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eddy_tarpinal Original Post: Aug 10 '05,  9:23 am           Reply
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MDG Computers (Toronto)

Last week I walked into an MDG in the Greater Toronto Area. I walked in looking for a low price laptop and actually found one. I had been scouring around looking for a good and cheap laptop for a while. I initially turned to the big brand names, but was totally turned off. As a consumer, I felt like I was being taken advantage of. As well, I found that their cheap machines are priced at very low rates for a reason. So I figured that I had nothing to lose by visiting an MDG store. I took at a look at their mid and high level models. Both were affordably priced and worked great. I decided to buy the higher end Vision line because it suits my needs. What was interesting about the whole experience was that I was able to negotiate a lower price. They even threw in a few freebies, like an optical mouse, for example. I walked out MDG feeling like I robbed the place. I am still a bit buzzed by the whole experience. I walked out of their with a great laptop for a lot less than I expected. In my opinion, everyone should try to visit their local MDG stores. As I look into the mirror, I still have an ear to ear grin.

leon_lam Posted: Aug 23 '05,  6:58 pm           Reply
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MDG Computers

Glad to see another person satisfied with MDG. What did you get for free? I got a bunch of software and a coupon for a free movie at blockbuster.

wayne_mich Posted: Aug 31 '05,  6:48 am           Reply
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MDG Computers

I liked how they asked me what I was going to do with my computer, then built a suggestion based on that. The guys in the big electronics store just seem to want to sell whatever's on sale in the flyer. My new Vision system ROCKS! Does everything I want and more. Can't wait to get a video camera and try video editing!

skoobyboy Posted: Sep 02 '05,  7:35 pm           Reply
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MDG Computers

MDG Computers is definately a cool company.

bryons Posted: Sep 05 '05,  7:47 am           Reply
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MDG Computers Toronto

After reading these messages, I decided to visit an MDG store on Saturday. I managed to get a massive deal on a great Horizon line notebook. Absolutely love it! I was getting worried that I was going to get stuck having to use the computer lab again this year. Phew!

qrystal Posted: Sep 13 '05,  9:03 am           Reply
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thanks for the confidence boost

I am currently considering a computer from MDG's Vision line myself, and I'm glad to see that there are satisfied customers out there. I'm quite looking forward to going to their Windsor store later today and signing my life away... heheh.

What's worried me is that elsewhere on the web there are complaints about the lack of customer service when things go wrong. I really don't want to believe that. Incidentally, they do offer an extended warranty for $199. I'm wondering if that's the ticket to ensuring that they'll care about you if things go wrong...

But whatever. Here's hoping nothing goes wrong :)

ivplay Posted: Sep 14 '05,  5:28 am           Reply
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All these posts raving about MDG computers, and not one of the folks raving has written so much as one review on the site. I wonder if this is an advertising scheme by MDG computers? Hmmm...

If some of the folks who keep coming here to post have had an actual purchase experience with MDG computers, I would recommend posting a review for the company under online/website reviews on Epinions. Write to either of the Category Leads in Online (find this in the member center) and ask them to add this store. A review will actually get your message out to the general public as opposed to only members on the Epinions site like these message board posts that keep randomly popping up.


qrystal Posted: Sep 15 '05,  7:29 pm (Updated: Sep 15 '05,  7:31 pm)           Reply
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First strike...

Well, things seemed to be going well, but I didn't let myself get too optimistic, just in case. I told myself, "I'll believe it when I see it." When we got there, we found out that they had to upgrade our monitor because they didn't have any of the originally-agreed-upon ones in stock ... claimed this Philips is worth about $200 more than the Proview we were going to get. So, we're feeling like we've gotten something really incredible out of all this, right?

And then we looked under the hood.

The first thing we noticed by peering through the grate in the side was that it really looked like our board had two PCI slots, not the four "plus two" that we paid an extra $100 to have available -- our original order was for an Intel 915GAVL, which we selected because we wanted the extra PCI slots and the PCI Express capability because we someday would like a newfangled video card (we're hardcore gamer-wannabes who have never had the hardware to do it, and we want it baaad). I called right away to ask about it, since the store was closing in the next half hour. The guy said, oh, there's four, they're just "underneath". While this sounded slightly fishy to me, my boyfriend insisted that had to be nonsense. But we decided to investigate deeper by poking around in the BIOS.

Lo and behold, what did we get? 915GLVG, and you guessed it, only two PCI slots. According to Intel, this board does not have PCI express x16 (only PCI express x1). But the most important point here is: we have in writing here that we were gonna get the 915GAVL, and I did a lot of research to convince myself that we made a great investment in this. Now I feel like I'm just one of those statistics ... I'm one of those people who might've gotten conned, but knew enough to check up on everything right away.

So I'll be calling first thing tomorrow, and reporting back here when I next have something interesting to share. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and hoping that they'll be able to put things right. They can't have gotten the Customer Service award or whatever for a half-dozen years straight for nothing.

capdan Posted: Sep 18 '05,  4:02 pm           Reply
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RE: First strike...

