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automatic litter boxes
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jzcat Original Post: Nov 19 '05,  8:22 pm           Reply
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automatic litter boxes

Does anyone know of a good automatic cat litterbox? I've read horrible things about the LitterMaid.

iluvbirds Posted: Nov 23 '05,  6:17 pm           Reply
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RE: automatic litter boxes

Not me:) I'm an old fashioned pooper scooper.


luv2sail Posted: Dec 10 '05,  5:03 am           Reply
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RE: automatic litter boxes

Quote: jzcat
Does anyone know of a good automatic cat litterbox? I've read horrible things about the LitterMaid.

I had a Littermaid a while back and it worked ok for a while (until the motor burned out - which turns out is a common problem from what I've read on other forums). Plus it seemed like it was still just as much work as a regular litter box. I had to empty the trap every few days and replace all the litter and clean it out every few weeks anyway.

A friend of mine recently bought a new one called ScoopFree (scoopfree.com) and she loves it so far. It uses cartridges of litter which is pretty cool. She's only had it a few months but swears by it. She says she changes the cartridges once a month with no cleaning (and more importantly no smell!)_. I'm probably gonna go ahead and get one myself as a Christmas gift to myself (er, I mean to my cat). I'll let you know how it works out!

bythewaymom Posted: Jan 07 '06,  7:33 am           Reply
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litter-robot, expensive but great

We've had the litter robot for about 2 years, and it still works great. The automatic sensor stopped working, but I've added a digital timer that automatically starts and stops the robot. No rakes to jam up or cables inside to break (like littermaid). It's bulky and very expensive, but it is the best automatic litter box I've seen yet. I've found it at www.litter-robot.com.

happydancer Posted: Jan 26 '06,  10:16 am           Reply
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RE: litter-robot, expensive but great

I just saw Litter-Robot on the Internet. I was also looking at the Litter-Maid but it looked like it had way too many exposed moving parts. I have 3 cats, one is pretty big. I wonder if the 'robot' will accommodate his girth! Then there's the color ... do you suggest the black or white?

Mario_dt1 Posted: May 05 '06,  7:21 pm           Reply
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Litter Boxes: Purrforma

I bought this litter box on ebay. It is badly designed, the hood causes the motor to stop working as it glides over the rails.

Also, the design if very bad. You have to remove the top cover where the litter sits, thus it becomes a hygenic issue.

The rake constantly has to be cleaned off faeces (sorry) as they become stuck to it.....expensive accessories.

Here is the website for reference...


ttu97 Posted: May 22 '06,  4:17 pm           Reply
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ScoopFree Litter Box

Has anyone tried the new ScoopFree Litter box with crystals instead of litter? I currently have the LitterSweep and don't like it at all. I love the convenience when it works so am looking to replace it.

justin1064 Posted: May 24 '06,  12:12 pm           Reply
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RE: ScoopFree Litter Box

I think you'll find ScoopFree convenient and effective, especially not having to touch the litter box for up to 30 days. Plus, they have a 90-day money-back guarantee in case you, or your cat, don't like it.

dr_mario78 Posted: May 31 '06,  4:13 pm           Reply
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Litter Robot Rules

Just saw everyone's posts about auto litter boxes. I haven't personally tried Litter maid or the new Scoop Free (which looks just like the same deal plus expensive w/ those cartridges) but I do own a Litter Robot (just a little over a year). The Robot has been the best thing in my life. The price is a little high but well worth it. You don't buy anything extra w/ that thing because it takes any scoopable litter and any trash bags. Also, the customer service is great. They know exactly what's wrong when it happens. I've only had one thing happen and they knew exactly why it was happening and solved it within seconds. Their warranty is great also.
As far as the others, I hear the rakes are very touchy and get stuck for nothing. That wouldn't work w/ my cats since they are diggers and have big clumps.
Also, I have a scaredy cat but she took to it easily. And the other is about 13-14lbs and he has gone in and out w/o any issues.
I highly highly recommend this product.

mirandacat Posted: Jun 13 '06,  6:10 pm           Reply
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ScoopFree is Great!

