years ago, and just don't know how to get over it. I hope he's somewhere better now, back to his full weight laying in the rain on a hot day just like he used to do. I love you Gizmo.

smccsk Posted: May 01 '09,  3:03 pm           Reply
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RE: My kitty Gizmo

My mom just came to get Gizmo to bury him. She told me not to come out but I just wanted to pet my baby one more time even though I knew it would make me upset. Whats the difference, I'm horribly depressed anyway. It's been a couple of days now and I just can't get over it. I keep asking myself if there was something I could have done to save him. It's tearing me up. I've decided I will plant orange tulips over his grave to match his orange fur. It's really all I can do for him now. I feel so bad about it. I just been crying and crying. Every time I see anything in the house to remind me of him I just lose it. I wish that feeling would go away but then again I feel like maybe I deserve to feel that way because I couldn't save his life. He was only 9 years old. He could have lived longer. Why did this happen to my baby?

socalgal28 Posted: May 12 '09,  8:32 pm           Reply
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Gizmo :(

I'm so sorry to hear about Gizmo. I understand your pain so completely. My little boy Kaz died suddenly a week ago. Fine one minute. Gone the next. The vet thinks he had a heart attack. You just feel like you'll never get over it. I look at his sister, Kizzie, and wish I knew what she was thinking? What does she understand? It's funny, because she is now doing things that she never has but he used to. Is it his way of saying he's okay?

For all of you who have lost your little ones. My deepest condolence. They will forever be in our hearts.

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To love and lost

I do understand how you feel. I just lost my cat Zachary to kidney disease last week. We had battled the disease for 6 years during which time I cared for him daily with herbs, special food, holistic medicine, subq fluids, but most importantly lots of love. The last 6 months had become difficult...his weight was dropping fast, he became incontinent, he couldn't jump anymore, and he was getting wobbly. I slept on the floor so we could still be together at night. My arm has muscle damage from holding him at night for the past six years. From the day he was diagnosed with kidney disease I have never left his side. Despite, all my sacrifices, I could see him slipping away from me and there was nothing I could do to stop it. The vets were amazed he had survived the disease that long. I took great comfort knowing Zachary and I had each other. Our last night together he could no longer stand, stopped eating or drinking, and finally suffered a convulsion. I had to end his suffering. He was 25 years old and my best friend. We had a love for each other like no other. We were truly made for each other. We spend our days holding each other and our nights snuggling close under the covers. Everything is so empty without him. Everywhere I look is a reminder of his absence, his favorite chair, my bed, the balcony he loved to sun himself on, my lap, the arm he slept in each night...they all seem so empty. My heart is so heavy with pain.

I can't stop thinking about him and feel like my life is over as I knew it. I keep reminding myself that I need to be strong and try to move forward as hard as it is. Sometimes in life we go through something so difficult that words cannot describe and later that experience helps us in some way. I have known loss saying goodbye to my father who had cancer and mother to alzheimers. Zachary was there to comfort me through all the pain; never leaving my side until I recovered.

I have been able to bring someone else comfort who also experiences such a loss, we understand in a way no one else can. Life is such a precious gift and when we loose something we love we realize how special it is. I am certain that sometime in the future you will be needed, by an animal, or person and for that reason we go on. For our pet would not want us to give up, he would want us to go on and give our life a sense of purpose for we have more to give. In the meantime, we cry, grieve, and do our best to get through each day.

socalgal28 Posted: May 15 '09,  9:52 pm           Reply
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RE: To love and lost

25 years. What a gift. I'm so sorry for your loss. The unconditional love that our little friends give us is amazing. Deal with his death on your own terms in your own time.

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RE: To love and lost

Thank you for your kind words. What Zachary and I had truly was a gift. I find that I can't stop thinking about him. He is on my mind most of the time. I so miss not being able to see or touch him, especially holding him close and snuggling together.

It is like a part of me died with him. It is a pain that is indescribable. I find it difficult to be in the rooms where we spent most of our times. For now, I just try to cope with the loss. It is a heavy one!!!

sleepysmoo5000 Posted: May 20 '09,  8:23 am           Reply
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My Kitty Just died 3 days ago...she was 5

I just lost my little baby 3 days ago. She was 5 and a half months old, and I'm absolutely devastated.

She was fine 6 days ago; last Thursday we got up, and noticed she wasn't asking for food; completely unlike her. She was lying down next to her water bowl, but not drinking. Upon picking her up, I noticed she felt awfully thin, and didn't weigh anything. I sat her down, and she made a low meow that she never made before. Then she tried to get up and fell down, and we knew she was sick.

We took her in expecting something simple; maybe she got into something. Then we were told she was diabetic, and had such a bad UTI that she was 8 hours away from death when we took her in; her poor body was so dehydrated they had to give her liquids just to draw blood. She had lost 3 lbs in under 48 hours, and was 3 degrees below normal temp.

After two days she stabilized, and we thought she could come home on Sat. Then Sat came, and she got worse. The vet said it was now pancreatitis, which can cause the other diseases, and is bad stuff, though unusual for such a young cat. She was put on fast acting insulin, and ivs. It hurt so much to see her that day; she knew we were there, but was in pain, and in painkillers. She purred the whole time.

Sunday she was stable, but not improving. Vets didn't know what was wrong, but asking point blank if she was going to die, we were told almost definitely not, she was out of the woods by now. We were happy Sunday, as we thought she was once again coming home.

On Monday morning, at 7:30am, the vet called to say my baby had died a few hours before; her pancreas just failed. 5 and a half years old.

I don't know what to do now. It hurts so bad; everywhere I look I see her, where she was. I remember all the times I got mad at her; I spanked her for pooping on the floor 2 days before she got sick, not hard, but she was probably already sick by that point, so I feel like a bastard.

I just don't know...she was supposed to get better. 3 times we thought she was going to be ok...now she's gone, and I can't ever tell her goodbye, or how much I loved her, or make up for anything. She's just gone, and I can't get her back, and I don't know how I'm ever going to feel better again.

I know I'm not the only one; God it just hurts so bad. I held her in my arms every day since she was a kitten, and she laid on my shoulder and just purred. She was my baby, and now I just feel empty...empty and heartbroken.

All my love to fellow cat owners; my heart goes out to everyone whose lost one of their family. I just wish I knew she was ok. God I miss her.

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Spencer's gone

Spencer, the sweetest most gentle orange-haired cat you'll ever meet, was put to sleep last night at the vet hospital. He was diagnosed with a lymphosarcoma that had grown into his spine (he started losing the use of his hind legs about 48 hours ago -- we brought him to the hospital two nights ago); chemotherapy was not an option for this kind of cancer. Euthanasia was the only humane thing to do - he was going downhill fast and would have suffered with each additional day. We have no regrets about our decision and our vet agreed that it was the best thing to do.

He died in my arms while my wife was petting him. He was purring all the way to the end; he died happy. We were able to spend a bit of time with him before he had the lethal injection, and he played with his favourite toy (a piece of silver string, of all things) and my wife fed him some shrimp (his favourite food). Even though his hind legs were limp he was happy to the end - he was never in agony. He lived a great life and died a good death. Sweetest cat I ever had the pleasure of knowing. He deserved another 10 years at least.

Thanks to everyone else who's posted their stories on here. It's a great help in coping with my loss. I was Spencer's 'alpha' and he loved me unconditionally, which makes this very hard. I am so glad I was there to hold him as he slipped away. He died among the people he loved the most. Now, the morning after, there's a huge gaping hole in our lives that will never be completely refilled. But we will eventually get another cat from a shelter. Not as a replacement, but to honour Spencer (who was a rescue) -- to share our love once again with little furry who deserves a better life.

tyme2shine Posted: Jun 05 '09,  3:02 pm           Reply
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Dear Friend

I'm so sorry for your lost. Honestly, i don't have the best suggestion for you but I'm praying that you can cope with it. Remember that your puppy also needs you and misses her. My cat Lester died last year and I didn't even have time to say good bye. He had blood cloth inside his artery and we didn't have an option than put him to sleep. It's better for him so he wouldn't be suffer. I cried and cried then I realized the my other cat Chester also stressed out. He got very lonely and started eating a lot to release his loneliness. I felt really bad for the live one, so I decided I need to move on and be tough for Chester. I gave him new brother and he loves him a lot. Now, they're inseparable siblings and I'm glad my new kitty Milo can cheers up our house once again.

Be tough...:) cus she is watching at you in Caven (Cat Heaven) Smile

girlcity Posted: Jun 10 '09,  11:22 am           Reply
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RE: My 18 year old cat is slipping away

I don't know if you're still on this site, but your post is so much my story. My cat Clair was 18 and a half and we just put her to sleep two days ago. She was slipping away at the end--still getting around, but her kidneys were failing quickly. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. The house seems so empty. We had a very deep connection. I'm so sorry for you. I know exactly how you feel.

tim101 Posted: Jun 17 '09,  6:44 pm           Reply
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my cat died today

i know what its like, my cat died today, he was given to me by my aunty who is dying of cancer, he had a problem with stomach chrystals, he couldnt eat or drink for the last few days and if you picked him up he would cry, i tried to leave him as still as possible, i had to pat him through a cage to say goodbye as my dad took him to the vet to put him out of his pain. the thing i have realised from this experience is that i have no faith in god what so ever. ir realised that becuase my little cat was in so much pain, he couldnt do anything, he seemed to realise he was going to die aswell. i loved him so much

judywh Posted: Jul 03 '09,  2:24 pm           Reply
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My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

Dear Friends,
My condolences to all of you that you posted on this page before me. It has helped me in my depression about suddenly losing 2 good friends in a row. I'm happy to hear that you all have as much love for your furry friends as I do and you feel as loved by them as I have. Not everyone understands...

On June 10th I had my good friend, Goblina, put to sleep. She was 17 years and I had nursed her through cancer since end March. She was a tabby with hugh double paws and was independent, but loving. She would run up to my car every day after work and greet me. I loved her dearly, but I still had Tony, whom I had adopted in February 2003.

Tony was a gorgeous long haired grey cat with the biggest green eyes you've ever seen. His whiskers were so long that every time he tried to great my dog, Rachel, she would have to back off from being tickled. When we first adopted Tony, at 1 1/2 years, he hid in our cold cellar, would not come up and was afraid of coming upstairs, He was afraid of his own shadow. He evolved so much after the past few years. He and I were in love. When I got down on the floor, he would come over, stand up, put his front paws around my head and kiss me. When he cuddled in bed, he would gently head butt my head 3 times, I would do his head 3 times and this would go on for hours. He purred SO loud that he often kept my husband awake. He had become my buddy, my friend. He gave me so much love and I always felt he was thanking me for taking him in. He'd been found on the street as a baby, before being taken to the shelter.

Well last Saturday I came home from my yoga class. This was 1 1/5 weeks after putting Goblina to sleep. I went looking for Tony. I found him dead on my bedroom floor. He had been to the vet 4 days earlier for shots and yearly check up, with a clean bill of health. Since then, I have been in shock, depressed and looking for answers. My mind and heart cannot process this. I miss our daily routines together. Friends and family are great, but they really don't understand. Tony and I had a special relationship. I think because he had been so needy.

I have adopted 2 new kitties. One is six months, from a shelter and one is six weeks from a private home. They are keeping me busy and I love them already, but I still have an deep ache in my heart. During quiet times, I cry. I have adopted 2 more as a tribute to the good friend that Goblina and Tony were, as much as a replacement. I know I will heal in time from this double whammy.

Tony and Goblina, I love you both forever. Mom

lorlin0110 Posted: Jul 26 '09,  9:00 pm           Reply
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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

The same exact thing happened to me today, too. I'm at a loss. How you described the time your beloved cat died was the exact way mine died. So, I don't really know what I can give you because I feel the same way. All I can say, is that my baby was loved and had a good life. The same as yours. My "Blue" was 11 years old and if I would have caught it in time, I may have been able to help him, so I have that on my head too. It's been so hot here, 111 degrees and they were all laying around (I have 6) so I didn't notice anything unusual until he came in and was so weak he couldn't move. My vet didn't open until Monday and it was Saturday and I tried to save him until then but he died in my arms Sunday morning. I will never forgive myself and my heart in broken. I feel for you. Lorraine

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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

Thanks to all who have posted before. It makes me not feel so alone.

My Corie died this evening. She was a smart and beautiful calico cat. She lived with us for 16 years.

She stopped eating and would get sick. The vet did blood tests etc and found nothing wrong. We coaxed her into eating and she would be better for a week or two, then she would stop eating again. This time, she became weak much faster and evidently her poor little body couldn't take anymore.

My son was away at college for a year and he got back just a few days ago. I think she was waiting for him. They grew up together. I'm glad they got to spend some time together before she had to go.

I miss her so much.

Someday we'll be together again, sitting in the sun, listening and watching the birds and the silly squirrels hanging upside down on the bird feeder.

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My sweet Mooshie died last night

I had to go online and make a forever mention , for a very special kitty. My Mooshie was almost 8 years old with a heart murmur. Last night, as I was preparing to dole out the treats (Mooshie was always there to remind me), I noticed Mooshie was not under foot. For the first time ever, he was NOT there. I called downstairs to hubby and asked if he had seen my Mooshie..He said no. I went to the top of the stairs and I could see Mooshie laying behind a chair. I called his name,,,,,he did NOT move...I knew he was gone...We buried him in the front yard.....I am sick with grief, I went to bed crying and 12 hours later I am still crying....Did he suffer?? Why didn't he come to me and let me know he was dying???? I am crying as I write this, I cant stand the thought of "he needed me and I wasnt there'.........hE was a very spoiled little fellow, only wanting to be fed by hand.....Mooshie was a beautiful flat nosed brown tabby persian with gorgeous long hair. His bright beautiful orange eyes was a picture to behold....I miss him so much. Why does it have to hurt so much....I miss you "my mooshie". mama will see you again. I am so crying and cant stop, for the love my little kitty buddie...I love you Mooshie, Daddy cried too. Dallas, Chance, Peaches and Mr jingles say good-by.

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My Mooshie died last night

My Mooshie used to sleep next to my head on the top of my pillow everynight when he was a baby. Then he developed a personality of profound 'don't touch me'... I have such a broken heart this morning, I can't even describe...When he was 1 yr old, I had back surgeries and was in bed for months. He was fed by hand and to this day expected the same. He's not on my bed this morning purring and scratching at my arm to feed him his breakfast......Chance, our yellow lab, was his buddy, as was Peaches, Dallas and Mr.Jingles, all long haired persians......I can't bare the pain, knowing he is gone.....He was sickly when he was younger, and I babied him so much...He was 'special' to me, and holds a special place in my breaking heart.....My husband buried him in a box, in the yard, but I feel we should have done more....What should we have done???? I dont know and now second guessing.....My heart is broken, and I still cant stop crying.....Why did he have to die???/ Mooshie , Mama loves you little buddy and wil never forget you. I hope to see you again.....I pray he didnt suffer, and I only wish he had let me know he was leaving, but he didnt...He just went downstairs and laid down and went to sleep forever...My heart is so broken...I love you,,,"My Mooshie"

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RE: My Mooshie died last night

Mooshie's mom,

I'm so sorry to hear about your little Mooshie. He sounds like such a sweet kitty.

I understand your sadness. It's sounds like he had a great happy life with you.

So hang in there.


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RE: My Mooshie died last night

Thank you ljays, for your kind words. Mooshie died Sunday nite, and I still can't believe my little buddy is gone. He was so beautiful...Now when the sun goes down, the rest of the kitties come for their treats, and I avoid letting them eat in "his" spot...Mooshie loved his treats...I look out on the yard to his grave and cry. I can't believe he is gone. I miss him so much, my eyes have been swollen all week. The others seem to know he is missing. Peaches has started to sleep in His favorite chair....My Mooshie is gone and I want him back....When will the pain subside?????? I have his pics everywhere so maybe I need to take down for a while....I dont know, I just know it hurts.... he is in the ground and not curled up in his chair, and it breaks my heart

mooshiesmom Posted: Aug 05 '09,  7:57 pm           Reply
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RE: My Mooshie died last night

Please forgive, ljays.....I just went up the page and noticed your LOSS. I am so sorry for being so selfish...I am consumed with grief for my little buddy..I just wished Mooshie had let me know he wasnt well. I may have been able to save him by taking him to the vet....All day Sunday, I stayed on line and watching old movies and not even aware he was downstairs dying...I feel so guilty not being there for him, when he needed me the most...I so pray he didnt suffer. Out of all 4 of my kitties, Mooshie was my fav, as well as he was much to himself...He came to me for treats and feedings everyday, and he didnt Sunday, and I didnt search him out....If I had of maybe he would still be here....Maybe he would be still suffering, I must(I know) believe that the Lord took him quick. For my sanity I must believe this.........Again, I am so sorry to hear of your kitty..

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RE: My Mooshie died last night

No need for apologies. I saw myself in your post and know we are experiencing the same kind of grief. It helps to know other people understand. I know that there are plenty of other people who think "big deal, it's just a cat." But you know as well as I our babies are not just any cats and this hit me harder than I ever imagined it would. I find myself looking out the window at her grave a lot. I really don't know what I expect to see. I keep thinking I need to feed her or watch out for her underfoot, or expect her to jump in my chair... but she is not there.
Based on reading posts on this message board I think that guilt is something we all feel. I think it is probably normal to think of what you could of/should of done (I have been doing that.)
I was thinking about Mooshie and you know Mooshie was in your home with you, so he was not alone. He knew you were there. So though I know you feel bad that you weren't right by his side, I'm positive he knew his family was close by.
Being with Corie was hard. I sat with Corie while her little body shutdown. It was not pleasant, particularly quick and there was nothing to do but wait. I think she was unaware of me even being there towards the very end. I just played bird and outdoor sounds and music and just kept things quiet and calm (I didn't feel too calm.)
Getting out of the house and going to work has helped me not dwell on missing her as much. However, being at home is harder. I'm thinking it just takes a long time to stop feeling so sad.
So write when you feel like it. Tell me something funny you used to do with Mooshie. I'll do the same with Corie on another day. Take care.

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My cat just died

My cat mazie just died yesterday i woke up and some people had found her in the middle of the road she was limping.
i took her inside and placed her on the fireplace where she sat and slept in comfort she then jumped down and rolled on the floor i made some calls while staying by her side and the whole family came home for the day as she slowly sucumbed to a stroke i made the heartbreaking decision not to take her to the vets (as she were 15) and slowly the only thing that kept me content died i was as sad as i have ever felt she died just after lunchtime just as my mum got home.

i found in the day after she had passed that burying the cat might be a good idea then you can pay resets daily,weekly,monthly,yearly that helped me.

also keeping a small lump of thier hiar might provide a phisical memory of the cat
and looking at posts similar to this helps in the fact you are not alone
after a while getting another will help


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My Salem died two days ago!

I lost my Salem two days ago. I am so sad, I can't stop crying, it is so painful! I am so heart broken. I don't understand why, why my Salem had to die. It came all sudden, I miss him so much! I want him back! He was the greatest cat, he was so lovable and sweet, he just brought joy into our live. It's so hard on me, I think I can't deal with the grief.
Salem just went over the bridge and one day we will be together again!
My thoughts go to all of you who lost your best friends!