Which store did you buy this computer from and how much did you pay for it and also what was the advertised price?

itsmeluh Posted: Sep 24 '05,  1:57 am (Updated: Oct 07 '05,  1:03 pm)           Reply
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This is an MDG Advertisment

Deleted by poster because of threat of legal action.


dan_da_man285 Posted: Nov 13 '05,  8:15 pm           Reply
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trying to buy a computer

sorry to overload the page, but i need some good opinions, and i can't make up my mind

i want to buy a computer, with a good processor and good video card(decent but not expensive). A computer guy i met said he can put in an :
>AMD 64 3200 on a motherboard 915g, or an AMD 64 3700 on a 775 motherboard
>single 1Gb @ 400 ram chip,
>a decent pci express videocard(don't remeber, i think it was an NVIDIA)
>5.1 onboard sound card,
>160 GB hardrive @7200 plus > a dvd writer/player 8x,
>nice gaming case,
>XP proffesional, plus monitor and that adds up to little under $1500 cnd. Now ofcourse i know alittle about systems and i know that even thought the above is not a supercomputer it is pretty good.
The other option is and MDG "vision 3000" intel pentium 4 @ 3.06, xp media, on a genuine intel motherboard 915G chipset with sh!t load of slots( ht tech, 2 pci exp, intel precc cooling etc.) 512 Dual channel DDR @ 400mhz, 160 @ 7200, DVD burner,5.1 high def. audio, ATI x300radeon 128megs,19 new gen lcd, and ofcourse,plusfree 5.1MP creative(tm) digital cam, and mp3 player and all this for $1200 cnd. And this computer is also good and the offers sound so tempting.( after all a 5.1 dig cam is not cheap)
I have heard bad review about MDG both online and word of mouth,but there are still soooo many people using MDG never-the-less,so this is the biggest issue i have, is it that bad? the offer is pretty good and i can upgrade it to 1 gb ram etc. for cheap. I have read many posts on different sights, and about 70% are anti-MDG, but half are really just i hate it or i had to wait(which i have no problem with) costumer service is not an issue, i just need a quality product that works efficiently and utilizes it's hardware to the most, . SO finally again if anyone can point me to a more saner direction please do,custom with computer guy or MDG... much appreciated in advance.

ivplay Posted: Nov 14 '05,  5:06 am           Reply
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RE: trying to buy a computer

Any chance you can build it yourself if you bought the parts? Either computer you mention is a far cry from what you can build yourself for the same amount of money. If the situation comes down to the two PC's you mention, I would go with the 'computer guys' option. The MDG computer is using an old processor and motherboard which will limit you in the future while the 'computer guy' option uses a new 64 bit processor which will smoke the MDG computer for the money.


PS Again, I would build it myself and either put bigger, better components in or save some money for the same computer...

koolkanuck Posted: Dec 26 '05,  8:46 am           Reply
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RE: Hmm...

I suspect you are right. If all these MDG plants think they can fool the public, they better think again.

I just bought a MDG computer on Dec 24th/05 from the Scarborough store and I would NOT buy anything from MDG again. I am extremely disappointed with the whole thing. I'm have been taken and am currently trying to get my money back. You don't get the components you paid for and it seems that I am not the only victim. From browsing the internet, I noticed many similar situations.

The only reason why I think there are not more complaints is that most people do not know how to check their computer to see what they actually got as opposed to what they are told they will get and what they paid for.

For those of you living in Ontario, if you feel you have been mislead in false marketing ads, you can get your money back under the "unfair business practice(s) as described in the Consumer Protection Act 2002". For more info, please go to http://www.cbs.gov.on.ca/mcbs/english/contact_us.htm#rescission.

smilinsam Posted: Jan 03 '06,  9:42 am           Reply
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another dissatisfied MDG customer...

I bought an MDG computer from the London store back in September. I've had several problems with it. Can someone please explain to me how to check my hardware? I want to make sure I got what I paid for. Thanks.

absolutegeek Posted: Jan 07 '06,  11:07 am           Reply
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A Study in Misleading Advertising.

Here is the lowdown on MDG.

1)There advertising model is purely designed on bait and switch. The ads are designed for one reason only - To get you into the store. Once in the store the sales people have only one job, get you to buy what they build in the store. The computers that are advertised are a bunch of BS. The upgrades are BS as well. Upgrading to slower ram? Won't happen, you'll get new ram. Slower harddrive? Not likely as SATA is the standard and that is what is used on all new machines they build. MDG's advertising is just ridiculous. The lines that are used when it comes to the laptops are absolutely hilarious. A brand new laptop with no audio, no ethernet port, and only a CDROM? Find one and show it to me!

2)MDG uses good hardward. True. MDG really does use decent hardware in the store builds. Intel CPUs and boards, WD SATA drives, LG drives, Kingston Ram. Not bad cases. Although there has been a rash of bad PS in some of them of late.

The bottom line with MDG is that you can get a decent computer, you just have to forget about the ads. The bait and switch on the ads is just that, ignore it. Walk in and pick your machine and have them build it. If you do want one from the advertisement then do not take the upgrades. Ignore them and demand the base system. Even if they tell you you will need a NIC card installed if you want to go on the internet. All motherboards now have onboard ethernet.