I had been using a Litter Maid litter box, and it really wasn't a problem, but it did tend to get dirty and changing the trap wasn't exactly an enjoyable job! Plus, I travel and my pet sitter really hated changing the trap. I bought a ScoopFree since it promised that each cartridge would last up to 30 days, and had an unconditional 90-day money back guarantee. Since my cat is relatively small (8 1/2 lbs.) I figured she'd be a good candidate. She acclimated very quickly; I just unplugged the LitterMaid and let it get dirty. I put the ScoopFree next to it with a couple of handsful of her old litter sprinkled on top of the ScoopFree crystals. As soon as the LitterMaid got too full for her liking, she started to use the ScoopFree. I then removed the LitterMaid, and there have been no problems. It is extremely clean, there is absolutely no odor at all, the cartridge is easy to replace, and the litter and cartridge are environmentally friendly. I really think this is the best solution to the litter box problem for me and anyone who wants to clean a litter box once a month!

mosi Posted: Jul 17 '06,  2:42 pm           Reply
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ScoopFree Questions

I'm not sold on purchasing a ScoopFree system just yet, but I'm thinking about it. I have two cats whom I am slowly transferring from clumping litter to crystals in their regular litter box that needs to be scooped manually.

The first reason I'm not sold on it is because my cats, one in particular, are pretty large. They are also mega diggers and scratchers when in the litter box. I'm not sure a cardboard cartridge could withstand their scratching. I've read negative customer reviews regarding the ScoopFree system because of this very issue. A leaky litter box is worse than one that needs to be scooped manually.

The second reason is the cost of the replacement cartridges. Pound for pound, it's cheaper to buy Fresh Step crystals by the bag.

Now, other automatic litter scooping systems have the solid bottom I'm looking for, but use the icky clumping litter that is tracked all over the bathroom and becomes a sticky mess when scooping out the litter box. I've also read reviews that say that the sticky clumps get stuck in the automatic rakes, or, if the cat tends to pee along the edge of the box, the rake can't scoop the clumps effectively, leaving the smell inside the box.

My question is this: Has anyone with an automatic litter system designed for CLUMPING litter ever experimented and put CRYSTAL litter in it instead? If so, was it a complete disaster, or did it actually work?

If I can get away with using Fresh Step crystal litter from the bag, saving on replacement cartridge costs while avoiding scooping out the litter pan manually every day by using a different brand of automatic litter pan, I will be a happy camper.

mosi Posted: Jul 17 '06,  10:28 pm           Reply
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answered my own question

Based on bythewaymom's post above, I found myself on the litter-robot.com site where I discovered that the system can use either clumping litter (any brand) OR crystals! The system is $300 plus Fed-Ex shipping costs, but they are now selling re-conditioned systems for $230, which are also covered by an 18 month warranty like the brand new ones. I think I am going to go with the re-conditioned litter-robot, but I'm going to sleep on it for a day and try to find other reviews about it online first. Of course the website is full of NOTHING but glowing reviews, but those re-conditioned systems were returned for a reason....

alindar Posted: Jul 20 '06,  12:45 am           Reply
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Finally I find someplace comparing automatic cat boxes.

And each comment helped me to decide which "system" would be the most beneficial for us. If any of you fence sitters have actually purchased the Litter-Robot, please return and let us know how well it is or isn't working out for you. I think I will have to purchase mine now....

lreedy Posted: Jul 26 '06,  5:19 pm           Reply
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Well I have to say the Litter-maid works great.... when it works. I have run through 3 of them in as many years. The thing is you can find them on sale at Target etc... for around $80.00, which isn't a bad price. I haven't had much issues with the rakes getting clogged, and I have one huge cat that fits in it easily but in each case the motor's burned up in about a year. (2 cats share the one litter box). My last one just died about 2 months ago and I am looking for a replacement. Target has quit carrying it, probably due to returns, and complaints. Scoop-free looked intriguing, but man the cartridges are pricey..... I guess we need to wait for someone to build a better mouse trap for a reasonable price

breathe03 Posted: Aug 14 '06,  10:06 am           Reply
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RE: Littermaid

Has anyone tried or own the CatGenie? ( http://catgenie.com/ ) We are thinking of trying it, but would like to speak to someone who has it first.




jenncook Posted: Aug 14 '06,  12:27 pm           Reply
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RE: Littermaid

This is the first I've seen of the "Litter Genie", but it looks interesting. Please let me know if you get it.