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So sorry for your loss. Losing a pet of any kind can be torture. It is really no different then losing a family member for most. I had a tortoises that had been in my family for 109 years passed down to me when I was 6 and she died just last year. Tortoise or not she was more than a pet. She was family. Your cat meant a lot to you I can see. You'll never forget your cat, or this tragic time. However, with time and patience you will see that you will begin to heal. And soon she will be a happy memory when you think of her and not a sad one. I wish you all the best of luck.


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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

the same thing happened with my cat.... i had her since i was 4 years old, and now 15 years later she passed away while i was away on holiday, my mother took her to the vet when she saw her looking ready to let go lying in the shower the night before i came back home.
the really screwed up thing is that i was supposed to be back on the 31st, but the boat was full, so i had to come back a day later. the evening i came back she had already passed away at the vet... im so upset i dont know what to do... i loved my cat sox soooo much.... she was like another sibling of mine... i grew up with her.... having moved around australia and then to europe we always took her with us so she was one of the only actual stable things in my life.... this is so bad.... she was just fine before i left..... :'( i cant believe i wasnt there for her, and the worst thought is that she died in the vet, with noone there around her.... im so sad....

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RE: my kity angel...

hi everybody.

i lost my baby on 15/09/2009. I still cant believe it as i'm writing this, tears pouring down. He was 8, i was in love with him and i knew he felt the same way. He was hit by a car around 6 in the morning, i heart later about the accident from the security in our building. His body was taken away.So didnt see my baby's dead body.I can fill pages about my feelings , they re so intense. I cried so much my eyes are hurt. Cursing the driver, cursing myself that i let him go out ,then thinking he was impossible to be locked up and would be very unhappy if i did so. One thing that soothes me dying wont be bad experience for me anymore , hoping we will meet somewhere.If i am by him any place is heaven to me. The creature i loved most dearly on this world .Unconditional, pure love. It was so real.Everything seems gray now, even sunny sky or bright green trees, cos my Bully wont see them anymore. I can fill pages and pages about him. God help us all to carry on with our lives and let us meet wth them afterlife. Love you all.

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My Tiggy Gone

Tiggy was 18, we found her and her sister as a stray.She was a perfect kitty, never snarled or fought, was very humble and sweet.She would sleep at my wife's head and in my lap. She liked to lay in the window,too.
Then she got renal failure. We wound up forcing meds down her throat 5 times a day and giving her IVs twice a day with a big needle. She hated it and her little body shrank down to 4 1/2 pounds leaving no room for the needle in her paper-thin scared skin.
We decided to let her go and took her to the vet to be put down. She cried all the way,,, as did we.As he was injecting the poison I was kissing her head again and again saying "papa loves you tiggy,,,papa loves you tiggy" till her eves went black and she was gone.

Its been 4 days and we are still lost in grief. I speak to her in the kitchen where she stayed and I get down on the floor over her bed and love on her. I just cry,,, my heart it broken.

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A deep loss

My orange stripey cat named Juno died in my arms as I stood on the curb in an unfamiliar city this morning. The vet who didn't know her was kind and said not to blame myself-- it is impossible to say if the move had anything to do with my baby's death.

I can't stop crying. Oh my God, I wouldn't have moved from NYC to California if I would have known. I'm so sorry Juno. I'm so sorry. Oh my God, I'm so sorry.

It hurts so bad. I don't even know who to tell-- I want someone to understand, to miss her with me, to understand my loss. I just want my pain to be validated... I found to forum, I read every post and cried harder. But it helps, I'm not crazy! Love and loss are real, she wasn't "just a cat". She loved me, she watched over me and made the world not as lonely.
I love you Juno.

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My little boy

I lost my little boy Indy today. He was only 8, but when his brother,Scout,died of a genetic heart condition two years ago, I had a feeling my other little boy, Indy, wouldn't be around to see his golden years. I spoiled him rotten and never took a single day for granted. I loved him so much and had such a deep connection to him that a huge part of me died with him today.

I am relieved that it was quick and that he didn't suffer like his brother did. My kitty and I were playing - he jumped off the windowsill, had a heart attack and was gone within 30 seconds - died with our eyes locked together. I loved him more than words can say.

I can't imagine recovering from this. Reading all your posts has helped. I know my little boy is in a safe, happy place now and that I gave him the best life I possibly could while he blessed my life with his presence.

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My sweet Cookie

My 16-year-old Siamese kitty passed away in my arms yesterday morning. I can't stop crying. I am completely broken-hearted. She wasn't feeling well last weekend, so I took her to the vet on Monday. She had an infection of some kind, so the vet wanted to keep her for anti-biotics and iv fluids. She stayed there for two nights. Her white-cell count was going down, so I thought she might be ok. We brought her home with her medicine on Wednesday night. I held her and fed her kitten formula from a dropper to help her regain her strength. I had nursed her back to health after a scare in '07. But she was so weak and had lost control of her bodily functions. She was purring as I held her on Wednesday night. I thought about staying with her that night but did not and now I am wracked with grief over that decision. I wish I had stayed with her. But I made a bed of warm towels for her and let her rest. On Thursday morning, I got up and checked on her. As I bent down to pet her and talk to her, she tried to move herself closer to me. I got her medicine and formula ready, wrapped her in another nice warm towel, and held her close to me like I held my children. She ate a little for me, then refused. She growled a bit - I think she was in pain and I am so upset about that. I held her close; my son and daughter were with us. Then she went limp and she was gone. I am so glad she waited to go until I could be with her and hold her and love her at the end, but I was completely unprepared emotionally for it. I knew she probably didn't have much time left, but I didn't think she would go so soon. I miss her so much. I can't stop crying. Why does it have to hurt so much? How long will this pain last? Her twin sister (they were litter-mates) is wandering the house yowling for her. I don't think I can bear this again. Thank you all so much for listening to me; I feel like you all will understand. Cookie was a wonderful, beautiful seal-point Siamese with a great personality. I got her and her sister when they were 6 weeks old; I've had them longer than I've had my husband! I just don't know what to do. Being at home is so hard; everywhere I look I see memories of her. I thank God for my time with her and I know I'll see her again one day.

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Lost Freddy

I've read a few of these sad stories on this post and I wish I could say I feel better, but I don't. My Freddy was so special to me in a way that words won't describe. But unlike most of the others out there, I'm not a cat lover. I grew up with dogs and I love dogs. Cats bother me when they run away as I get close or always stay at arms reach when I want to pet them. Just iritating. So Freddy was just another annoying feral cat to me when he first started to come by my house and hang around my porch. I used to shoo him away before I realized he would actually approach me and rub against me. If I pet him, he would purr and show so much affection. Wow! How could this be a feral cat? I have not had much affection in my life, rather a lot of emotional pain. I'm a lonely middle-aged man with a small, love-challenged family, so I did not trust the affection I got from Freddy at first. I thought he wanted food, but every time I tried to feed him he refused. Unlike any other cat I have ever seen, he actually befriended people and other cats alike. He could get along with both. I admired him so much for that. I have a cold heart, but I am not stupid and I know true love and admirable qualities when I see it in any living being. Freddy was unconditionally open and affectionate. He was more than I have ever been and only what I could aspire to be, in that way. As time went on he came to me more and more and I grew to admire and adore him further--I "loved" him. He lived outside and would come running when I opened my door. All he ever wanted was to come inside and be near me and he always knew when to leave. We had a bond that grew over time. When I wanted to see him or when he wanted to see me, he would be there...but never too much. My cold heart began to thaw in a way I have never felt before. He followed me once to my car which was more than a block away because only I wanted him to come and because he trusted me. I never "owned" him (the lady across the street fed him with all the other feral cats) but I cared about him and wanted to take care of him in a way that was foreign to me. I helped him and worried about him. When there was construction on our street and big trucks, I carried him home to my neighbor. I took him to the vet (the first time I ever took any animal to the vet). He was not like any other animal or human to me. I could rub his tummy like a dog and hold him for 5 minutes and he would not want to be put down. He would actually spread his front legs and literally "hug" me, with his chest against mine as he rubbed his head against my chin. Other people were very surprised when they saw that. All of this showed me a love I didn't know I could feel. My tenant said "oh, you do have a soft spot" when she saw us together. This was no ordinary cat! I was astonished at the affection and trust and intuitive connection we had. We loved each other...simple as that. He was there when my world was falling apart and no one was there to support me. I used to look at his face and his little legs and just think how beautiful he was as I touched them both...and he loved it. I adored him as a being so he looked beautiful to me. But the lesson was just beginning before it ended abruptly. It was only a few months since we met and the world has become scary and cold again. I've cried for two days. Freddy, where are you!? I love you?! I want to feel you again!!! Oh my God..I cannot believe you're gone

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pooky passed away

My cat Pooky was my bundle of joy. I would look forward to coming home to play with her, and groom her. On cold evenings, she enjoyed sitting on my chest. I would often fall asleep watching TV because I didnt want to disturb her by getting up. I came across Pooky in the most unusual way. I lived in an apartment complex and used to leave catfood for some neighborhood racoons. Soon, there was a cat eating this stuff. This cat would actually wait for my to come with the food every evening. Soon, she would sidle up to me, and she was so pretty, how could I ignore her.
One day, my girlfriend, who I would take along to meet this interesting cat, had had enough. She decided to catch it and bring it home for me. The rest is history. What a marvellous cat! She loved me like only a pet could. And, I loved her too. Last night, Pooky somehow got into the neighbors yard, the neighbor who has four dogs. She didnt come back, and I searched all night and all day today. When the neighbor finally let me into her backyard, I found my beloved Pooky dead on the ground. Oh my god, I was supposed to be her guardian, and I failed in my duty.
And, my Pooky is gone. i hoep to meet her again someday and spend the eternity with her.

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I lost my best friend

My Cassie-girl died on Tuesday after losing a battle with cancer. I was there until the end, truly the most painful thing I have ever endured in all my life. I just kept telling her it was going to be ok, but of course it wasn't, and just like the poster before me I felt like I had failed her. Wasn't there something else I could have done? What if I had noticed her symptoms sooner? Is there anything I could have done to prevent this?

I had my precious girl for 10 years, ever since she was a kitten. She was the greatest pet I can imagine, and she really was my best friend. I miss her so much and the pain I feel is almost unbearable.

If there is a God then I pray for two things. First, that my baby is safe. Second, that I will see her again someday.

jamcg Posted: Jan 09 '10,  5:21 am           Reply
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Post: 247325

I too lost my beloved 16 1/2 year old Abyssinian "Baby" this week with no fore warning. She meowed oddly, let out 2 long breaths and she was gone. I am in shock that she is no longer here and my heart is broken..... I am saddened that I did not take more pictures of her as photos are very comforting to me now.

The "ghost" of her is everywhere in my house....I would give anything for one more sighting, to feed her treats, to feel the swish of her tail or receive a head butt, have her take a nap on my chest, hear her purr or snore, watch her sleep, catch her hiding under the sheets, feel her soft bunny like fur.

I never had a cat before and had no idea how cool, playful and loving they can be. Thank you Baby for being the sweetest cat ever.

Many of us shared the same sudden loss of a beloved cat and I thank you for your posts. Talking through our grief is helpful. Gather up any photos that you have, share your stories, write down your memories.....cry, find someone to share this with, whatever works for you. You had the good fortune to share your time with a wonderful animal - celebrate their memory.

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I miss you Tom

It's been five months, but still grieving. I move his box of ashes around to his favorite places from time to time. I have given instructions to mix his ashes with mine when I go. My only hope is that there really is an afterlife and that we'll meet again. I think there is. Thanks for all the great stories.

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Cat Passing Away

My cat of 7 years passed away February 4. Just got sick January 21, throwing up. He stopped that and I waited for him to get better but he didn't. He refused to eat or drink and hid in dark places. Took him to the vet and we thought he ate something bad and maybe got pancreatitis. So he was given IV for dehydration and an antibiotic. We even gave him a couple of IV's for fluid at home. He still refused to eat or drink. Tried to force him but he just didn't get enough, or something else was wrong with him (liver?) Anyway, I am deeply at a loss. Miss him every day and wonder what should I have done? I didn't do enough.

kitkat221 Posted: Feb 23 '10,  6:47 am (Updated: Feb 24 '10,  1:31 pm)           Reply
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I lost my cat on sunday 2/21

I feel so bad that he is no longer her and i wont see him ever walk the house again.
I woke up like any other normal day and pet my kitty when i notice his eye was a little pink, I thought nothing of it just thought maybe he got something in his eye and it will go away.
well it did not the next day he had the same thing but still thought maybe it will still go away t.
then the following day it had got worst but when i notice it was 2 late to take him to the vet and as the night came he grew weaker and was not him self , he would not eat or drink and looked as he only wanted to sleep, I would bring him his water for him to drink and he would get so tired after drinking he would just lay in his water dish , I knew then something was really wrong and i said to my self tomorrow early i will take him to the vet.
the whole night i just watched him try to find a comfy way to lay and he would not close his eyes just lay.

The next morning i took him to the vet which he said that my kitty looked very bad and was very dehydrated and i could tell so he said to leave him there and they where going to run some test to find out what was wrong, He said he thought he had anemia aids and that if he did most likely a cat that was infected bite him and that how he got it.

the doc told me to call around 12 the next morning , the next morning came and i could not wait past 10am so i called at 10 just to see how my kitty was doing just to get the sad reply of I'm really sorry but kitkat didn't make it trough the night i was divested i had just left him there yesterday and he was alive , and now they tell me he had past and most likely in the night because he was pretty stiff.

I cried and cried i could not believe i didn't get to say goodbye and that he had died , I really believe the IV and antibiotics would work and little by little he would get better but this was not so.

It hurt so much and i try to keep my mind off thinking it but when i do i just burst out in tears , It is so quite and lonely with out him here and no more rubbing on my leg, no more sleeping on my head or at my feet, no more nothing, and in all this he was so young he was only 1 year and 5 months i feel like i have lost a child and the worst part is that 2 years ago this month February i lost my other cat of 16 years and now this.

I feel so unlucky!

I feel a little better now that i know my kitty died on cancer i also wish there was more i could have done for him but the doc said there was nothing i could have done it was his time But i feel bad he died so young he was still a baby at only 1 year and 5 months.

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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

i think i know how most people here feel because yesterday my cat casper died i've known him since i waas a week old and i loved him more than anything and he was my best friend he loved to sit on my chest and sleep at night also if i was playing a game he would press button =D to try and play because yesterday he couldn't walk he was falling on he side so we took him to the V.E.T'S they said his kidneys were failing so they tryied help him by insterting a drop or somthing but just a second before they could he dropped and just passes=( i still am crying

R.I.P casper and all the other cats who have passed

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an unbearable loss

hello, i have been reading these threads as i too lost my beloved baby this week.
in a way it is nice to know that there are people out there who understand the pain and sorrow i am going through. at the same time it is awful that so many know the suffering of losing a cat, and i am truly sorry for all of u. i have never been so sad, or devastated i keep thinking this cant be happening and breakdown and cry every so often.
he was taken in such a cruel way, i curse all the careless drivers out there, who hit our beloved pets and dont even think to stop and try to find out whose lives they have ruined. its disgusting and as awful as this sounds at points i wish for them to suffer like i am suffering now, for that careless idiot to also lose someone he or she loves unconditionally in an equally terrible way.
my baby boy was the sweetest little thing in the world. a complete individual, iv never had a cat like him. my partner and i bought him when we moved in together and now i want to leave my flat as soon as possible, i cant stand all the reminders, they make my heart physically ache.
i feel so guilty, i wonder if i should have stopped him from going outside that day, what would have happened if i had taken the day off work, if i had called him in for food sooner, would none of this have happened. i feel as though i failed him, i was his mummy and i couldnt protect him well enough. if there is a god i am so angry that he took my baby away, but i pray every nite that he is safe and happy and that i will see him again one day.
Rest in peace my baby bear.

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Chase my Goo Goo is gone

Today is one of the worst day's in mine and my wifes life,Our little chase that we adopted almost twelve years ago suddenly became very ill last Friday and she lost her battle just yesterday and we were faced with the decision that she had to be put to sleep.It was only yesterday but we miss her so much,She was such an important part of our family and this devastating loss has changed our happy home (that we share with our two children and 5 other very young cats)into a very sad place to be,Everywhere we look in our house makes us cry especially the living room where she would lay in the sunlight.It's just so hard to believe she was playing with the kittens just last week full of life and now she's gone.Our hearts are so broken,I can't write anymore now.LOVE YOU CHASE...Love Mommy,Daddy,Alex and Ethan....R.I.P. our little angel.

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I miss my cat

It's been less than 12 hours since my cat had to be put to sleep and I miss him greatly. I still think he will walk around the corner and jump onto my lap. God I miss my cat...

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God it hurts so much doesn't it?

I am crying reading these threads, all the way back to 2007. I typed into Google, "my cat died..." and then clicked on this. My cat Dash, was the love of my life. I had him for 16 years, just like others describe, so special, he was always there with me, in every room, loved affection, loved his tummy kissed, loved me more than anything. On February 16th, we took him to the vet because he had a cold. We came to find out he had severe heart disease on this day (nothing to do with the cold). He had a horrible arrythmia, and there was a small clot forming, and his heart was severely enlarged. Dash had never acted differently, but the one thing I noticed was he lost some weight, which I attributed to his age, and we had recently moved. We began treating him with Plavix and a beta blocker for the heart arrythmia and he responded so well. The clot that they saw on the ultrasound was gone. I was so grateful and excited!I thought we did it! Dash will live for at least another few years, he was such a happy, loving angel. On Tuesday morning of this week I was getting ready for work. I picked him up and kissed him, told him I love him like I do every minute of the day since he was a baby, then he ran to go play on tissue paper he loves with his sister. I left the room for three minutes to take my vitamins and came back around the corner to feed him and take him into the bathroom with me while I showered (daily routine). There Dash was, laying on his side, taking his last breaths. I just knew he was dying, right then, right there. I was so afraid but I wanted to just love him. His breaths were so strained and far in between one another. I quickly grabbed my cell phone and told my husband to come home that Dash was dying. I got on the floor with him and kissed his stomach and pet him while I kept repeating, I love you so much Dash, I love you so much Dash, God, please take my baby quickly, please take him quickly. It all seemed so fast and Dash died in a matter of minutes. I layed on the floor with him for hours crying and telling him how much I loved him even though I knew he was dead. God, I never though I would say the words, "Dash died." I keep telling people and I hate saying those words so much. I never imagined my life without him and now I am forced to face this agony. I can't imagine ever being happy again or feeling whole. How does this all work? My two other kitties who are 14 and 11, are doing okay, one seems to miss him more than the other. I am telling them it is okay baby, but thinking, God, no it is not okay! This isn't not okay!!! I am so sad. I am grateful that I was able to be with him when he passed, something I always hoped for, but like someone else said, I can't get the image of him laying on the floor dying out of my head. I can't stop crying and I haven't eaten hardly anything in three days. I want him back so much. I had a dream about him last night and the night before, but you know that feeling when you wake up and you just wish it was all a nightmare and there they would be? God, I love him more than I have ever loved anyone. We just had a special bond and I hope my baby can somehow come to visit me. I am devastated. Thank you to everyone reading this and to those who have posted. I felt just the smallest amount better knowing I am not alone, because I have never felt so alone in my life. I am thinking of all of you who have lost your babies. I am sorry for them and us.