There are a lot of negatives with these people. Stay away from the 899.00 computers, they are not worth the effort. Pick a P4 based system and ignore the upgrades and you will probably get a decent computer. The generic monitor they show you in the store is pretty funny, it's actually not a bad monitor, you do know that you can make monitors look bad right?

Oh and in case you are wondering? I used to work for them.

gammerguy Posted: Jan 13 '06,  3:16 pm           Reply
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Our Saga started in September on the 29th. I
received money from the Victem Compsentation Board
after being assulted 3 years previous, I made the
decision to buy a computer. Unforutnatly hI decided
to buy from MDG. I went in and bought a system after
speaking to a sales rep, I had downgraded a couple of
things in the system so he was able to upgrade a
couple of other things. I paid aprox 1600 cash for
the system.

In the first week I found out the vidio card was the
wrong one, the power supply they installed was wrong,
the right amount of fans were not there and the one
that was, was not hooked up properly, so the first
week with the new computer was basically running back
and forth to the MDG store with the computer and having to re-format the computer.

Two weeks before christmas I were back at the store
again with the computer, i believe the power supply
was gone again, also at this time i could not get a
straight answer as to when it would be fixed as i was
told i needed to understand how busy they were as it
was christmas, poor kids at christmad getting a hunk of metal to play with

When I went to pick the computer back up aprox. 6
days later, they wanted to charge us 42 dollars for a
diagnostic fee. .....NOPE ..we had told them when we
dropped the computer off that the power suppy was the
problem and at the rate we were going with this new
computer it was going to cost us 45 dollars a month
just for a diagnostic fee.

Here we are not even 2 weeks later, the computer is
back in at the MDG store yet once again. It seems
that they cannot decide if it is the hard drive or the
power supply this time, so both need to be replaced.
It took them 6 days to even get around to looking at
it this time. When we went in finally as no one had
bothered to call us yet, we were told that of course
they did not have the proper hard drive on had but had
to order one in, and YEP guess what.....they could not
give us a straight answer as to when it would be
comming ,,,,BUT at a low cost to us of course they
could upgrade the harddrive and have it ready in a
day. (sigh)

We were told it would be a 100 dollar savings for this
new hard drive but upon having my oldest son call MDG
and do a comparrison check it seems that it is a 41
dollar savings, and we were to consider ourselves
lucky and priliaged that we got off at paying a measly
35 dollars.

So one is left to wonder how many more times we will
be left at the mercy of MDG and the " I dont know"
response, and also the cant get the part but if you
want to pay extra......or bring it in every couple of
weeks and pay the 45 dollars for the diagnostic fee,
because if you remove the sticker you void the

We are a family that thrives on technology, we have 4
computers, 1 laptop, etc... we still need to re-build
two computers in the house and you can be sure we will
shop else where at this point, the customer service
including the manager left a lot to be desired, the
no-return- no exchange , constant gouging for the 45
dollar diagnostic fee is unacceptable.
By far this is the worst company i have ever had the
misfortune to deal with.

One point, the one bright spot i did have with dealing
with this store was a young man named greg, who was
the one who seemed to be the one who was always fixing
my computer. He seemed to have a vast knowldge of
the computers that he was working on.

dennis_lake Posted: Mar 23 '06,  1:26 pm           Reply
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Dell is Hell

MDG this MDG that! Dell is 100 times worse! I guarantee this! The way they treat customers is just nuts. They have no control over the quality of their service.

ailaunie Posted: Apr 01 '06,  2:35 am           Reply
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RE: A Study in Misleading Advertising.

Got totally prodded by MDG to the point of them actually removing parts from the computer before I picked it up.
Salesman was Neil Mehdi of the Whitby store. No sucess contacting this scammer. Also many calls to Fran McLoughlin, their Quality control manager, with no reply. Next step is the the Ministry to register the complaint and also small claims court.
can I use your comments in legal action against this company?
also would like to be contacted by others with similar complaints...

bgus Posted: Apr 08 '06,  6:31 am           Reply
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My vision is OK but...

Bought a system from them (London location) over 3 years ago. I really haven't had a problem with it but...

- Not really sure about the quality of the components
- I did have to take the computer back soon after purchase when the video card was not installed properly.
- You have to be suspicious about a service coverage that becomes void if you open the tower case.
- I asked for an upgrade to an ALL IN WONDER video card - which I did receive but they could not produce the box or instructions or the install disk!!! I was given the drivers on a burned CD-R.

I really haven't had any problems since that 1st week - but I will check out other places when I buy next computer.

FYI - In London, MDG is now found inside STAPLES outlets. Don't be fooled - do the research, shop around.


mabdr2 Posted: Apr 08 '06,  9:02 am           Reply
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MDG Computers is a good company

MDG has suffered many growing pains to be where it is today...how else do you think that they are still in business??

If everyone says that their computers suck, why do they buy them?

I bought an Apton computer, and couldn't be more happy...i did my research, and only wanted brand name components inside

There is nothing wrong with this company other than making sure you get what you want.

A very satisfied MDG customer!

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