I have owned the Litter Maid (hated it b/c it would get "stuck" and it was hard to clean when the comb got dirty.) I currently own the ScoopFree, which I REALLY like. It is relatively quiet, and as smell free as a 25 day old litter box could be. The only problem is that I cannot find the costly refills locally. I would recommend the ScoopFree to most cat owners.

alindar Posted: Aug 18 '06,  3:19 am           Reply
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Litter Robot - bought it, love it

I was first here about a month ago. I ordered the Litter Robot that very night. I eased my eleven-year-old kitty into using it - I am so happy with it. She has adapted very well to it; it does exactly what it says it will do; we don't live with that cat litter stink anymore! I highly recommend it. The big drawback is the price, but I sure wish I had bought this years back. I suggest you save up and splurge on this for yourself, especially if your cat is young!

travelgirl58 Posted: Sep 02 '06,  6:56 pm           Reply
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litter boxes

Good info on here. I thought I was the only one that went thru a Littermaid about every 2 years. The motors keep dying. I have 2 cats; one very large at 18lbs and the other normal size. Littermaid handles their "duties", but does get stuck, doesn't catch small clumps, side-pee'ers, etc. Requires lots of manual work but good if you're going away for a couple of days. My latest one has just died again and thinking of another. The entrance hole on the Robot looks very small. Will my 18lb 'big boy' fit in? The Scoop-Free looks to be very costly. I'm wondering if anyone has bought the Cat Genie? It's new and actually connects to your toilet. It's like a cat toilet that washes away the waste and flushes it down your toilet. It's pricey too, but gosh, looks like nothing to do.
Any feedback on Genie and entrance opening of Robot? Thanks!

floridadoc Posted: Sep 09 '06,  7:48 am           Reply
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Litter Robot excellent product

As a multiple indoor cat household, six at last count, Florida hurricane refugees and the pets of servicemen and women serving overseas; we couldn't live without our 2 Litter Robots. They are sturdy products having survived in a semi-outdoors environment (our screened in patio with a solid roof) for over two years throughout half a dozen hurricanes, tropical storms, etc. never missing a beat. By placing the units outside we avoid the litter box smell altogether. A fact that astounds other cat owners when they come to visit and see how many cats we have. We use a small sliding glass window pet door insert (available from PetDoors.com and elsewhere) for the cats to have easy access the units. Another advantage is that it is much easier to find "cat sitters" and they don't have to have access to the house, just the patio. (Prior to this arrangement, one of our teenager cat sitters was always eager to volunteer for cat sitting duty. We gave her a key to the house which became her "love nest." We became aware of this when the motion sensitive security cameras led to a phone call from our security monitoring service while we were out of town that informed us there were two "intruders" in the home, "but they don't look like they're stealing anything. And you might want to steam clean your sofa when you get home." We always wondered what happened to the video!

We first became acquainted with the litter robot for my elderly mother's cat. My mother was unable to safely bend over after knee surgery and was facing the prospect of having to live without her cat. By elevating the unit securely on cement blocks, she has been able to keep her cat. This unit is a "must have" for elderly cat owners. Working in emergency medicine, we have seen many broken hips, etc. due to litter boxes on the floor.

More recently, we purchased a fourth unit, and were pleased to note that a number of improvements had been made over the past few years. We modified this unit, which WILL void your warranty, by cutting out the bottom and elevating and mounting it -- securely -- over a large garbage can that we line with large plastic bags. (Not difficult, if you're pretty good with a Dremel tool.) We did this, initially, for reluctant cat-sitters. All they have to do is throw more litter through the opening every day when they come to feed the cats. When we return we change the garbage can liner. This arrangement has worked well for periods up to a week, and was only at one third capacity with six adult cats! Also, no bending over! This is now our preferred litter solution, the cats seem to prefer the elevated unit too. (Although when we're home, we change the garbage bags daily, just as we did before.)

Although we haven't scientifically measured it, the Litter Robot seems to reduce our per cat litter consumption, and it seems to be happy with most of the readily available scoopable litter products. It does NOT do well with Swheat scoop, a wheat based product, which is excellent for "normal" litter boxes.

Another big plus the Litter Robot has over other products is that it uses "regular" plastic garbage bags. There are no special "consumables" to buy.

talisa2699 Posted: Sep 14 '06,  11:14 am           Reply
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Cat Genie

Wow! I went to that Cat Genie web site! https://www.catgenie.com/index.php I am so sold. I pre-ordered it. I can't believe it. I am amazed. If it works I'll let you guys know.

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