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It have been 4 days since I have seen my cat.I love her soo much and I dnt what I will do.I am so desperate.I WANT MY CAT BAck QQ

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RE: God it hurts so much doesn't it?

dear rebunka,
I felt i had to reply as i could feel the pain in ur message and i am truly sorry for ur loss. as u can read above, i lost my baby a month ago today. it still hurts and i cried myself to sleep every night for the first 18days. i dream of him all the time and in my dreams i no its not real but i hope n pray that it is n that he has come home, until suddenly im awake and all i want to do is be asleep and with him again. but things r slowly getting better, there isn't a quick fix, and some nights i still cry and cry until i exhaust myself.. i think it will always hurt but please know it gets bearable.
for the past month i have tried to do things right by him, i planted a beautiful climbing plant where he now lies, with a lovely trellis that i no he would clamber up if he was here. i found it helps as i can go n sit by it when i really miss him. some of u may think im crazy but i also got a small tattoo that reminds me of him, so he will be with me always. its my first and only tattoo but i needed to do it for him and me. he was meant to be with me forever so now i feel at least in a small way he always will be. im not suggesting that u do that ofcourse but the only things that helped me werent people saying "it will get better...etc" but positive acts to make sure a part of him lives on, and creating tangible things that i can look at/touch when i miss him.
They may be gone but we will never forget them and they will always always have a special place in our hearts.
I hope this helps. Please know my thoughts are with you, and everyone else here.

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Very Sad 10

Hi Very Sad, Thank you so much for caring and replying. I am truly sorry about your baby, bear. I know growing up, we lost a few beloved cats when they were hit by a car. My mom remembers very vividly that a man stopped one time and told her he didn't think the cat would cross the street so he didn't slow down. I know that feeling of guilt, you think maybe you shouldn't have let them out, what if you had not let them out that particular time or day. I know some people don't let their cats out and others do. I think that is a personal choice and some cats would be miserable being pent up in the house. I have three, well I had three, and I can't say had still. Dash, CK and Jasmine. Dash is my love that I just lost. CK likes to go outside and Jasmine was like Dash, she likes to go in the backyard but not over the fence, unlike CK. I always hope nothing happens to her, but she loves being outside and keeping her in depresses her. I am so sorry that your love was hit by a car. That is so awful, traumatic and a terrible thing to have happen. I really appreciate you telling me it does get a bit easier. It was my first weekend without my Dash. I seemed to do a bit better on Friday night, because I thought Dash tried to communicate with me. I know it sounds dumb to some people, but I has pulled up in the garage after work and started sobbing in the car before coming into the house (knowing he wasn't going to be there). I finally pulled myself together before seeing my other babies. As I was walking to the garage door, a video started playing on my cell phone inside of my handbag. I didn't know what it was at first and I stopped in my tracks. It was a video of Dash and me. I started crying all over again because I felt like he was telling me he was here. It takes a lot of buttons to make a video play on my phone and it NEVER HAPPENS on its own, so I do believe he was connecting with me. Well I started feeling awful again when I woke up on Saturday and then again today, crying all day. I got into bed around 2 in the afternoon because I just want to be alone. I think it is sweet you are planting where your bear lays. I am trying to take some control right now too. I am having Dash cremated and found some cremation jewelry you can wear online. You could buy something like that and put something in it, even if it isn't ashes, something that reminds you of your beautiful baby so you can keep it close to you. I think I am going to get a ring and a bracelet. I never even knew these things existed before this. Thank you for thinking of me and I too, am thinking of you. I am truly, truly sorry for the loss of your sweet kitty.

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Missing Zoe

On March 8, 2008 I had to put my beloved Kitty Kitty to sleep. I decided I would never put myself in the position of being so terribly hurt again, but 2 months later I awoke after Mother's Day and said "I'm tired of having this huge hole where my heart used to be." I went right to the Humane Society and found a terrified little stray named Zoe, and brought her home 2 days later.

What an utter joy! She was like having a preschooler around the house. She made us laugh every day, and she never missed a chance to sit in my lap. Most nights she slept tucked behind my knees.

She had been throwing up last weekend so I took her to the vet yesterday. An xray showed she had stomach cancer! The vet said it was beyond treatment and besides, my philosophy is not to extend a pet's life if it means they're going to be unhappy and miserable. So today I had her put to sleep.

God bless the vet who came to my house so she could die in my arms in the chair where we took our naps together. She was with us less than 2 years. This seems so cruel and unfair, but then life isn't fair, is it?

I don't know if I will open my heart to this again. I am devastated. I try to remember that eventually I stopped crying every day over Kitty Kitty. One thing I did which helped was to rearrange my house so that there were fewer opportunities to be clobbered by a "habit."

My condolences to everybody here, because if you're reading this it is because you have suffered a loss, and probably found this thread by googling "cat died today." As others have said, it helps just to know that others are grieving for their babies.

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18 years old - Died this morning

I often speculate about Life and Death.

Our beautiful Mowgli died this morning; he was 18 years, 8 months old. A Gray Tabby (with a bit of Siamese), we had him from a kitten.

I want to believe that when we die we are reborn, and if we were good people, our next life will be even better.

Mowgli must have been wonderful in his past life, for he had a life any cat would dream of. He had his own home, a yard to play in, and a family that adored him. He was loved every minute, and he returned that love with every fiber of his being. This morning he died, on his own, surrounded by his family.

He is horribly missed.

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Kaylee is gone

Last year, I had to put my 18-year-old kitty Chloe to sleep. Her liver damage had gotten too bad, and she had stopped eating or drinking. That was terribly hard, but it was a conscious choice, and she had been with me a long time.

I soon got another kitten, who I named Kaylee. She was a goofy, playful kitty, and grew to be a happy, loving girl. About 10 days ago, she started showing signs of lethargy. That's all. She slept more than usual. It seemed to get a little more concerning after a couple days, so we took her to the vet. The vet gave us some medicine, which didn't seem to do much, so we took her back. She stayed with the vet for two days on an IV, and after an x-ray, the vet said that liquid had accumulated around her lungs, making it hard for her to breathe. He gave her some strong antibiotics, and said he was hopeful.

She seemed better this morning, so the vet sent her home with us. Tonight, her breathing suddenly became very labored, and within a few hours, she had died in my arms. Letting Chloe go was hard, but it was expected and made sense. This ... especially since she was barely a year old .. and that it happened when I was right there with her ... it hurts so much. Oh man, is this hard. I miss her so much, and I keep wondering if there was anything more I could have done.

Goodbye, my dear Kaylee. I promise, I'll be looking for you and hold you tightly again when we finally meet on the other side of the bridge.

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I understand how you miss Kaylee.

My family misses Mowgli so much they are willing to adopt any cat they see at our local shelter.

As much as those cats are deserving, our Moe has only been dead three days - we don't even have his ashes back.

I keep telling them our dear Mowgli was so special - you can't expect to replace him so easily.

In the meantime we are buying new cat bowls, toys, litter box, etc. I want our home to be perfectly outfitted when we discover a new friend !

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My beloved Oscar

I lost my cat of 16 years on April 16th. I miss him terribly! Oscar always stayed around the house, he never wondered. Over the last several weeks he went missing, not returning for several days. I was a mess, and frantically went searching the neighborhood until way after dark. Finally, on both occasions he returned to us. Oscar seemed to be doing well, his normal kitty self. He did seem to us to have lost a little weight. The week of his death, I had noticed he had not been eating very much. I had even set out a can of tuna, he never touched it. That is when it all seemed to go down hill. He was not eating or drinking, laying around motionless for days. I did not take him to the vet in fear of what I was going to be told. His last few days we held him tight and loved him so much. I had taken off the day that he had passed, due to illness myself. Spent the morning with him on my lap. I decided to take him out for some fresh air, because that really is where he loved to be, outside. Within minutes my sweet little cat was gone. As he lay there gasping for his last breath and me sobbing uncontrollably. I told him that everything would be o.k. and how much I loved him. It was the hardest thing that I had ever gone through. God knew that I was to be home that day, and although it hurts to have seen him laying there helpless. I am thankful that I was there as he was passing. I would have felt so much guilt knowing that he would have died by himself. Those moments still haunt me. How could he be gone? Why did he have to go? I hope that he knew how much joy he had given our family. I miss him so very much! I have this empty feeling that will just not go away. It kills me to see where he used to sleep, or those little meow cries that I would hear at the door. Oscar if you only knew how much you were loved and how much you are missed. The kids miss you dearly, and it has been tough on them. Our precious Oscar I know that you are no longer suffering and you held on as long as you could. Oh, and Oscar your little stray buddy, "Smokey 2" has been here looking for you. I can tell he misses you just as much as we do. Yesterday, he lay right beside your resting place and your little cozy corner. We pray that you are at peace Oscar (kitty, kitty)and we look forward to meeting again.

Our love always!

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Beloved Oscar

You are very, very lucky - as was I.

My Moe died in my arms last week, as your Oscar did. We both were blessed to accompany our good friends in their final minutes.

My heart is with those whose cat simply disappears, or those who pets meet death by car or incident.

Those people may never have closure. They will always wonder where their friend is, or may be wracked with guilt at letting their pal play outside that last day.

The only comfort I can offer is there WILL be a day when memories of our friends will bring smiles instead of tears.

(and be ready to share your love again - there are so many deserving animals who yearn for it)

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RE: Beloved Oscar

I am so sorry to hear about Moe. It is the hardest thing to see your pet pass. They bring such joy to our lives and all they ask for in return is love. I miss my Oscar to very much. I still look outside to see if he is waiting for me. It has become a little easier this week, but I still think of him daily. I pray that your heart heals, and that God will ease our pain.

We will always love you Oscar! Miss you bunches!

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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

My cat (Shadow) was about to turn 17 in June. He was named Shadow because when he was 8 weeks old he followed my feet everywhere. Although he was old and I had fed him Purina Cat chow for about 16 years, he developed and enlarged hard stomach and urinated frequently. He also was having problems chewing the food and would swallow it whole. I found on a message board that Cats can get feline diabetes but continue to live with it. So after reading on the internet I read people saying to give Cats canned food as it has more protein and was better for them. I switched him to Fancy Feast.

After a couple of months with the Fancy Feast he lost his enlarged stomach and quit urinating as much...but he also lost some weight and became more bony in appearance (older looking). But Shadow became more lively and even chased and caught a lizard to all of our surprise a couple of weeks ago. He always let me know when he was hungry and the little Fancy Feast cans were not cutting it. While shopping for cat food I found the 5.5 oz cans of Western Family cat food in the flavors he liked. I gave him 1/2 can in the a.m. and the other 1/2 in the p.m. After 2 weeks he became lethargic and didn't make it out of his basket to the cat box. I also observed on one occasion while eating that after taking a bite he would bat at his mouth with both paws like it was burning him..but he kept eating the food so I didn't think much about it.

I was moving on Saturday and was back and forth and noticed him being really sick..vomiting and his tongue was hanging out. While I was away from him something told me to go to him and I did. I wrapped him in a towel and held him. After about an hour I took him to my new house. He was purring every time I touched him like he always did. He was having trouble breathing and some uncontrolled single convulsions. After being comforted by my wife while I was holding him at our new house, he took a final long gasp and died. He waited to see both of us at our new house before dieing. I can't even believe that he waited for us to die.

I also can't help but wonder if the food poisoned him some how? I am hoping that my changing his diet didn't result in his death but suspect that it did. Sorry for you loss.

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"Kitty" passed away

I'm not sure why I am dealing with the dead of our family cat so poorly.

"Kitty" died yesterday. He was almost 17 (1993-2010). I found this site to help find some comfort. I really am OK, but just a bit down. He was a good friend. He'd often jump up in the chair and nap with me. He'd beg for treats. He always knew I would cave.

His health has been declining. He hadn't been able to even walk for two days, let alone up the stairs. But yesterday, they found him half way up the stairs, like he was trying to get to his old favorite hiding spot. It was like he knew he was going to die and wanted to wait for someone. I wasn't home, but my brother spent the last hour with him and pet him as he breathed slowly. My brothers and I took him up to the farm to bury him last night.

He liked to be around people. He was a very friendly little guy. I'll never forget him.

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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

my cat named kitty died 2 days ago on june 4 2010. we dont know why he died but he suffered a lot during his last couple hours. the day before he died on june 3 he came in to the house but he wasnt walking normal.us he was walking like if he was drunked. he threw up like 3 times. he didnt want to eat or drink water. he went to a corner and hid there. i put him on his bed and put his food and water next to him becausse we were gonna go out. he looked very tire.us when we came back i opened the door to see how he was doing i looked at his bed and he wasnt there but i heard him like meowing hard and with pain. i looked at him and saw him laying down on his side and he was having like some strong attacks. i picked him up and started calling his name so that he could come down. i knew that this was going to be his last day. i put him down on the floor whith his attack. when my sister saw him she started crying. i also started crying and still am. he then calmed down for a little but started breathing super hard. he started having an attack again but then he would calm down. then he would stretch his feet and open his mouth my sister and i were the whole time with him crying. i would pet him so that he could calm down but he wouldnt. he would stare right at my eyes with pain like if he was saying ďplease kill meĒ ididnt want him to go put i knew there was nothing else to do. he had his attacks for like 30 minutes to like about an hour every time he would breath out white stuff like foam would come out of his mouth. later my mom told me and my sister to leave him there because he couldnt die because we were with him my sister and i went to our room crying and sad. like 5 minutes later my dad went back to check on kitty. i heard my dad calling his name like 5 times then he knocked on my room and opened the door and he said ďits overĒ i went over to see him and i saw that he was dead i started petting him and then picked him up a little then i started crying even more. my dad left and came back with a box to put him there i grabbed him and put him down on the box. then my sister cams and started crying. it hurt my sister more because she bought him with her own money. he was only 3 years old and was turning 4 this month my sister bought him when he was only 1 week old but now hes gone he diec around 11:40 pm june 4th my sister and stayed with him for like 20 minutes and cried we buried him yesterday june 5 around 11 pm in our backyard. i will always remember the good times we had. there are many things i wished i would of done with him and many things i would done to him. i feel very sorry and i wish he could forgive me. i know that he is in a better place but i also know that someday we will meet again. rest i peace we will always love you and remember you. rest in peace KITTY 2006-2010

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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

My kitty orange died today July 1, 2010. He was only 1 1/2 months It happens so sudden. He was only playing and running all day like a healthy kitty. But one day he suddenly feels strange and stops eating and getting milk from her mother. I want to bring him up to the vet. but I'm too busy with my school because i have a night class. So when I'm home I'm trying to feed him up but he doesn't want to eat anymore or drink milk. At first i think it was just an ill that only a day or two he will regain his strength but he became to skinny now so the day before he dies I rush him to the vet but i was to late too do that. The vet says that he is in coma state now and just waiting to let go. I was so sad bringing him back to our house. I sit up and stare with him thinking what i can do but the vet says there nothing anymore so I just stare with him and said I'm sorry I love you so much orange. before he dies he wags his tail to me and stares to me and then he passes. Their mother knows that 1 kitty is missing so she kept calling him. I think it was my fault but I really really love them I'm the only one that cares in my family. I'm so sad and depressed. Hoping for your advice. Thanks.

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My Cat Died In The Vet How Do I Cope?

My cat also died two days ago...his name is salem...a fluffy cute cat,we buried him in our backyard,but i have a second one,his name is mischeif. the short haired playful cat.

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My 15 yr old Cat just Died too

I just lost my cat too last week. i had posted a question on the internet.

How do you cope with the sudden death of your 15 year old cat?
She wasn't doing bad at all the day I left for work. Come home and she looks like she's about to collapse. Puking this strange thick white fluid, staggering... not looking well at all.
Rush her to er vet clinic.. They put her on oxygen, tell me she's in critical condition, but I thought that since she made it through the night, that she'd survive.
Nope. she died at the regular vet the next morning, right in front of me. I'm grief stricken....
It just feels like this huge empty hole is suddenly in my life now.
Pale's (her nickname) was such a sweet loving gentle cat.. but she was a bit spirited and was so much fun to have around.
Even the puppy grew to love her so much and she'd hang out with the puppy all day in his room, even though she had the run of the whole house, and he did not!
She was so soft & fluffy and when you petted her, she'd start purring like a little engine and would kiss you back! Definitely a sweetheart...
I'm devastated and it cost me SO much to try save her life at the ER animal clinic (over $1000) and the regular vet didn't even TRY to save her life!
I wonder if he even put her on IV fluids like he was supposed to?? I'm disgusted with the regular vet and won't be taking my dog there anymore, I can tell you that..
I still don't know what to do with her.... Her body's still at the vet and I have to decide whether to bury her (well, we cannot bury her at home, we don't own the place) or have her cremated, which I don't really want to do.
I don't know how to deal with this grief.. I went to an animal cemetary today, it was sort of a nice place, in the pais.. and it seemed like it would be good closure for me, and a nice place to visit Pale's grave! :)
Funny, cuz they had a painting of a kitten on their sign and the face looked JUST like my cat! I think that's a sign, but it will cost me about $350 to get her buried...
I don't know what to do....

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I can relate to what you said Kitty2046

I was petting my kitty too when she was dying. I know she wasn't feeling good at all, cuz I heard her crying out in pain, when I took her out of the Emergency Vet place and had to drive all the way across town to the regular vet!
I feel awful, cuz I did notice she was breathing sort of irregularly a few days before she died... but she had asthma almost all her life and thought maybe that was why.
I feel horrible and guilty. I feel that if I had brought her to the vet a few days before, she'd still be alive.. who knows.... but I hate the fact that my cat is no longer alive..
She was such a sweet member of the family.. She made our lives so calm & peaceful.. it didn't matter how much trouble i was having... all I had to do was pet the kitty and I'd feel better. The puppy could be barking his head off, and all I had to do was kiss the kitty's head and I'd feel nice & calm...
Cats are such good stress relievers.. Now I feel all out of sorts.. is this normal?
It's been years since I lost a cat....must have been at least 18 years since my last cat died...
This has been my most longest living cat.. but i do feel that she would of lived a couple of years longer at least had I taken better care of her.. However, we are so broke from not having a good job... it's hard to afford vet bills for the animals... especially an older cat...

How do you replace a cat like this? I feel I'll never find a cat so sweet & loving as my kitty Pele.....
I don't know how to deal with this.. I think the puppy upset too. He seems stressed out and rather lonely.... Now he's got NO ONE to hang out with, when we are gone! :(
It's pitiful....

princessdi1964 Posted: Jul 25 '10,  9:34 pm           Reply
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I lost my sweet baby yesterday

Yesterday July 24,2010 I lost one of my best friends. His name was Teddy Bear and he was a beautiful , fluffy, cuddly cat.He was 13 months old.
Friday I worked a long hard 13 hour shift at the hospital.When I came home it was extra hot outside and I sat outside on the lawn visiting on the phone. Teddy Bear was playing in the yard. It was was a holiday weekend and the traffic was heavy coming from the lake.When I went inside I called for Teddy to come inside. No response. I stayed awake until midnight calling outside for him every few minutes. Finally exhaused I went to bed. I woke two times in the night and went outside and circled the house looking for him. My alarm rang at 6 am that dreadful holiday morning. My husband woke and I told him I couldn't find Teddy Bear. He got in the car and drove the neighborhood. Within minutes he came through the door crying and said "Teddy is dead" We drove to the spot where his lifeless body lay. He had been hit by a car and his internal organs were strung across the road. I vomited muliple times. My husband picked him up and we laid him in a box. I wrapped him in soft towels and held him as I wept. I cleaned the blood from his nose and mouth and shut his beautiful gold eyes for the last time. The pain was unbearable.I held him for hours crying and talking to him and telling him how sorry I was an how much I loved him.I printed pictures of him and his brother and our family and laid them next to him in the cardboard box. We placed his favorite toy and stuffed mouse next to him.Towards late afternoon we buried our beautiful Teddy bear in our flower garden where just the evening before he hide from me behind the rocks.We planted a red rose bush on top of his grave. We light the pine tree with white lights in remeberance. When do the tears stop? When are my lungs able to take in air again? The pain of loosing him is unbearable. The tears have flowed nonstop since his death.My shoulder feel as if a large weight has been placed on them. His death is my fault. Why didn't I take him in the house before it got dark? I hate myself for what I have done. I have watched the tears roll down my husbands face. We have lost our best friend. My Teddy Bear.

buddhaq Posted: Aug 02 '10,  1:33 am           Reply
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Savannah Sage

Though my heart is broken there is some comfort reading all the messages of love here. My little girl was 17 years old, she was already 2 years old when she picked me at the SPCA. The strangest thing happened when i took her home, I was bathed in a pink light and felt the intense impression that this little being was a gift to me from GOD. Over these 15 years this proved to be true as my SOULMATE kitty taught me so much about unconditional love. She died naturally of kidney disease at home as I comforted her the best I could. She didn't seem in pain until the very last hours and then I was tormented. The grief is nearly unbearable and I only hope and pray the Rainbow Bridge is a reality and not just a beautiful poem.
Thank you all who shared their stories and believe me I FEEL YOUR PAIN.
Savannah Sage 9/3/1993 - 7/28/2010 RIP my sweet baby.

rebunka Posted: Aug 11 '10,  10:14 pm           Reply
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Savannah Sage

Hi, I just wanted to tell you how very sorry I am. I posted back in March when my cat Dash passed away from heart failure, and I do know the feeling of having a cat be your soulmate. I truly feel that way. I used to tell Dash I loved him with all of my heart and soul. I do love him that way and I am so sorry that Savannah Sage passed away. I know it hasn't been very long, only a week. I can tell you that I cry a lot still 4 months later. I am functioning, I can work and be somewhat normal, but in my heart, I miss my son so much. He was the light of my life. I think about him every day and sleep with his ashes either next to me or on my stomach (in a bag). I also have them in a ring that I wear to work all day. It helps for me to be able to talk to him as though he were here still. I can't believe he is gone still and I konw it will be very difficult for you since you had such a deep and profound love for her. I know she must have loved you just the same, truly from her heart and with all of her being. She was meant to come into your life and I like you, hope that poem is true. I hope my baby can come back to me in this lifetime even and be reborn if that is possible. I always knew the day would come, but you know you just can't imagine how absolutely devastating it is, it is heart wrenching and feels so wrong. I am thinking of you and your little girl. I have finally had some nice dreams about Dash (other than him dying in them) and it feels good. I have been able to hold him again and kiss him in my dreams...if that is all I can do for now, I will take it. My heart goes out to you and everyone else who has lost their love.

gavin999 Posted: Aug 14 '10,  9:35 pm           Reply
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George R.I.P I'll be missing you Jan 2001-14th August 2010

I just lost my best friend & beloved white persian George yesterday afternoon at 4.50pm .
I'm heart broken. Just sitting here & thinking of all the memories I have of him.
George had like a bone cancer that meant he had to be taken to the vet every 2 days to have the wound cleaned. He had a big operation a few months ago but I was told it would come back & all they could do was prolong his life a little longer.
He was the most amazing cat. Just so loving. He knew he had to go. About four days ago the strangest thing. He wanted to go outside & wander around. He actually was a real indoor cat didn't like to go outside but this time he just walked around looking at everything. I stayed with him watching him ...seeing what he'd get up to.
The next day he really lost his energy & appetite. He would eat quite alot but after I took him to the vet last Thursday things changed. So weak couldn't walk or eat anything.
The day I lost him I had to work in the morning I tried to give him some milk he wouldn't even drink. Just lay down on a chair in the study room. I came back early afternoon, tried to put spoonfuls of milk in his mouth. I then took him to the vet who told me he's really nearly to go. They decided to give him an Iv to try to booast his energy. I said goodbye hoping for the best then 20 minutes later the vet called my friend to say that George didn't respond to the Iv. They tried to put him on oxygen but to no avail. My white angel was gone.
My friend collected him from the vet while I sat on the floor where he used to rest crying...calling his name holding his toys. It's really hard.
Last night I slept with a bit of his fur I found lying around. Hoping he's come to me in my dreams. I will miss you & love you always George.

Her's a poem I found looking on the web on how to cope with losing a cat..

The Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.

There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.

There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together. . . .

rebekahfurey Posted: Aug 17 '10,  11:03 pm           Reply
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RIP Mokenstef

My 20 year old cat died in my arms last night at 10:30pm Aug 17th 2010. My gf got a new kitten on Saturday and the vet said he was healthy just had a stomach bug, part of me wonders if this got my cat sick, but she was already very old. She was pretty active and i am in shock. My mom said maybe she felt like the new kitten was there to take her place and that she had a great life and was ready to go, animals are amazing. I work overnights so i sleep all day. I woke up to a text message from my roommate saying i should check on my kitty. I went into the living room and she was laying on the couch, breathing heavy and her mouth was a little dry , white and pastey. I petted her and picked her up and took her to her water bowl. She had gotten very thirsty over the last several months, im not sure if it was related. But she couldnít even stand, she was kind of limp so i sat with her again on the couch and her breath became slower, so i picked her up gently again. This time it felt different and she breathed her last breath in my arms. She waited for me to wake up and hold her one last time before she left us, I will never ever forget my cat, somehow i seemed to love her more everyday.
I took her to the emergency vet and had her cremated. I feel guilty that i could not afford to keep her ashes, it was $200. But my dog, Scrappy, died last year he was 16, but his death was much more tragic. He always liked to go in the hot tub with us and one night we were all in the hot tub and some of my other friends came by so i went up front to let them in and came back just a short time later and he was floating in the water. My friend gave him cpr (yes to dog!) but it was too late. I was DEVASTAED, it was so tragic sometimes it still haunts me, b/c i feel like it was my fault. I can not imagine how a parent would feel if that happened to their actual child, i donít think i would be able to live with myself.
Somehow i thought it would be easier when my cat died but no matter what you can just never be ready and its just never the right time. I cried very deep but I just know she had a wonderful life and that she was fine until she passed, and that she just had to see me befor she went makes me feel like the luckiest pet owner ever. She filled my heart up with love and i have enough memories from her to last 10 lifetimes.
Good bye my beautiful kitty cat, you are greatly missed.

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My buddy died today

My cat just died a little while ago. His name was Tyson because he used to box when we played. I had him 13 years. He was a stray who was never weaned. Very good natured and was a big baby. I even had to cover his crap in the litter box up for him. He never quite got the hang of it. He was an indoor cat, then went outdoors. Then he would always get sick every year so finally I just kept him in my studio as I figured he would not live long outdoors.
I noticed about 3 weeks ago he became very lethargic and did not move around much. I thought he just did not feel good. he got better after a couple days, but a few days ago, he did the same thing. I had noticed very little litterbox activity and he did not come to his food dish as usual. Also he used to follow me around. He would not move much at all. I had to hold his water dish up to his face for him to drink and then he drank for several minutes.
I took him to the vet and he was having congestive heart failure. They said he was dehydrated causing his kidneys not to function correctly and then fluid was congesting around his heart and in his lungs.

I spent a lot of money trying to help him but he died while me an my daughter was trying to get him to eat. I was putting some special cat food on my finger and trying to get him to swallow a little bit. He did get some down a little earlier. I don't know if His heart gave out or I stressed him by trying to feed him. maybe he could not swallow the last bit of food, I don't know. I figured he had to have some nutrition or he would die anyway. The food was very soft and I was only giving him just a finger tip of it at a time.

i feel terrible. I hope I did not cause him to choke and die. He seem to struggle a little bit and then he just died. He is just a cat. I don't why this bothers me so bad. I just buried him. i miss him even though he would leave cat hair every where and puke when he ate too much. I liked having him around.

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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

just like you my cat died in my arms he was 8 months he was a beutiful cat his name was stan i had onley had him for 5 days i had just got him from the shelter i knew he was the one for me i told him i will take care of him and i did but he was just too sick so the last day i saw him crawling out of his cage and he couldnt walk so i got scared and called the place they told us he was really sick so i tried to help him but it was too late just as i picked him up he took his last breaths and left me it was hard for me i am so sad he died with his eyes open and this all happed yesterday

ifeelfree Posted: Aug 26 '10,  7:25 pm           Reply
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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

just like you my cat died in my arms he was 8 months he was a beutiful cat his name was stan i had onley had him for 5 days i had just got him from the shelter i knew he was the one for me i told him i will take care of him and i did but he was just too sick so the last day i saw him crawling out of his cage and he couldnt walk so i got scared and called the place they told us he was really sick so i tried to help him but it was too late just as i picked him up he took his last breaths and left me it was hard for me i am so sad he died with his eyes open and this all happed yesterday

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La Catalina


I was just web-surfing to see what I could find.

Found so many of your posts about recent losses.

I couldn't read very many without crying...

La Catalina went missing the other night -- she
NEVER stayed out all night before. I went searching
all over, worried that something had "got" her.

Luckily, someone next door found her.

She does look like she's just sleeping.

I buried her in the back. Had a friend read Tolkien's
"Cat" and other friends read from many Cat Quotes.

I played "Danny Boy" on the violin, then buried her.

Played Taps.

She was my Companion for 21 years...

It really hurts. I don't know how I can go on. I
keep hearing her claws tapping on the floor. Her "meow"
was getting very faint the last few weeks -- I guess once the "meow" has worn out, that's it. She was getting very skinny even though she had a good appetite.

Lately she would "Yowl" loudly in the middle of the night and I would ask her "What's wrong?". She didn't seem to be in any pain, although she did have a claw that was growing into a circle. I clipped part of it, and it didn't seem to hurt her. I was going to finish the job, but...

She did pace back and forth. Monday evening, she just didn't come back inside.

I'll try to read some more posts.

People are offering me kittens, but I just couldn't.


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My beloved Max

Four days ago my beloved cat Maxi was killed by a dog within our own yard. I am a grown up man of 65 who have lost many beloved ones during the course of my life but never have I been so devastated. I simply feel that part of my soul, this tiny part in which tranquility persist, has gone for ever.

Maxi was a a few days old abandoned kitten when my wife brought him home. He was sick, wounded, starved and barely alive. Loving care saved his life and he recovered. The sickly kitten grew into a mgnificent animal.

One day, when he was about two years old, I found him lying outside the house, horribly wounded. We never knew what hit him. The vet gave up upon seeing him, so we rushed him to a veterinary hospital 3 hours from home. There, these human angels saved his life but, after spending almost three month in a clinic that specialize in such cases Maxi was left paralyzed in both his hind legs and we were given to understand that he will perish shortly because of pressure wounds and infections.

Not our hero. Maxi lived his life fully for another 5 years, despite his awfull incapacity, becoming an inspiration to all of us. He spent most of his time in the garden, selecting hiding spots to which he could flee. He kept his territory as fiercly as before and kept hunting snakes and lizards (which we always saved) and at night he slept in our bed, purring and cuddling at my shoulder.

We were always aware of dangers but maxi wouldn't agree to stay in the house. For 5 years we kept him like the apple of our eye until this last time. I heard the barkings outside and was out in few seconds. It was too late.

We burried Maxi under an olive tree in our garden. The pain is so great that for the first time in my life I feel that I can't contain it and must share my grief with other people who had similar experience.

Thank you for reading. Maxi and myself are nothing but specks of dust in the world's afair, but a universe full of caring and love which I miss awfully.

Please excuse my broken English

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RE: My beloved Max

Your English is beautiful. Your story of Max was tender and heartbreaking...like so many of the other stories here.

I found my way here because my husband and I are still grieving for our cat Lucky, who we lost to FIP last week. Every day when I come home from work, I see the spot where she used to sit, waiting for me to come home so I could rub her belly. And now there's no one there.

We both miss her more than we thought we could. And it will be a long time before that pain goes away completely.

We love you, Lucky.

salec Posted: Sep 25 '10,  11:32 am           Reply
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RIP Puddy

My cat and best friend Puddy died in my arms yesterday. I am 26 years old and have had him since the 4th grade. He began losing weight 3 months ago and started to really fall apart 3 days ago. I did everything I could for him but it just wasn't enough. He had cancer of the liver and intestine.

Puddy meant the world to me, I considered him to be more of a brother than a pet. He was my best little buddy.

I sincerely hope the advice I read on this thread is true and the pain will lessen in time. I cannot stop thinking about him and looking over at the spot in the bed where he would lay and talk to me. I miss him so much.

ronaldvexa Posted: Sep 26 '10,  12:13 pm           Reply
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My cat disappeared

My cat disappeared two days ago and by knowing her very well, we know there's a very small chance she is still alive. I am so sad. There is such a long time since I haven't feel like this and cry.

My cat was going outside at night and came back btw 5 and 7 AM through the balcony or through the door. I had to get up and open the door for her and then she was wanting to get some affection but I was too tired. So I used to give her some food and went back to sleep.

She was very smart and a fast learner and we were letting her outside because she asked for that and we wanted a happy life for her. If we have kept her inside she would probably lived longer but for sure not happier.

She was a very loving cat. She was like a child to me it's what I'm feeling now. Life is a sum of moments. Moments are experiences that you have to collect and take them in your heart. Make the best moments from now on, share love, show love. Do only good things.

I sense her being here and I get so sad and happy in the same time.

I still hope I will hear her voice one morning.

pamellah Posted: Oct 04 '10,  11:07 am           Reply
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this is about my sweet cat MJ

MJ was the best cat to me.
I rescued him in LA on the street and took
him in over 8 years ago.
I moved to NY and took him with me. He lived
with me there for 5 year.
He just passed away on Wednesday in my arms. I am
devastated. He was ill but I can't get the end out
of my head. Crazy things go through your head like
you could have done something to prevent it, or maybe I did this wrong or that wrong. IT's terrible.
He was a great cat. My buddy.
We were connected. He got a lot of attention.
He was a tuxedo cat.
I have lost everyone in my family and this hit hard
because if feels like he was the last of my
family to go in a sense.
I share the caring and compassion with everyone
who loves their animals and especially have to watch
them go.
Bless you and your babies.
I love you MJ..I hope we meet again.

j37derr Posted: Oct 09 '10,  9:43 pm           Reply
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My baby is gone

Today My boyfriend and I woke up to my cat Mouse of 8 years making loud crying noise. We ran into the other room to see if she was ok. I thought maybe she was just hacking up a hair ball. When I realized my angel was dieing I completely panicked. This is not her time, please god, don't take her from me today. She has been my stregth, best friend, comedian.......My world for a long time and I am not ready for her to leave. While my boyfriend rushed around to get the car ready to head to the vet, I laid with her and kept talking to her to be strong and mommy will be with her every step of the way. I could here a faint purr from her, but I knew. As bad as it hurt to know my baby is dieing I had to be strong for her. As we were driving to the vet I laid her on the back seat and sat with her, but she insisted on moving to the floor. I laid on the back seat with my face next to hers. Little by little she has less air coming out and her breath took longer to get out. As we got to the vet and I was rushing her in, she passed in my arms. I am so very thankful I was with her. I love her so much and can only prey the pain will go away. Mouse, I miss you so very much. Grandpa and daisy are in heaven and I promise you they are going to take care of you until mommy joins you one day. Be strong and know anytime you hear your name, it's mommy and daddy talking to you.
Thank you so very much for letting me share my story. RIP Mousey. Mommy loves you forever.

liana1724 Posted: Oct 11 '10,  3:07 pm           Reply
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Post: 264153

Saturday i had to put my baby girl down i feel so bad , i miss her so much . She would be 11 next month i had her since i'm 7 years old. She grew up with me i feel like i will never get over her loss . she was SO FiNE but then came Wednesday night she trew up a few times so thursday we took her to the vet , she told us that she had like a stomache ache so we took her back home and gave her the medication the vet. told us to give , But thursday evening she got worst she did not walk normal , she walked like if she was drunk , went to the bathroom and laid down , i could tell she was in pain so we went back to the vet in the morning , so she had to stay there overnight ( for blood analyse n' stuff and to check on her ) so the next morning she called us with the results and told us that she had a kidney disease and that she really is in pain , that nothing could save her , when i heard that i was heartbroken , why my baby girl ? so we went to the vet , she looked so sick and in pain i took her in my arms , and from the moment that the vet gave her to me , she looked fine , she looked happy to be with me so i spend 25 minuts with her talking to her hugging her she looked at me like if she knew she would go she looked like if she told me i love you and thank you for releasing me from this horrible pain and i will always be there even if you can't see me i gave her one last kiss and told her she will be fine up there and that her daddy will be there to welcome her ! So the vet put her to sleep she fell to sleep on her fav. cover and in my arms and she looked so relieved . But i miss her so much , i can't stop crying , i see her all over , she was my best friend , my baby girl , my everything . I can't sleep , i don't eat much i feel guilty . We done everything together , we slept together , when i was eating she was next to me i feel so sad , so empty . I've lost my dad when i was 13 years old , i miss him so much , and she loved him so much , and now losing her , i lost 2 people that i loved more than anything , for me she was not a ' cat ' but MY babygirl my everything . I never got over losing my dad , and i will never get over losing my babygirl ever . i hope she's in heaven now , with her daddy i really hope so . I have the feeling my life can't go on , and the people around me can't understand how i feel , my mom misses her but not like i do . Everytime i try to do something i think about her and i feel guilty i just want her back , i hope god will take care of her she was such a nice , tender , gorgeous baby she did not deserve this . I'm so sorry for all of you , i hope all our cats are together up there , that they are happy up there in heaven !

jay-3d Posted: Oct 18 '10,  8:24 pm           Reply
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My 4 month old died today

We found Barnie at the pizza place where I work. Only 5 weeks old he was desperate with no mom. He had climbed into the engine compartment of one of the delivery drivers car (probably went on 10 or more deliveries there). Next day we found him again crying on the side of the major street of the pizza place. I took him into my car and he road with me all-night delivering pizza, never crying, just happy to be off the street. Feeling bad i brought him home, scrubbed the flees off. He was so happy to have a home, following me around and purring every time I picked him up. I could not afford the vet so i let my mom and Dad take care of him. They fell in love with him. Weeks went by and he was growing up to be a beautiful flame tip Siamese. He would sleep in there bed at night and play and purr all the time. today my mom let him out on the back deck for the first time, and the neighbors dog ran up snatched him in is mouth and killed him in front of my mom. I just finished burying Barnie in my back yard. He was with us for only 3 months, but it hearts.

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Their lives are just too short

I didn't have a cat for 15 years because I didn't want to live through another kitty passing. Then a cat came for a visit. And another. On the third visit she hid when her owner came to fetch her. She didn't want to leave. And the fourth. And I had a cat that was already 14 years old. I only had her for 6 years and on Friday her time came and the vet paid a visit. Kitty knew she was dying and withdrew and when I put my arm near her, she didn't rest her head on it as she always did, she moved respectfully away a fraction of an inch. I like the idea that I had held her, but she was snug in her bed and I was beside her.

The pain is devastating - I had no idea how much this cat had been a part of my life; my every move was in concert to where she was and her needs - often very annoying. I could never take a bath, for instance, without her climbing on me in the tub. She was like a dog and didn't like me out of her sight. She would have lived on me had I let her. She was also very smart, and in the end I gave up all meat and poultry simply because I realized how smart animals can be.

I learned that I had squandered those 15 years. And in time I will take another old granny. And grieve again. But I will have had a great relationship and given an old cat a good home for her twilight years. My kitty had several winter beds and a summer bed. She slept under a lamp on her own table on very cold days and at night she got a hot water bottle that I freshened up once during the night. I'm not nuts. I never felt I went overboard. I just gave her what she needed.

My friend's cat Stevie died this year also. She was a Tuxedo. I like to think that my Tuxedo was greeted by the Old Tuxedo Colony, with Stevie leading them. They will go to the big field for some romping, and then enjoy a little sport fishing in the pond, followed by a bit of high grade catnip for relaxing, and lots of warm cozy places for snoozing. Rest in Peace little Spike.

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The mode of Ignorance and Passion

First, I'd like to share what my 10 weeks old cat taught me. Basically, I was reading Baghavad Gita at the same time I got a weak 8 weeks old female cat. I didn't know she was placedon purpose in my life at that time. I realized what she was after she died yesterday, a God sent gift. A lesson about karma, the mode of Ignorance, and the mode of Passion.
My belief systems is that every living entity has a soul and according to their deeds, we accept different bodies. THis is nature's transmigration of the soul. Because of miuse of independence, we are in the material world. God isn't , and souls are not either. Just their prison of flesh, their vessels of meat.
We humans are at the stage of God realization, and cats will have their chance next, as they have to accept another body when they die. As we all do, unless we transcend the 3 modes of nature. Ignorance, Passion, and Goodness modes. The ignorant will have to accept a body in the animal kingdom, this explains why aninals don't really know anything, thos in the mode of passion might have another chance as a human body in the next life, and thos in the mode of goodness accept demi-gods bodies. To go back to Godhead and stay in the spiritual world, one must transcend the three modes of material nature.

My cat was heavenly sent, it's name was Celeste, I didn't pick the name. I phone to buy it, and it was the wrong tel number, it was a church group. I went directly to the adress instead, and there was a beautiful tabby female, 6 weeks old, left abandonned. I really fell for her, even though I knew there was great risk of death quick. I was warnined, but I didn't care, I couldn't stand to see the smallest creature alone with those biggers cats. The biggest shock is how she purred when I touched her in the last hour when I found her lying on the ground, half paralysed and in her excrements. I started crying and touched her, and she purred as if she was happy I was there for her. I can't stop crying, and I'm a 35 year old grown up man... It's just that she was so beautiful, was never givien a chance to be healthy, and never seemed to complain about it. I wanna die because of the fact I got entangled in the mode of Passion... See the lesson? She's eternally a soul, maybe we were cats before, and now is our chance to ascend to God, and stay forever... We are all souls equal in essence, but not in the material world...
Peace! We'll all get a chance to see everything oneday, you must believe my research on this topic, I just witness somekind of heavenly manipulation...
Blessed you all are...

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My Sammy

My cat Sammy passed away around 10:00am on 11/11/2010. He had been withering away for some time due to old age, but still he never complained. All he ever wanted from me was love and attention. The last couple weeks of his life were more evident that it was coming soon. He was loosing his ability to walk and jump. He wasn't eating much and he was loosing his balance alot and falling out of the window where he enjoyed sitting. But no matter how much he fell off the windowsill - he insisted on climbing right back up. 2 days before his death he started going into the lower kitchen cabinet to hide. I knew it was the end. Wednesday night I peaked into the cabinet and told him goodnight, the following morning I peaked in on him and he looked like he was hanging in there, until I heard him whimper. I started calling vets to see about putting him down but it was too late. I watched him go into the cat litter box but he only made it half way in and slumped over with his face in the litter and peeing on the floor. I picked him up and set him down to see if he could walk and he fell over onto his side and started whimpering. I called my ex-girlfriend to come over and say her goodbyes to him. Shortly after she arrived he let out a few more whimpers and then a few more deep breaths and that was it. GONE! Now I feel guilty because sometimes I got aggravated with him for wanting that constant attention and not giving me any breathing room. He spent most of his time on my lap or sleeping on my chest at night. Now I can't sleep,eat,think or function without him! He was my big buddy! Everywhere I look is a constant reminder of him, and his companion - A 10year old female. Keeps staring at the spot where he died.....even though she didn't see it happen. She keeps crying for me, but when I try to comfort her she doesn't seem to want it. I don't know what to do to help her or myself. I'm so devastated. BTW Sammy was 16. The night before his death he was sleeping on my lap and purring. I've never missed anything or anyone this much and i'm a 44 year old male!

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My Cat Died Yesterday After Being Ran Over

My Cat "BEBE" started coming around about 8 or 9 months ago. He was an outdoor cat. He would come and go. I bought
him a bell collar. He always ran in the house straight for the food. Last night after working late, I pulled in the driveway, checked the mail and was walking back to my car, when I heard his bell collar. I turned around and he was across the street. He started running across the road in front of a car. It was terrible. He was shaking and trying to get up. I was in shock staring, I made myself go in the road and pick him up, then sat down and held him and stroked him. He was making sounds, moving, and I just kept stroking him and telling him how much I loved him and saying his name. I sat there until he didn't move anymore.
I buried him in my backyard. "BEBE" I love you and I will miss you terribly. I will never forget you..

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I lost my cat Grace on August 4th of this year. Today is November 20th and I have been thinking of her a lot recently. I feel like I have lost a treasure. The night she died, she went behind the couch and all the sudden I heard a loud cry. At first I thought she had a hairball, then unfortunately realized it was much worse. She looked like she was having some sort of seizure then went limp. I was in shock, screaming her name and saying 'no.' I rushed her to the emergency vet, and told them to try to revive her. In my shock I didn't realize she had most likely died instantly. Grace would have been 5 years old in September.

The day she died and a couple days before, I noticed that she had been even more affectionate than usual. She kept giving me all these soulful looks and cuddling with me so sweetly. I chuckled at her when she was giving me the looks because it was almost comical how serious she was. It was very sweet. Now I realize she knew something I did not. I think she knew that she was dying. I wish I hadn't been so dense and not realized it. I knew that I'd have to face her death one day, but never thought it could happen so soon. She seemed to be so healthy.

I told her I loved her every day and spent a lot of time with her and showed her affection. Still, I feel guilty. Guilty that I didn't know that she was sick and guilty for the times that I did take her for granted or felt annoyed with her. She was an adorable, brilliant, SWEET, beautiful cat. I know she is gone, but I wish that she wasn't.

I was blessed and lucky to have this phenomenal cat in my life. Grace taught me so much. The final lesson being that what matters most in life are certainly not things or money, but the people and the animals we love. Without them, nothing matters. When they are gone, you will regret every unkind action you ever made and every moment you took them for granted. Love them with all of your heart, tell them and show them as often as you can. Because one day you won't be able to anymore.

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RE: My Cat Died Yesterday After Being Ran Over

I'm so sorry for your loss. I know that is such a painful experience. Take comfort in knowing you were able to show BEBE love in his final moments. I know he felt your love.

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My cat just died last night

thanks to so many for your thoughts, as my cat Rocky just died last night. She was 16, had a tail colored like a racoon, and just won my heart on day 1. 1st 14 years were awesome and she had a personality that everyone loved. At 14 she was diagnosed with kidney failure after she started peeing on a couch and we had her tested. We considered putting her down but instead we put her in my office/unventilated great rooms and we became bunk mates.

Her last 2 years was sadly less of a life for her than the previous 14 years and for that I am saddended. I was her friend on a daily basis, played with her as much as I could, and generally she was my bud. Truth is she was out of site to everyone else and as an engineer I couldn't lay papers or files around or she would pee on everything. So when temps permitted I tended to leave her in the room over the garage often. Below 50 and above 80 she always had the option of coming in---but truthfully preferred to be in the unconditioned attic by the windows most of the time

So I fed, bathed, combed, and generally took care of her and she bothered me no end. Last couple months I was away for extended periods and when I came home her long haired coat was badly matted. I took her to the vet to get her shaved--and we're guessing she must have gotten too large a dose or just reacted badly to the medication----and was never the same mentally. Over the last 2 weeks she bascially stopped eating and drinking and we did everything to encourage her to get better, hand fed her, sat her in our laps. She would lay in her bed and scream until one of us would come and hold her and rock her until she went to sleep. As the house was reeling with the flue bug we were hoping she would rebound. As it progressed we knew the end was coming but were saddended when we saw how quickly (happy for her as her suffering ended)

Last night my wife had Rock downstairs watching TV for 3-4 hours and I was in the office. We tried again to feed Rock some Tuna and shrimp but not so much as a lick. We gave her an under the skin fluid treatment but Rocky made it clear she didn't want one. That was when I knew she was tired and wanted this to end. My wife went to remove her collar which Rocky struggled badly against for 10-15 seconds and then collapsed in a totally lifeless fashion. After that she struggled for every breadth for the next 1-2 hours until she died in my arms.

So I take care of this scoundrel for 16 years, all the time thinking I'm doing her a favor. She stole my heart and I stunned to learn that I'm crushed by her passing. I've never cried so much in my life and I suddenly learn how much more she gave me in unconditional love and I can only hope she knew how much we loved and cherished her

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My cat Annie died on Feb 10th, a little over 17 years old. We got her as a kitten when I was seven. She grew up with me, slept with me, we played in the yard and lounged on the couch together. Whenever I'd come back from college or a long absence she'd get super excited and come running with these loud joyful meows. In her last few years I moved out but still lived close and saw her often; she spent most of her time curled up on the couch in my dad's office, though right up to the end she still loved to explore outside and hang out with us next to the fireplace.

Annie was getting old and slowing down but I'd hoped she'd have at least a few more years, though it was not to be. Last weekend you could tell something was wrong, she became lethargic and stopped eating. On Monday the vet told us Annie had a tumor in her abdomen and was suffering kidney failure; there was really nothing that could be done, but we decided to give her a few more days to see if she would pass quietly and naturally. She retreated to my old bedroom and I spent a great many hours with her over the final days, stroking her, giving her water and trying to enjoy the last bit of time we had. By Thursday morning the end was obviously near and she seemed to be suffering, so I decided the best thing to do was to put her to sleep. She started to cry on the floor, so I picked her up and held her in my lap for the last hours, it seemed to give her comfort... I just kept telling her I loved her and it would all be over soon. That afternoon the vets came by to administer the drugs. It was quick and peaceful and she slipped away without fuss.

My dad and I wrapped Annie in her favorite blanket and buried her in the yard she loved so much. I'm really feeling the loss, but I'm thankful that she lived a long and full life and died peacefully, in her own home.

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My Cat has just died this afternoon

I have been crying since an hour ago.... My mom called me and said that our family-cat Miky (he has been living with my family since I was in high school, so his age may be about 10 years old), has just died this afternoon. I live in another city and Miky stays with my parents in my hometown.

These last few days he didn't want to eat or drink... and I kind of having a premonitions about his death and planned to go home at the end of this month. But it's too late T.T I just can't imagine going home without being able to see him again.... He's such a special cat, he always wait for my dad / mom when they go home from work... he always welcome me when I go home... walking right to the door where I come in...

T.T RIP Miky... Thank you for being with our family for your whole life... thank you for being such a friend and blessing... I love you dearly...

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Grateful for this forum

It's nice to share the similar experience of our beloved pet's death... At least we all know that all of us are going through this together, and that lightens my sadness a bit...

Thank you...

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How do I deal with the loss?

We had to make the dreadful decision last Thursday to put our baby to sleep. He was 11 years old and had been a member of our family since 2005. He suffered from kidney failure and for the past 5 years I had been hydrating him with lactated ringers every night. He started losing weight & not eating, then Thursday afternoon I found him on the couch barely breathing. We rushed him to the vet where we were told treatment was going to very expensive, with no guarantees but would also cost more for continuing treatment. I turned to my husband to make the horrible decision that I could not make. We said good-bye through tears, tears that I have not stopped shedding since. If only the vet had said there was nothing they could do for him, but now I have the guilt that if we had paid the extraordinary cost for treatment, something we realistically could not afford, he would still be with us. The guilt is horrendous. I don't know how to deal with this. I miss him so much, I feel like I let him down, I let him die. It hurts so much. I did so much for him, only to let them put him to sleep. I can't stand this, how do I cope with this? Such a beautiful spirit is gone, over the cost of treatment. What do I do now?

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I miss my Jujube

My baby died today after nearly 18 yrs with me. I am so upset at the loss of my friend.

My Juju was my companion, confidant and best friend. She died at 3pm today. I tried running to the vet after she was throwing up and acting strange. She stopped breathing in the car. They tried resc. her but when the Dr. came in and asked if they should continue trying, I knew that meant she was gone. I just didn't want her to suffer or be frightened. I loved her too much to have her stuffed with tubes and medicated.

I am having a really hard time dealing with it and keep expecting to hear her bell. She was ABSOLUTELY the most beautiful cat and had mega personality. A true diva. I hope I gave her the best cat life any cat could ask for. She was spoiled and I enjoyed every min of it. She wasn't overweight or sickly. The hardest part is that she showed no signs of illness at all. She was healthy and vibrant until this morning. I just hope and pray she knew how much I loved her.

I am going to miss her so much. Nothing can take the place of my special girl.

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RE: know how you feel

Aww sorry for that! Hope you find them even though it's been 3 years from now. If you found them, great! I have a cat that sleeps in my bed every night. Today he just fell down the stairs... Hope he's good

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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

my cat died last night and I know how you feel. I was very close to him and knew him for half of my life.

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Miss my boy

My cat Oliver was 18, I had him since I was 10, I had to put him to sleep yesterday. He was my best friend, my family, my everything.
10 years ago he was sick and had problems with his kidney's but was on a special diet and managed to stay with me for 10 extra years!!!

A few weeks ago he started sneezing and I had just changed the litter I used so didn't think anything of it, until I saw blood, I then noticed that one of his eyes looked smaller than the other, I called the vets and took him in I got some antibiotics and took him home hoping it was an abcess. His nose kept bleeding but he kept eating/drinking and using the litter tray. Then he started having fits last week.

I was with him at the end, I know that no one could have loved him more than me, he must have been happy to live for 18 years and now after crying until I have nothing left to give I want to only remember him and smile.

He gave me so much, he taught me how to love unconditionally and he was the better part of me. Goodbye my love XXXX

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thank you everyone for sharing your feelings about your loved pets

I've found reading everyone's posts really worthwhile and you've all helped me to recover-or start to- after losing my own kitty. Ruby was such a delight. Full of energy and always showing affection to her family. She was also particularly loving to my other kitty - Noah- who misses her already and has been looking around the house for her and waiting at the door. My baby Ruby was run over 2 days ago whilst I was at work. A kind neighbour cleaned her up and put her in a box so that I didn't have a shock when I came home. I'm still upset at myself for walking right past her in the box. I didn't even think to look into it. I went out to look for her when she didn't come home and kept calling her name. At one point I even thought I saw her jumping over a fence. At around half 6 my neighbour ran my doorbell and I went to answer. He asked if I had a white and ginger cat and I said yes- what's she done! She was the sort of cheeky and fearless cat that would pop into people's homes so I thought that's what she'd done. Unfortunately it wasn't to be. I told my neighbour I was coming down and when I saw him he said that it was bad news. Someone had run her over. I said no it can't be my Ruby, I just saw her over the fence. I went to have a look anyway and he took me to the box I'd walked right past. Inside was the lifeless and hard body of my Ruby. I couldn't believe it. I even asked are you sure she's dead. I looked and she wasn't moving at all. There was hardly any blood on her and it just didn't make any sense that on a quiet road my baby had been run over. She was only just gone 2years old and had so much life let in her. I got her from my friend about 8 months ago as a companion for Noah and I am so heartbroken that she's gone. I've spent 2 good days crying to my partner and even Noah knows something's not right. I think it's the pain of not having been with her when she took her last breath, not knowing what she was doing when she died. I miss her miaowing and chatting about her dinner, about Noah or about being stroked.

I buried her in a friend's garden and will regularly visit her. I hope she's at the rainbow bridge eating all the science plan she can get and playing with other kitties. We all miss u Ruby!

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I lost my beloved Samantha today

My Samantha went missing January 19th 2011. I have searched everywhere for her..she was spotted here and there, and the people that spotted her always told me she was very frightened. I put signs out..I put ads in the paper..I looked for her every night. I put flyers on peoples mailboxes, asking them to look in their barns, because I knew my cat would be hiding...
Tonite, after 9 weeks of her missing, someone called and said she was stuck in their barn. We went there, got her out and immediately took her to the vet. She was in bad shape and didn't make it...I am so heartbroken!! I will never forget you Samantha! I love you!

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My cat died painfully

I have just lost my cat two days ago. It is my first cat. The most painful thing is that my cat die because of me. When she was sick, i just threw her to a reckless vet. She was hungry and cold for three days before she died. And then, I can't even get her body. My cat is only 2 years old. Now, i wish that i could turn back the time, to stand by her in her last moment. You should be happy to have her in your arms.

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my cat died in 2009

I was about 12 his name was Swiper we found him on the street I was glad to have him my ffirst cat well we had him 4 years he was 6 weeks when we found him...

I had went away to a friends house and came back to find Swiper was acting weird wouldnt move laying in bathtub when he came in kitchen I staed up until 6 am with him so worried kept him company i think he was poisned cruel people it has been 2 years and I sitll cry he was very loved he pased away when I fell asleep the next moring I cryed and still cry it was very emotional..

Im nicce and a boy but he was my very favorite cat and I really miss him...

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my cat kitty died on the 20th from hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease). when the antibiotics she was on for a UTI made her nauseous she stopped eating, which is what caused it. The reason I am so upset is because she got the UTI because I left her litter box dirty for the next day because I was "too tired" the next morning she had the UTI. I will never forgive myself for that.I tried force feedings but after 2 weeks vet recommended put her down.I missed 2 days of work and the guilt is eating me alive.

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My baby boy Tazz

I am so heartbroken i have never felt like this before.. feels like a part of me died.
He was only 8 months old. He mustve swallowed something from the floor a tylenol pill im thinking. My bf saw him collapse at 4am i was sleeping i thought he was joking around. I woke up at 7am he was hiding in the bathroom i touched him he felt so weak his face turned white and mouth purple. Puked alot too, i didnt know what to do i panicked took him to the vet. Bf did they said he will most likely die and its better to be put to sleep so he doesnt suffer. I wasnt able to go. I never thought that he wouldnt come back home. I never said good bye. I feel so sad i dont know what to do, everywhere i look reminds me of him he was always waiting for us to get home. Were both so devasted. r.i.p my angel tazz im sorry but i loved u alot.

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My Cat Died May 7th, 2011

Yesterday morning at 9AM my cat, Misha, age 19, had a seizure. My husband said she had thrown up - but that he had already wiped it up. I looked behind the chair to see her sprawled on the floor having a seizure, gasping for air, and lying in a pool of urine. It was obvious she had lost all bladder control. Her eyes were glazed, pupils diolated and her tongue quivering. I quickly got her travel carrier, picked her up and put her inside. I knew when we put her in the car she would never return home. We drove her to the vet where they asked us to take her into a room. The technician came in - asked if she could take Misha back to insert the IV tube. She was very gentle with her. She brought Misha back out to us wrapped in a blanket. Misha's was very distressed and disoriented and her tongue continued to hand from her mouth, her head still quivering. I held her in my arms but the blanket got to hot for her and I began to smell something awful. She had lost control of her bowels. I laid her on the table and remove the blanket so she would feel cooler and more comfortable. Her back was to me almost all of the time - I never looked into her eyes. The Vet came in - took one look and said we were doing the right thing for Misha. I couldn't stay in the room, but my husband stayed with her even after the Vet said her heart stopped. She was my baby for 19 yrs. I cannot stop thinking of her being kept in a refrigerator until she is picked up tomorrow to be cremated. Misha I love you and will always miss you.

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Post: 277034

Yeah, I'm very sad today. My cat Apache, who we called Patchy and Patches, died this morning. He is a house cat but we let him out to chase birds and so forth every day (we couldn't refuse, he'd meow for hours). My brother got married yesterday so we left and he was still out. My wife even told me "we should find patchy" but I didn't think much of it, he goes out during the day, the night, etc. Still, that one decision ended one of my best friend's life.

He had apparently been bitten once in the stomach, or maybe got hit by a car, or maybe cut on a fence, I couldn't tell. He made it back to the edge of my lawn and died there. I feel devastated. I'm 26 and got him when I was 17, he's lived in 4 cities with me. Me and my girlfriend adopted him and his brother right before we moved to Boston. He was there for everything, including our marriage, and today it ended. I'm horribly sad...

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My Snowy

To all of you who have lost your best friend, just know that i understand. Just about 2 months ago, my best friend Snowy, died. She was only seven years old. It was a normal night, we were going out to dinner. When we got in the car, i saw her just eating her food in our garage. We started backing out of the drive way when we heard a huge thump. We thought that maybe we ran into a big rock or something. My dad then spotted my cat hiding in the bushes. She would usually do this so we started laughing about our silly cat. My dad then saw a bunch of her fur. He knew she was hurt. We rushed to where she was. When she saw me she just looked at me and meowed. We drove to the vet as fast as we could. Our family thought she would be alright and that she had just broken her legs. It turned out that her spinal cord was damaged. We had to put her down. We got a few minutes to be with her before they put her to rest. When started petting her, she let out a tiny meow and stopped struggling to get off the table.i could tell she just wanted to be with me. She even gave me the faintest pur. I was the last one petting her before she let go. I stayed with her to the end. She was my best friend and ive had her since preschool. She was always there for me and would sleep with me every night. Her hair was still on my ned when we got home from the vet. My bed was her favorite spot. I believe that her spirit still visits with me and sleeps with me sometimes. She still gives me our favorite memories just in the clearest ways like its actually happening. I cry everyday. Im just so devestated. I dont even know how she ot beind our car. I just miss my baby more than i have ever missed anything. I just feel like a piece of me is missing.

jess_barlow Posted: Jun 24 '11,  4:00 am           Reply
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My Baby Bella

I am sorry for everybodies loss. I lost my baby today and have never felt such loss or grief in my life. I am just about to turn 21 and have had my baby bella since I was 12. I chose her myself as a christmas gift. she was so tiny. She had actually been found by a pet shop assistant in a garbage bin which is just so horrible :( but then we found her and she lived such a happy content life. She knew I loved her so much and I know she loved me back, just by the look in her eyes i knew.
What is so hard about this situation is that the last time i saw her, she was completely fine. she had a bit of an issue 5 months ago in a heat wave - she collapsed but i nursed her back to full health and she had been completely normal and bouncy and fine. Then i heard my mum knock on my door at 4am to tell me that she was going to the vet. I didnt want to go because I can't handle seeing my baby unwell. I got a phone call at 7am saying she had to be put to rest. I am devastated. Basically all her life, she had a heart murmur and what i think is heart disease. Basically she had Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy which means over time the walls of her heart thicken... and it results in clotting. she was fine until the clot must have dislodged sometime last night and she became paralised in 3 legs and had all the classic symptoms of 'saddle thrombosis'. my mum found her laying in her own urine because she couldnt get up to get to the kitty litter. the vets said if we kept her alive she would be paraplegic and would probably have only lasted another couple of months anyway. I am so hurt because one day she was seemingly so healthy, and the next, my baby is gone. She was only 10 and was an indoor cat all her life. But i am grateful for those 10 years and we were the perfect family for her. I miss you Bella ... and it's only been a day since I last saw you and 14 hours since i knew you were gone. Love you always. x

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The story of Koui, the best cat I could ever imagine having

Last September, my wife and I found an injured kitty about 4 weeks old, outside our building entrance. We took him in, took him to the vet and then decided to keep him as he was the cutest, quietest and nicest kitty we had ever seen. We named him Koui, because of a cute little noise he made when we played with him. It so happens that for the next 10 months he became our best friend, one of the greatest joys of our everyday life. He was our companion, our friend and our relief from all the woes of life.

After he grew up a little, he wanted to go out and play with the other cats that live in the common area of our apartment building. So we let him. Most nights he slept outside our kitchen window (we live on the ground floor) and he was there every morning to come inside and have breakfast and snooze on the couch. He really was a happy cat. He had a home where he was loved and where he felt safe. He also had other cats he could play with and be with his own kind and be happy.

A couple of nights ago around 2:30am I heard a horrific cry, a bad cat fight. So I got up and opened my window and saw a huge black dog running along the building's garage ramp, and then jump over the fence into the night. As he was running I heard the sound of the little bell Koui had on his collar. I ran out to the ramp, and saw him. He was laying there, as if asleep. I went up to him and called his name. I swear I saw his mouth move just a little bit, as if he was trying to say something to me. Probably goodbye, or simply "why?". He didn't move again. The black dog had killed him. Our hearts almost exploded from the pain we felt.

Yesterday I called in sick from work and took him to my parents house to bury him in the back yard. I put him in his little bed along with some of his toys and a can of food (I don't know why, it was one of the gourmet treats we reserved for special occasions) and buried him there, so I can visit him and always know where he is.

I just feel so devastated as does my wife. I never thought I would feel like this. We are talking about moving since our apartment feels so empty and cold to us know. I simply cannot grasp the unfairness of what happened. He didn't run away, he wasn't run over by a car and he didn't get sick and die, all of which are not better but are more common and I feel as if I could accept something like that a little easier. A huge black dog appeared out of nowhere and out of all the cats that were around chose to attack and murder Koui. He was only 12 months old or so and was so nice and kind hearted, he would have been the nicest old cat, had he been able to live his life. He would have been huge and fury and would have had the longest tail I'd ever seen in a cat! We made fun of him for that...

I never imagined I'd feel like this. There is a large weight in my stomach and a pain in my heart. I will never forget Koui and will always cherish the moments we got to spend with him. With his great personality and tenderness he really taught me a lot. May he rest in peace and find happiness wherever he is right now. Goodbye my good friend. You were the one part of my life where everything was always good. I miss you.

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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

I am so sorry for your loss I have had similar painful accurances with my outdoor cats with auto accidents, but also I have had the painful task of having a beloved pet put down due to aged infermaties (cancer) and knowing that our German Shepherd had a long happy life still couldn`t quentch the pain of letting her go and be it accidental or otherwise losing a loved pet is losing a member of the family and it will always sting, others will come along to brighten your days but never replace that special pet, they just become another special pet! Try to remember your beloved pet during their good times and enjoyed times; it will help somewhat! Good luck to you. I feel your pain.

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RE: The story of Koui, the best cat I could ever imagine having

I am so sorry for your loss it made me cry reading it, There are some people who just don`t understand the true pain we animal lovers feel when we lose them. Obviously they are missing out on the companionship, unconditional love and joy animals bring to our lives. That is their loss, true they don`t experience the pain we suffer when we loose a beloved pet, but neither-the-less we who own and love our pets no matter species; have a fulfilled life because of them. Your Koui sounds like she was an awesome cat who obviously was greatly loved and cared for, she seems to have needed your approval that you would go on while she waits for you with Jesus. I believe all animals are there in Heaven waiting for us, after all, "all creatures great and small the Lord God made them all" because he loves us, and because we love them he too loves them and they are with him there awaiting to be with us again. I`m not trying to be "preachy" it`s just what I believe. I too lost my 14 yr old German Shepherd "Hannah" this past March, she had a masticysing tumor related to breast cancer and in a two month period of time it went from a pea size to a goose egg. She survived the winter here where we live, but missed out on the warmth of spring because we had the heart wrenching task of making the final decison for her. I hope God would save me from that decison but he did not and it was my responsibility as a pet owner to protect her from anything like she had protected me in the past. It was hard to be with her and try to keep her from sensing the inevitability I knew was coming at 5:30 that day. I miss her greatly , I know she was in pain and am relieved that she no longer has to deal with that and I know I will see her again, that keeps me going for now. Plus I have other dogs and cats that I need to continue to love regardless of my mourning. Keep you head up and smile when you remembeer Koui she is in good hands now.

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RE: The story of Koui, the best cat I could ever imagine having

I too am very sorry about your Hannah. It's true that people who have never had a pet cannot understand the bond you can share with them. It's one of the most beautiful and comforting things in the whole world, words can't really express it. Thank you so much for your kind words they really meant a lot to me.

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My little buddy, Bobby, is gone.

Reading the posts here is very sad...but I do feel less alone.

Bobby's coat was completely black, and all but one of his whiskers were black -- one whisker was white. He was extremely cute, both outwardly and inwardly. Bobby died early this morning at around 4:05 a.m. (July 13th, 2011) of complete kidney failure (and other complications) at the age of 7. According to different vets, it was inevitable and ultimately, unavoidable. Before the onset of the final stage of his illness, he would play like crazy with my other cat, Pochie, and seemed to be in good health -- it's amazing how good he was at living (seemingly healthily) with his underlying condition. The most shocking thing of all was how rapidly the final stage of his illness came upon him...
My wife and I played fetch with Bobby often -- like a dog, he'd run and fetch any playthings we'd throw, and bring them back. He loved play-fighting with people, as well as with his partner, Pochie. He adored attention and would give lots of love back. He lived to sleep on my chest, especially if I'd lie down on the sofa for a nap. In the room in the wee hours of the morning, he'd come in my bedroom and start headbutting, massaging, and rolling around on us, amorously...he was the sweetest little guy. A mere few days ago, this was the bobby I knew and today, he's dead. His hair is still on his cat tree, and I look at his favorite hang-out places and my heart aches...it's so hard to come to grips with the fact that he's no longer alive. Just the other day he lay on his back with his little arms up, basking in the sun...looking at me as I watched him (something he liked doing in the warm summer months)...I'll never see him do that again. I lost another cat (Leo) last September, and was absolutely devastated by it...losing Bobby now is just so difficult...I've taken the day off work.

Till the end of my life, I'll always love you, Bobby.

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RE: My little buddy, Bobby, is gone.

I am really sorry for the loss of your Bobby. All I can say is that I know exactly how you feel.

The only thing that has made me feel better is the thought that our little buddies must surely be in a better place now, as a deserved reward for all the happiness, laughter, companionship, friendship and unconditional love they gave us while they were with us. I also like to think that maybe they are now keeping company to loved ones we have lost in the past. A childish thought, I know, but I can't help imagining it.

All the best my friend.

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I lost my cat today

Today has been awful. I was sitting with my husband on the couch and remarked that I had not seen our 6 year old cat, Dashel. I thought it was odd because I made tuna for lunch and he never came out. I honestly figured that maybe I had accidentally closed him in our closet when I was putting away clothes and that's why he didn't come out to eat.

I got up to look for him. No Dashel in the closet so I went to his next favorite hiding spot...under our bed. I looked and couldn't see anything and then I saw his furry little body. I nudge him with my hand and he didn't move. I immediately panicked and ran from the room with my hand over my mouth. I told my husband that maybe he was sick and hiding under the bed. I stood in the hallway and as soon as my husband looked under the bed and then looked at me I just lost it.

I love him so very much. He has such a big personality. He loves sitting in between us, comes to sleep by us every night and rests his little paw on my arm so I know that he is there. He loves to play fetch and will carry the ball in his little mouth meowing for someone to play with him.

His little body was stiff with the exception of his neck so we think that he somehow was climbing into or out of the boxspring and his neck got caught on something - maybe a spring or fabric he had ripped. If only I had known or heard him struggle or meow I could have saved him.

This evening we bought a jasmine bush and buried him under it. I dropped his two favorite fetch balls in there with him. My husband and I are a mess. I don't know how to get through this - it's my first pet loss. My other 2 cats are depressed. I love him so much, pets truly are like family.

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My heart breaks...

My wife and I help a Rescue group by opening our house to foster cats rescued from shelters...This year we have lost several cats that have been brought to us because of injury, sickness, or neglect...Today was hard because one kitten in our care had a birth defect that needed surgery...The poor little guy didn't make it and died alone in a cage, because the Vet refused to let my wife help with the after care...We also were told to leave another little kitten with this same Vet for observation, and that kitten passed during the night alone in a cage...My wife nursed this kitten from death and the cat was getting healthy and stronger every day in her care. We don't cage the cats in our house after a quarantine period, so to help them adjust to people...my wife and I have a strict cleaning program in place and you would never know 40 cats lived in this 2 story 4 bedroom house...Until you walked in and 40 cats all at once eagerly greeted you with tails in the air...I bleed of the thought of any cat alone in a cage suffering...I'll miss both of the little guys we lost today to the neglect of the Vet..."I'm so sorry kitties for letting you down and trusting others with your care..."

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Lost my greatest friend

I feel everyoneís pain, and I am sorry for your losses. Alphonse died so fast. During the day he seemed just a little tired, nothing really bad. But right before I was about to feed him he threw up. It sounded very odd, and he only threw up a little bit of liquid. He took a few steps and just collapsed. He started to breathe real heavy. It was late, so I had to wait till morning to take him to the vet. So I made a nice soft spot on my bed and just lay with him. About an hour later. He put his paw on my nose, purred for a few seconds, and then he was gone 
Like everyone said, a piece of me died with him. Everywhere I went, he was by my side. Now my house is so empty. Its dinner time (24 hours later). I made him his favorite dish! Now Iím just sitting hereÖ staring at a full bowl in the spot where he always ate. Iím so sad right now.

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RE: Lost my greatest friend

I am so sorry for your loss! I think the paw placed on you was your cat saying 'thank you' or 'I love you'....truly. Bless you for loving a cat so much. It can't be said enough that they are family members.

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Our pal Charlie is gone two days now. He had to be put down because his bone marrow was not making red blood cells. It's not curable. A transfusion gave him a few days relief and we had our Charlie back for a little while. The vets were surprised he was so healthy for so long (two years old) with that condition. What a talker he was; always let you know what he wanted and how he felt. Totally an indoor cat except for going out in the caged lanai, orange tabby with a bullseye design. When we adopted him from a woman who had a box of kittens dropped off at her house (she's an animal lover) they were calling him Bullseye. Living in FL where gun laws are so lax, we decided to change his name (I would laugh if I could now). Of the four brothers he came over and sat in my lap (9 weeks old). It was a given. Anyway we had him put down this Wednesday and the house seems so empty, despite my husband being there. We both miss him so much. People have actually told us "He's just a cat, you can get another one." Little do they understand. We will get another cat at some point as there are so many that need homes. I miss him so much and was very happy to find this site to share his story and to know that we're not alone. He was the best cat I've ever owned and it was like he thought he was human not animal. Last thing he did before the sedatives took effect was to hiss at the vet (he never, ever hissed before). Fought to the very end, our Charlie. Gosh, I miss him and hope I can get over this. Thank you all for sharing and giving me the strength to share.

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My Darling " baby girl"

My heart goes out to all of you who have posted your stories and I feel a kinship with you all.
I lost my baby girl aka Floss nearly 3 weeks ago she was 18 and I had her from 9 months as a rescue cat.throughout the 17 years I was blessed with her I saw her grow into a beautifull,confident sociable little girl,I adored her from the minute I saw her and relished the process of loving and looking after her. As she got older she became even more loving and friendly and was generally healthy until last year,on a regular vet check she was found to have thyroid problems and a heart murmur and high bp,we gave her three lots of meds a day (which only I could do)she continued to be an ansolute angel and slept next to me every night and laid next to me every day and i cuddled her for hours,she was my constant companion as i was very disabled with arthritis and very rarely went out,about a month ago she became off it and stopped eating and brgan making little gasping noises,vet said she had a respiritory infection and gave us more meds,anyway after four more vet visits and lots more meds n tests she wasent getting better and just hid away all day,On 13 th July myh husband took her to vets again and he decided to x ray her it turned out she had a huge tumour in her lung and at her age was nothing they could do( we got the news over the phone)I totally fell apart and howled like a banchee.
She was at this time on a drip at the vets,we had arranged to go down and have her put to sleep,we got there at 3.55pm
At 4.02 on 13 th July my Little girl died peacefully in my arms.I was beside my self and was so upset they had to take me into a room at the back of surgery.I cried more than I ever have in my life more than at my fathers funeral!It is now almost three weeks on and we have her ashes back and are going to plant a rose bush called thats named flossie with her ashes and a little plaque in a pot and put it in her favourite place in the garden.
I am grieving so so much and I still breakdown and cry hysterically,I have never felt pain like it ,I feel like I have lost the will to live.
God bless all of you who have suffered such a loss .
Nite nite Baby Girl Mummy loves you so much xx

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We miss you Kitty R.I.P Apil 1999-August 2 2011

Hi All..

My cat of 12 years passed away recently and I still get so emotional from our loss. My sister first brought her home as a kitten on April 12th 1999 as she worked at a vet clinic after Kitty was found at our local railway station on the railway line, at that time she was the resident kitten and noone would adopt her so my sister made the bold choice and took her home. We loved her from the very first moment.

I remember clearly the first day when my sister brought kitty home, she jumped on top of my head and I was immediately attached to kitty. Eventually the whole family grew to love her.

At that time we had 2 dogs, a cross brown hound and an Alaskan Malamute, it took time but they all eventually became best of friends, it's truly remarkable.

She actually saw allot of changes in those times she was with us, we moved to a new 2 storey house, the 2 dogs that we owned eventually passed away due to old age, my sister got married, I went thru university of 6 years in architecture with kitty staying up late on my desktop keeping me company and only going to sleep on my bed when I would. We even even bought a new puppy Alaskan Malamute called Micka..and kitty become number 1 pet.


Anyway leading up to her passing away we noticed that she started loosing her balance especially when close to the edges of table etc. Tho still totally affectionate even more so to me, it's kinda like a sign that she was sending us.
She would drink allot and wee everywhere even tho she was totally potty trained. But in her drinking allot we noticed she wouldn't eat her food.

It was poor timing that I went away for a week, but in my return she was losing her body weight, and wouldn't eat or drink.
I went to work the next morning and I said my usual goodbye's for the day to both the cat and dog, but as I turned away I heard a slight meow, there and then a tear drop came running down my face and I couldn't hide it from my family that morning.
After arriving to work I knew noone would be home to be with kitty, so I left work early at lunch time, raced home, ran upstairs to see my kitty... she was bearly moving, tho only slightly responsive I cuddled her and sat outside in the sun with her in my lap, I started to cry uncontrollably, I whispered all the great things that she had brought to our family and to me, I thanked her for all the sad times I'd face when I was home, she would be there, upon mentioning all the great things she clawed my leg like a sign of her saying thanks also... I have photos of her and my on my iphone of her last moments. My malamute came up and and gave her a lick as tho she was saying goodbye to her little sister.. before I knew it kitty had closed her eyes and stopped breathing. I was devastated.

She was only hanging on bearly alive for me to come home just so she can pass away with a loved one and not alone.

RIP kitty.. April 1999-August 2 2011

Edward Sydney Australia

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RE: My Darling

I am sorry for you loss, I know what you are going thru. Our beloved pet, friend, family is resting now. Take care Edward

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My cat passed away on Friday August 12, 2011

My cat was 15 years old and had lived a happy life. It is really hard to deal with her death because she was very loving and always followed me around the house. So, every corner of the house reminds me of her. She was a black persian cat ... was so beautiful and well mannered. She had got diabetes but she recovered and now all of a sudden she developed stomach cancer she was fine a week ago and then she started loosing weight. When we took her to the vet the doctor said she can try but the cat wont survive the treatment. In her last moments she still waved her tail and closed her eyes when I pet her... even though she couldn't move.

I can understand the pain you all feel... Hope God grants us strength
with love,
Aisha... Toronto, Canada

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RE: We miss you Kitty R.I.P Apil 1999-August 2 2011

Sorry about your cat... I saw her picture ... thank you for sharing... She was beautiful... my cat also passed away last friday so I can understand what you went through... I am having such a tough time coping with her death.

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my cat

It makes me feel less alone to read these other sad stories :o( On Saturday my cat wouldn't eat and on Sunday he wouldnt drink any water. I assumed he was close to death because he was very very old. We made him a vet appointment for Tuesday (the soonest he could get in) He didn't seem to be in any pain- just losing the will to eat/drink and he just layed in his bed all day. Later on Sunday evening when I went to check on him I noticed he was having some trouble breathing- he was opening his mouth wide and it seemed like he couldn't catch his breath. I called my husband at work freaking out - the worst thing was that I couldn't help him - my husband called an emergency vet and they said to bring him in. I petted him on and off all day and told him it was okay to go to sleep. As I was getting ready to go to the vet he was having more and more trouble breathing and I couldn't really tell if he was even conscious. He was pawing at the bed and I was sobbing. I got him into his carrier but it seemed like he was already lifeless. He was definitely gone by the time we got to the vet. I have so much guilt about not getting him to the vet sooner to be euthanized. I had no idea it would happen so fast in those last moments. I thought it might be better for him to go to sleep and pass at home but it wasn't as gentle of a passing as I had imagined. I can only hope that he wasn't really aware of what was going on as his body was shutting down. I hope this guilt will pass since I feel that he is in a better place now and his body is healed.

alex220 Posted: Sep 08 '11,  5:51 pm           Reply
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My cat Fitz died 3 weeks ago, and Iím still devastated. He was 7 years old and very healthy, he should have lived at least another decade but now heís gone. It was a tragic accident, mostly due to incredibly bad luck, but I canít stop crying, and feeling guilty.

I was on my balcony, with my feet up on a little patio table. But this table was a death trap waiting to happen. The inside of the base was hollow, which I forgot, and when my leg tilted the table onto its edge, my cat must have crawled under and inside (he was always very curious). I even felt him brush past me when he went under the table, but since I forgot that it was hollow I didnít realize he was still inside it when I left the balcony. He was stuck inside a very tight space, and it was nearly 10 hours before I realized he was missing. When I lifted the table, I found his dead body. It was such a horrific shock. He was healthy and so alive just earlier that day, and suddenly he was gone.

I canít stop thinking about all the ďwhat ifísĒ. Why did I have such a stupid, dangerous hollow table? Why did I put my feet up on it, tilting it on its edge? Why didnít I realize he was stuck inside it? Why didnít I realize he was missing earlier? Why didnít I hear him struggling to get out? And how much did he suffer? (His muzzle had some spots of blood on it, from trying to bite through the wood). I don't know if he suffocated, or died of heat exhaustion... all I can hope is that he passed out fairly quickly, or just went to sleep, and did not suffer too muchÖ but Iíll never know.

Everyone that knew him agreed he was the coolest cat theyíd ever met (extremely intelligent, affectionate, gentle, and well behaved). He was with me through some of the hardest times in my life, and he cuddled with me every night. He gave me so much love and companionship. I want to remember the good times, not dwell on the tragedy of his death, but itís hard. I know it wasnít technically my fault, but sometimes I think it was. He was such an important part of my life, Iíd hoped heíd live another ten years, and I miss his presence SO MUCH. Iíve adopted another kitten to keep my other cat company, and they seem to be getting alongÖ but itís not the same. The cat who died was my favourite, and the first animal I ever adopted on my own. He was my friend and my baby. Goodbye, little buddy. :(

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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

Hey i know it hurts my cat had mouth cancer the animal doctor said she couldnt survive and he had to put her to sleep forever {die} i recomend you get the same cat ONLY younger. Same color same eyes hope you feel better.You know you have a heart with a cat hole that hole has your memories of your cat i hope you feel better.

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My baby Charlie

my baby died today in my arms, so many people say she was a cat but to me she was my friend my companion and the one that gave me comfort. I saved her from outside she was freezing to death, someone had declawed her and no one claimed her she cried all the time, I brought her food and assumed she was a boy because she was so aggressive. No one wanted her but I too had a hard life and fell in love she fought me bit me and eventually let me nurse her back to health with a dropper this was 3 yrs ago. It took time and lots of food and many nights with her yowling in the middle of the night when she felt I had disappeared. I lost my mom 5 years ago and she filled a void. today my daughter came to my room and said mommy Charlie is acting funny I ran, no question asked, she was gasping for breath, I called the help line and the vet screaming for help as my family probably knowing no one would help me cried, I screamed for help and for a god I don't believe in because why let me save her only to take her away, she died in my arms and I held her till I knew it was no longer right, she will be cremated tomorrow and I will miss her forever, I love her so much and I don't have much family except for my daughter and my 3other cats and a dog but she was the special one that made me work for it then gave the most, I am sad I will miss her and right now I don't feel like it will get better. I love you Charlie Darling.

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My Willy

Willy died in my arms this morning. He was 16 years old. I will forever miss him, but you know, I also feel blessed. You see, he started showing signs of his life ending last Tuesday. Thursday was my birthday. No one wanted to see him go so close to what should be a happy occasion. But Willy, always the "comfort kitty" rebounded and actually seemed almost normal. He lived another 9 days for me, staying close and cuddling and was not in pain, just old. Tomorrow I am leaving to visit my daughter a few states away, and I will be gone for a month. I did not want to leave Willy, not knowing when his time would come. I was blessed to be able to be there with him while he died and it was so peaceful. He purred up to the end and then took a couple of sighs and was gone. I lost another beloved boy, Jack, two years ago, August, to cancer. About two weeks ago, I looked up on the hill behind our house and there he was. It was not a stray, there are NO strays of that color around here, before or since. I think Jack had come for Willy, as they were good friends, being to two oldest "boys" of the family. I will keep Willy, and Jack, in my heart always. And I know I will see them both, up in Heaven some day. God rest you my beloved furry babies.

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Post: 284705

my baby cat was walking out side my family was out their playing pool my mom dident see her she dident mean to step on her the kitty went poop on its self my mom ran in my room n said their somthing wrong with lola I grab lola held her in my arm trying to fine a way to the pet hosp but everybody was to drunk to take me . All I could do is hold her in my arm then next thing you know she died I couldent stop crying I blam it all on my mom but I dident mean to . This happen just yesterday 6-15-11

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I lost my cat yesterday Lili 08-11


I lost my dear kitty yesterday evening, after long 4 days of not eating, not drinking, fever and almost not moving. She was only 3 years old, any illness, anything. Perfect playful and loving cat. Little bit smaller than her sister, but with neverending energy, she amazed me everyday.
Despite of all the help from vets (I went there straight after I noticed she was not drinking), even after taking her to the vet hospital, she couldn't make it. Last two days she was purring like crazy, yesterday her breathing became heavy and she had a third eyelid. It was horible seeing her suffering like this. I thought everything will be fine after taking her to the hospital, that I was there just to make more tests quicker. I didn't even say Goodbye, so confident I was. Now I terribly regret that I didn't hold her paw, when she was going. I am convinced that she was trying to survive but then when she didn't see me anymore, next to her, she maybe thought that i left her there and she gave up.... Terrible feeling. She stopped fighting for herself because she lost the reason. I prayed and I asked that the higher forces can take my health to give it to her and as soon as I finish the hospital called me to say that she had blood in her lungs and that she is dead.
I am devastated. I don't know if I will be able to breathe one day normally. I don't eat I don't sleep, just crying.
I hope she is good wherever she is. Hopefully she doesn't feel any pain and she can breathe easily. Only think I hope she doesn't miss us much and she is not sad. We are, my husband, her kitty-son and her cat-sister and I, we terribly miss her.
We still don't know what was the reason of the death. The autopsy will be done today, let's hope that something serious that wouldn't have given her peaceful life just cut her down.
I want to die
RIP Lili Aug 2008 - Nov 2011

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We lost our Simon

Yesterday we lost our beloved Siamese, Simon. He was diagnosed with CHF 10 weeks ago. He was 11 years and 3 months old. He was on Meds and seemed to be doing well. Last week, he turned a corner and was not eating and bearly drinking on his own. I took him to the Vet yesterday morning, and the Vet said it was "time". I asked for the Vet to give him something for the pain, and we made an appt for the euthanasia at 2:30. I took him home so that we could say our goodbyes. We just he petted him and told him how much we loved him and how much we would miss him. I told him how he was going to be able to chase butterflies and run through the grass. I was on the floor with him when he seemed to have a heart attack. I cried as he took his last breath. I'm devastated. So is my husband. I'm so glad he was home when it happened, around his favorite surroundings and family. Maybe Simon knew we had an appt at 2:30, and he decided at 1:30 he would go at home with his family by his side. We love him and will always miss him greatly. To all who have lost their dear friend, I too know what you are going through. We will see him again.

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My cat Whiskers

When I was 10 years old a cat gave birth to 5 kittens in my backyard (blue russians) The mother cat we found dead a short while after, so we took 2 of the kittens in, and my neighbor took the other 3.

My baby was the runt, she was so tiny! She was my very first pet! Her and her sister (who was my sisters cat) would always sleep with me at my feet. Whiskers was always so shy, but so cute.

I went downstairs to get them food this past Sunday and heard Lucky crying loudly. I found her laying next to Whiskers (my cat) who was dead, just lying there on a pillow. My heart broke instantly.

I never thought I would be literally in tears days after when I think about her (and right now as I type this). I miss her, and I feel so bad for our other cat Lucky since she's be et been sepetated from her sister! I got her cremated, and I miss ger terribly!

Mommy loves you Whiskers!! 14 1/2 years, I miss you everyday!!

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My Crookshanks

I got Crookshanks 3 years ago from the pound. My husband and I decided his cat needed a friend. He was such a little thing when we got him. He was the first one I picked up and he mewed right in my face and I knew he was the one. He was an orange tabby with big eyes and a crook at the end of his tail. Being the dork that I am and he was my cat I named him Crookshanks, like from Harry Potter. When we brought him home he had a cold so I had to syringe medicine into his mouth. As he grew, he developed his own unique personality. He would run throughout the house just yelling for no reason, then when I would call him he'd come trotting in, making a chirping type mew and jump up with me. He was truly my cat. He would sit on the tub ledge while I got ready for work, he would always be one step ahead of me when I would head back to the back room to feed them. He just loved being around me and my husband. Well, over the past week he started to lose weight. I figured it was just the different type of 9 lives I bought and maybe he wasn't use to it yet. So I really, didn't think to much of it. But then a few days ago he just got worse... Not eating or drinking. I had to syringe pedialyte and baby food in his mouth. Thursday evening my husband came home from class and he had taken a turn for the worse. We decided that night we'd take him to vet. When I got home, I picked him up. My husband said Crooks looked so happy and peaceful, and within 30 minutes he was gone, in my arms. He put his nose up to my cheek, gave one final sigh and that was that... I wrapped him in a blanket and set him on the floor, hoping and wishing that he wasn't dead. I checked on him and he was starting to get stiff... That's when I went in to hysterics... I haven't eaten in 4 days, can hardly sleep and I just can't get over the fact that he's gone... I miss my big boy so much... He came into my world the same way he left it... With me putting syringe fulls in his mouth so he'd get better... In alittle less the 3 days time he was gone... I found this wonderful organization online called Angel Pet Cremation Services, a wonderful lady named Linda talked to me for quite some time after it happened. I pick his ashes up tomorrow, along with a lock of his fur and a clay disk with his paw print in it.

I miss you Crook Crook... My life will never be the same...

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RE: I lost my cat yesterday Lili 08-11

Same thing happened to my crooky... He wasn't even 3 yet... In a matter of 3 days he was gone... Same thing happened to my friend's cat who wasn't even three... Makes me wonder...

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RE: I lost my cat yesterday Lili 08-11


It's been 2 months Lili died, but I still miss her.

I absolutely understand how hard it is now for you, the time will heal all your pain. But you will never forget your animal love! It was a member of your familly and she/he cannot be replaced.

We have the "result" from the necropsy, in "" because it's not 100%. As the necropsy was done on the request of the hospital, it wasn't done is detail. But from what they found Lili is dead because of the Extraintestinal pathogenic Escherichia coli-induced pneumonia. They found some zero gram bacteria which are typicall for this. Her lungs were filled with blood and pus. There was no help for her. As per the internet it's a very rare.
I am just wondering from where she could get it. I have another 2 cats, she lived with them, all of us we live in a clean appartment of 90m2. No other animals have ever visited us, they never went in a rescue or a holiday house. Just once, 2 years ago, a male came to visit her to "make her babies". But she was healthy cat, before and after.
I was also wondering if there was any stressful situation for her lately, but I couldn't find anything. So more and more i am suspecting that it could be from a box, in which Royal Canin food was delivered. I am pretty sure the food is comming from a veterinarian (it was a prescription diet - RC Fibres), maybe they stock it there and an animal could bring it there. She was so curious girl, she was the first smelling what I brought to the house. I am not sure how long a bacteria of this type can survive, maybe my suspicion is completely wrong.. If somobody here have any suggestion or experience, I would really appreciate.

The veterinarian that called me for the results of the necropsy didn't want to give me the full report of the whole case. I wanted to pass it to my local veterinarian, in order to check if there is something to do for my other 2 cats. So my local veterinarian will call her himself...

Hope I help somebody.

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I miss you

My baby Katie died exactly 6 months ago. She should have turned 9 this month. I've missed her so much there isn't a day that passes by that I don't think of her. About four days before I had to put my baby to sleep my mom was in the hospital very sick when I got home from seeing my mom I carried Katie and told her that I wish her grandma wouldn't die. I kissed her and put her next to me. The day before she passed I saw that she wasn't acting herself, I feel horrible that's one thing I hate myself for I didn't spend that day with her because I went to an amusement park I should have stayed. The day she passed was a beautiful July day it was sunny a great day to be out I carried Katie everywhere trying to find out what was wrong all I knew was that she was t eating or drinking. I carried her to my vet but he wasn't in I kept crying and telling her that everything will be fine. I had no choice but to take her to the emergency room while I was in my car carrying her I thought she was going to pass there but she actually found the strength to stand and look out the window that gave me hope but once I got to the hospital I found out that she was doing bad and she needed to stay. I didn't have the money to pay the stay, the vet told me she was suffering if I took her home I had to make the decision to let her suffer or putting her to sleep. That was my decision I had 10 minutes with her itold her how much I loved her how much she meant to me how much I appreciated everything she ever did I stared into her beautiful green eyes and just tried to control my crying knowing she would stop suffering. I was there when she was put to sleep I kept talking to her and kissing her face. I know I did the right thing but I miss her a lot! I've gone through many things in my life and she would always be there. She wasnt a cat she was my baby she would be there when I would cry! Everyone loved her everyone knew her she was the sweetest! I pray for her every night and tell her how much I miss her! I wish she could have lived longer she was still young but god needed another angel up there.

I love you and miss you so much my baby I know your taking care of us we all miss you!!

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My beautiful rescue cat Max died nearly a month ago and I am still crying most days. I know this will be seen by many as an inappropriate level of grief but I miss him terribly and am finding it hard to move on.

In the six years we had Max, we brought him round from being shy and nervous to a really happy and affectionate cat.Now, I keep thinking about all his funny 'ways' and I still cannot look into the garden without seeing the bush he used to sleep under or the tree he would rub against.

Max died of congestive heart failure over the course of a week. The vet put him on diuretics and he got better but then deteriorated again. Reading the other posts on this forum has helped me see that it isn't inappropriate to hurt so much when a special pet dies. My heart goes out to anyone feeling like I do at the moment.

I miss you Maxie, you were my soul mate and I loved you.

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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

My 17 year old cat died in my arms Sunday. I am absolutely devastated. He was having kidney disease he was on vitamins and eating a little I started the fluids one week earlier. He took a seizure in august.He had maybe 4 seizures that I know of. Then Sunday morning at 6:30am I heard him under the bed having a seizure, I picked him up he was so limp. his body kept twitching I called the vet to see if I could have him put a sleep. I was about to get ready I prayed to Jesus pls take him God. Next thing he stretched real long he cried out and took his last three breaths, grit his teeth and died. Can u pls tell me what happen? how did he die. I'm shocked he was my baby boy. what made him die did his organs fail him. he didn't eat the day before he drank water and sat with me. I'm shocked. I need closer we buried him in the garden and bought a concrete bench for me to sit on. I miss him so much I never had kids and he was my adopted baby. Thank you all for any advise u can give me

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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

I feel your loss. Im a only child at the age of 14, and at roughly 5pm, May the 16th 2012,Hopps passed away very close to his 10th birthday. You see Hopps and I had a relationship different to everyone elses bond with their pets. I didn't treat him like the lovable family pet who caused mischeif, and played and slept all day; no, I treated him more like a brother than a pet. It tore me up inside when i saw him, he wasn't dead no, his skull had been broken in several places, one of his eyes stained in blood along with his fur. Even though I couldn't understand him much, I knew he was calling to me at that moment. I couldn't bare the sight of him twitching, I ran inside to get my mum who had just woken up, (due to her working hours) she got a towel, and we went out and softly picked him up. After we got him inside, I went outside because i could't bare to see him in that state. The waiting was the worst; the feeling of helplessness when your waiting for a loved ones passing; the emotions dwelling within my heart in those cold and lonely moments was unbearable. He passed away in my mothers arms at home... We burried him next to his sister Barley, along with his favorite catnip mouse, and his hairbrush. Every time I close my eyes I see him; I see his face at that time, I hear him calling to me. It's hard to imagine him as his playfull self, but I must! I must remember him as that playfull little kitten, sleeping on the end of my bed on christmas eve, I must remember him as that enthusiastic little troble maker, snatching a £20 note off of the table in his mouth. I must remember our time together, not how our time ended that day, and it is Then, that time will heal my heart... http://i.imgur.com/PxQe2.png

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I'm so sorry

That is a sad story and I feel your pain. The cat my mom had she bought 9 years before I was born and have known him since then. When he died I was devastated. I had a picture of him and I put in in a special frame. Sometimes I take 10 minutes and stare at it, touch it (like I was petting him) and cry. It might sound dumb, but it works. Maybe get a new cat. New kitty won't replace your old cat, they'll just fill the void. Good luck and try to remember your kitty!

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My cat died in my arms this morning :'(

My Emily had been declining over the past year from kidney disease but she still had an appetite and loved to be loved. The past week was different though, she slept a lot more and stopped eating/drinking. The last time she ate/drank anything was last night when I fed her watery pureed tuna with a syringe. She wasnt able to stand up anymore and it broke my heart to see her try so hard to, only to just collapse. She kept meowing if I left her so I tried to stay next to her, petting her as much as I could between caring for my toddler. May 19, 2012 I layed her on a puppy pad on my bed and covered her with one of my daughter's old baby blankets because her paws were so cold. I fell asleep next to her around 3 am. About 8:40 am, I woke up and saw that she moved her body and peed on the bed and was moving strangely. Thats when i knew she was having a seizure. I just kept petting her and told her I loved her through my tears. After her seizure she took a really deep gasp for air. I put my hand on her chest and felt for her heart. She was waiting about 10 seconds between each gasp. I scooped her up in my arms and held her as she took her last breath. She died around 8:45 am 19th of May, 2012. I was devastated. We wrapped her in the blanket and put her in a box. My daughter put one of her small stuffed animals in there with her so she wouldnt be alone. My husband, daughter, brother, and I buried her in my backyard. as we were walking back in my house I saw a white dove fly above me. I felt like it was her way of telling me shes at peace. Im still so heartbroken over her passing. I miss her so much and regret not spending as much time with her as I did before I had my daughter. I just hope she knows how much I really loved her, and that she passed painless and peacefully. Im thankful that I was there with her as she died so that she wasnt alone. My heart is broken :( Rest in paradise my sweet Emily, you gave me 15 years of unjudged and unconditional love. I will never forget you.

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Dates wrong

Sorry, I have my dates mixed up. 18th of may 2012 i laid her in bed with me. She passed the next day :'( it hurts so much.

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My little booty

My little Booty died yesterday morning! She got killed by a car in front of my house. When i have seen her dead on the road, my heart stopped. I loved my cat so much but had no idea that i would react so badly to her death. I started crying and crying. I just couldn't stop! I feel so hurt! I just can't beleive the effect she had on me. I will miss her so much! I read a lot of messages and it kinda made me feel better to see that i wasn't the only one to feel so bad and sad about a cat death. I never really understood or got so attached to an animal. The only way to understand is to have your own one dead and this is a very different picture! I hope i will grieve quickly but i know i will miss her so so much! She had actually became my best friend! I love you my Booty! Rest in peace! I feel for all the people that lost their cats!

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Ailee passed in my arms tonight

My wonderful cat Ailee just died, she was laying in the corner next to my chair. She'd been acting unusual since last night so I was going to take her to the vet in the morning. None of the regular places were open on a Sunday.

I didn't know.

While I was sitting there, she took several gasping breaths. I picked her up and she stopped breathing, she died in my arms. I didn't believe it at first, she was only eight, why would she die?

She was my best friend for the past seven years. I loved her and I pray God will help me through this.

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i cant stop crying

My cat died last night,before i could take him to the spca today. I knew he was hurt but i didn`t have the money at the time so he had to sufar for three days last night i was wacthing the playoffs he came in the run look at me and laid down then got up and went in the living run where i found him before going to pick up my girl from work we all was crying badly hr turns 2 on july 4 he my son is only 12 he`s torn by this my little buddy got hurt outside by somebody i can`t stop crying he not just some cat he`s my other son please help me i cant take it

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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

I'm sorry to hear that. my cat just passed also and i dont know if you belive or not but the phones in my house all went to recharge and the electrical in the garge didnt work i went out and bought new battiers for phone and returned them already. It was like she was telling me i"M ok, hope so . that was so weir. it was 3 days after. Joe

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How do you cope?

My cat spot was 9yr i had him since the day he was born,
Cute black and white cat had no health problems.
2 nights ago he disappeared I called for him he did not
come home, I thought he can't hear me and dad will feed
him late that night because dad always did at 3am.
Woke up that morning getting ready for work runny late didn't
think twice to look for him not sure why becaues I always did
Around lunch time 2pm my sister called me and said did you hear
Your cats dead! I could not stop crying the more info I got the angrier
I got.
My mum and dad found him under the house paralyzed he could only move
Him head, dad gave him milk and water which he drunk and 1hr later he started foaming in the mouth and then died.
I wished I look in the morning for him would of taken him to the vet or my parents called me I would of come home and told him I loved him. I miss him so much I was there when he was born and I was not there when he need me the most. I could not bury him my friend did it for me and mg family think I am stupit for crying but I feel like I have let him down and he suffed.
I want to know how could this happen their was nothing wrong with him

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My best little mate, Chunky, had to be put to sleep yesterday. He had Feline HIV which had caused his body to stop producing red blood cells.

I, and my wife, are absolutely distraught. We got him from a shelter four years ago and was aged about ten then.

Such a beautiful cat with large saucer like eyes and the most friendly, soft personality.

The house feels so empty without him here. We are going to miss him so much.

Thanks for reading.

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RE: Chunky

I'm so sorry about your kitty. Losing a pet is like losing a family member, and that takes time to heal. Take comfort in knowing you gave your cat a loving home for him to feel safe and happy in.

Deepest condolences.

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Best Friend

Today my black cat Sophie had to be put down due to breathing and heart difficulties. It was the hardest thing i've ever done, seeing her like that. I don't know how i'm supposed to deal with this. Hopefully she's in a better place now.
R.I.P Sophie

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My cat died today

My baby died today. His name was Dirk and he was 17 years old. My chest feels very heavy with an empty feeling in my heart. He was diabetic and I took care with this condition for 10 years. I going to miss very much him sleeping next me in his little bed purring and me with my hand on him. I going to miss very much how he greeted me at the door and waited at the door while I brought groceries. He was there by my side when I was at home and then went to bed with me when I told him "it was for bed" he always came. Tonight will be hard. I stayed up with him all night knowing it was the end. He got sick Monday morning, not wanting to eat or drink and just wanted to be alone. By night he got really bad and couldn't walk. We both have been struggling to cure him of his peeing blood in urine on and off for the last 6 months. I took to the vet every time he peed blood, he was given tests and xrays, but the vets reports came back the last time 3 weeks ago that he didn't have blockage, his kidneys were good and no infection. This was the last report I got 3 weeks ago. The vet said he had inflammation and gave me some anti-depressant pills. They seemed to work and his condition cleared up. It came back full force Monday morning. He died at home in his bed, but he suffered more than I wanted him to. I feel guilty about this. Dirk I will never forget you. Your loving mom, Norma.

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RE: My cat died in my arms this morning :'(

My 21 yr old Mama kitty had been failing for the last 2 wks..New yrs eve I noticed she hadnt been out of her bed so when I checked her she was soaked in urine..I watched her closely and brought her in my room with me,,By 5am she was pretty much in a coma so I put her under my electric blanket and laid with her...at 1230 she took her last 3 breaths..I have not stop crying in 2 days and cant even bare to go too work...I wrapped her up warmly ,put her in a box and had a burial..my heart is broken....

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RE: My cat died in my arms this morning :'(

My 21 yr old Mama kitty had been failing for the last 2 wks..New yrs eve I noticed she hadnt been out of her bed so when I checked her she was soaked in urine..I watched her closely and brought her in my room with me,,By 5am she was pretty much in a coma so I put her under my electric blanket and laid with her...at 1230 she took her last 3 breaths..I have not stop crying in 2 days and cant even bare to go too work...I wrapped her up warmly ,put her in a box and had a burial..my heart is broken....she was a tiny blue russian and was the sweetest thing u ever saw...found her in a box outside the Humane society half froze and pregnant...she had one kitten and she passed away of breast cancer a few yrs back...when anyone says there sorry or hugs me I cry like a baby...I need to move on aand know she did great for living til she was 21..good night Mama..1230pm Jan 1 2013 rip

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RE: My cat died in my arms this morning :'(

My 21 yr old Mama kitty had been failing for the last 2 wks..New yrs eve I noticed she hadnt been out of her bed so when I checked her she was soaked in urine..I watched her closely and brought her in my room with me,,By 5am she was pretty much in a coma so I put her under my electric blanket and laid with her...at 1230 she took her last 3 breaths..I have not stop crying in 2 days and cant even bare to go too work...I wrapped her up warmly ,put her in a box and had a burial..my heart is broken....she was a tiny blue russian and was the sweetest thing u ever saw...found her in a box outside the Humane society half froze and pregnant...she had one kitten and she passed away of breast cancer a few yrs back...when anyone says there sorry or hugs me I cry like a baby...I need to move on aand know she did great for living til she was 21..good night Mama..1230pm Jan 1 2013 rip

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RE: My cat died in my arms this morning :'(

My 21 yr old Mama kitty had been failing for the last 2 wks..New yrs eve I noticed she hadnt been out of her bed so when I checked her she was soaked in urine..I watched her closely and brought her in my room with me,,By 5am she was pretty much in a coma so I put her under my electric blanket and laid with her...at 1230 she took her last 3 breaths..I have not stop crying in 2 days and cant even bare to go too work...I wrapped her up warmly ,put her in a box and had a burial..my heart is broken....she was a tiny blue russian and was the sweetest thing u ever saw...found her in a box outside the Humane society half froze and pregnant...she had one kitten and she passed away of breast cancer a few yrs back...when anyone says there sorry or hugs me I cry like a baby...I need to move on aand know she did great for living til she was 21..good night Mama..1230pm Jan 1 2013 rip

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I miss my Tiger...

My cat Tiger died today from hyperthyroidism, but he had a heart attack. I got Tiger for my 5th birthday, I am now 13. He left us only a matter of hrs. ago, but I actually saw him die. He sounded like he was choking (gasping) and it was scary to watch one you love be dieing and you can do nothing for them, even a cat.
I loved my Tiger so so much, he would always greet someone when they came in our house (especially my dad) and even give licks to people. Tiger's favorite food was Hagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream, and then any vegetable. I have another cat, and he is going to be probably acting weird without Tiger...
Can anyone tell me what I should say to my friends when they ask me about Tiger, and why I wasn't at school?? Im not going to school because I don't want a conversation about him to come up and me start crying in front of a lot of people (Im shy)
Thank you for any responses,

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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

my 18 had big appetite,watery diarrhea.i took her to vet twice.he said she be fine gave her some medicine.but she wasn't.month later she died on my couch all four legs stretch out.mouth opened,two loud cries.it was so sad.i will remember that for rest my life.my place so cold,boring without her.she always follow me every where,slept with me everynight.i miss her a lot.hopefully I get new kitten someday.

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Re: My cat died in my arms, How do I cope?

I, too, lost a much-loved kitty yesterday. 9 years ago, my wife and I decided to adopt a kitten and went on petfinder.com to see if there were any in our area. We fell in love the instant we saw her profile pic with her cute little tilted head and a huge smile: DSH Orange Tabby "Sushi", it said - The fact that we had to drive almost 2 hours to get her was a non-issue. Once at the shelter, we were informed that Sushi had an identical twin sister, Suki. Well, long story short, we ended up taking them both to their forever home and showered them with love and affection.

Sush was always a skinny cat, but we (or the vet for that matter) thought nothing of it since she was very energetic and playful. Last month, we took them in for their routine check-up and vaccination. The vet noted that Sush had lost a whole pound since her last visit and advised us to keep an eye on her weight. Three weeks later, I was petting her and noticed that I felt so many bones in her shoulders, spine, and haunches that I hadn't before and proceeded to measure her using our Wii Fit (we made profiles for both of them - It's really helpful) and she had already lost 0.7 pounds!! Over the next few days, she started acting really weird so we took her back in and all the vet had to do was feel around in her abdomen before he broke the devastating news to us: her kidneys were failing and he gave her less than a month to live.

My wife started sobbing uncontrollably and my voice cracked as I told the vet that we'd take her home and make her as comforable as possible as we waited for the inevitable. Just 1 week later, she started really going downhill and late Saturday through Sunday (of course) developed bleeding ulcers in her mouth and it was THE most heart-wrenching thing my wife and I have ever experienced as we were flooded with feelings of helplessness and guilt over the suffering she was no doubt going through. Despite all she was experiencing, she would still lift her head and give us her trademark smile when we looked in on her even though it must have pained her greatly. Very early the next morning, before the vet opened, we both sat by her side and knew right away that her next breath might be her last as her bright eyes had grown dull and she laid flat with all four legs awkwardly extended and her head on its side. I'll leave out some detail, but after a brief convulsion, our poor, sweet baby left us and I, a 34 year old "tough" man, cried harder than I ever have in my life as I wrapped her in her favorite blanket. "What is wrong with me?", I wondered. I don't even cry like this when a close human relative dies (my grandpa was the closest). I dug a deep hole under a redbud tree in our backyard (in the country) for her and laid her to rest with a couple of her favorite toys and a bag of her favorite treats to take with her to kitty paradise. A small personalized headstone is also on order so we never forget where she is and what she meant to us.

Anyway, I apologize for the novel, but I just felt that her story needed to be told and I do feel a little better having told it. As for Suki, she knew her sister was sick and avoided her whenever possible, even growling and hissing when she got too close which made us even more sad and kind of mad at her - But I guess that's just how some cats cope. We plan on getting her a friend soon, not to replace our dear Sushi, but to hopefully keep Suki and us company through the grieving period. If we..

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Re: My cat died in my arms, How do I cope?

[Hit the character limit on my last post]...

If only we would have known what followed after that last vet visit, we definitely would have euthanized her then and there since her passing was by no means peaceful "like watching a sunset" as the vet assured us. I will never forget her and what we let her go through during that terrible week. Sush, you will be greatly missed - We Love You!

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RE: My Cat Died In My Arms How Do I Cope?

feel comfort that you choose to let him die in your arms.
I took my cat to one vet who took xrays and told me that my cat had cancer. I took him to another who did blood test and told me he had an acute infection .

He was given an antibiotic and vitamins and only 10 days later I took him back as she wanted to me to check in.

From dragging a leg, he started to use it. From laying on his side, he sat upright as he did before, he gained 7/10 of a pound. I also ground some grass and gave him the water as he used to eat grass often. the next day he went to the bathroom a lot. On the day of the appointment, he had a harder bowl movement, but because his foot was sore, he could not sit up all the way and so had stools stuck to his behind.

When the doc came in I started off telling her that I still fed him as he did not like the food and i knew he needed it. The food he liked he found difficult to eat. I brought up the issue of him not being able to eat since Jan when the dentist took his top teeth out and I was concerned that the jaw was the problem. I also showed her the open wound on the paw. the other two had healed. He had gained muscle on that leg and had more spunk.

Before I knew it, she was pressing on his belly and said he had tumors. She told me that he had cancer and i should bring him back to be put down. I told her I could not do that. I asked her to keep him and observe the jaw and his eating. She said the jaw and leg are not the problem.
He has tumors. She offered another xray. I asked her how it could be any different. She responded that he did not have fluids so it would be clear.

I left the cat on Friday at 6pm. She calls at 7 and tells me he is full of cancer. I responded how so when his blood showed no Cancer cells. She said he has feline leukemia. In hind sight, I later remembered that could not be possible as he showed negative in Jan for the dentistry. he was not around any other cats, was in indoors cat. She asked for permission to put him down. I said my husband was not home and I would wait. She said, "Then we will keep him overnight for you to decide." I was in a bind as I did not think they would feed him as i did and I need to make the decision as she said he suffered, yet it was contrary to what improvement I saw. She asked me to confirm with technician. I did.
Then all the guilt came on. I was not there to put him down. I should have not asked her questions but should have stressed how hard my cat and I worked at getting better.
The worst heartache came when I went downstairs and saw some left over throw up had all fur.
I think he was ailing from hair ball. I should have brought him home and not allowed him to be put down until we ruled out everything.
I feel awful as I read about hairball and taking him for a cat scan. the antibiotic was supposed to work for 14 days, she did not even give him time to see if that would work.
That he was passing more stools was an indicator that he was now having some movement, also fluid gone so why cancer.
I am very sad and actually have a pain in my heart, the painful grip, when I see that I should have been more vigilant, should have brought him home, tried other things before I said yes. We needed time with him to decide if and when. No vet should put a pet owner in this predicament and changing diagnosis so fast.

He was super active only a month ago. He jumped 5ft over my arms when I asked him to jump. played ball.we did not say goodbye to him

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RE: My cat died in my arms, How do I cope?

It is hard to say what would be better. The way you let your cat go was a natural death and so you let it die when your pet was ready. You were there.

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