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slpinvain Posted: Nov 11 '10,  8:29 pm           Reply
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RE: Confused

Please let me know more about what the problems you know people have experienced are. I'm just about to enter into a contract with them so I'd like to know asap.


mysticboot Posted: Nov 14 '10,  10:23 am           Reply
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What's going on??

I am really unsure of what to make of all of these comments about MDG. I have been dealing with MDG for about a year now and have not had any problems. I am financing a laptop from them and received exactly what I ordered. I have not had any problems with my laptop period. I have a friend and she has a friend who have computers from MDG and they have had no problems whatsoever and their systems are exactly what they ordered and they are very computer illiterate. As for OS cd's...pretty much all computers now are not being sold with any recovery cd's but have recovery partitions on them which you need to make recovery cd's yourself. I do notice however that some of these comments are from usernames that go on multiple website forums and are constantly badmouthing companies and individuals and just seem to want to get their word in. Double check, triple check everything in your contract...double check and triple check all specs about the system you are ordering before signing the contract.

wayneljm Posted: Nov 23 '10,  1:54 pm           Reply
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RE: Confused

I've been paying for a few months on my Apton GX i7 desktop and there are a few issues with the financing, shipping, promotion and hardware that I've brought to the attention of the company with only 1 email attempting to close my case on the matter.

I reminded them that I have the choice to continue paying them and they may never see another dollar from me regardless of credit or court.

I would purchase from a local place after testing and inspecting the system in full and be sure you know the name of your sales person and warranty information before pulling out the $.

However, if like me you really dont care about details that can be easily overlooked and you have 5 other systems at your disposal then go ahead and sign with them because they will ship you a computer with zero dollars down, but just be sure you get what they promote and get them to send you a copy of what you are getting before they ship the product because in my case they are hanging on the simple fact that the free 22" lcd isn't mentionned on my invoice, and i received my invoice with the computer so I never knew until receiving it ;)

For details on what was far from 100% on my purchase you can email me

dirkwood007 Posted: Dec 20 '10,  4:46 am           Reply
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Re: mdgblows

...I'd agree that the MDG customer service or financing practices can be questionable at best...I say this with some constraint against doing a rant as to how bad they are, mainly due to the fact my system is still going strong after five years(with a couple of upgrades of course...).

However...after being told numerous times that my financing has been paid in full/finalized, they start hitting my account again(3 months after thinking it was "paid in full"...). So, I call to find out wtf is going on - naturally...

...1)Maybe the finance rep was having a bad day, because she hung up on me...! Is this considered professional customer service? (I was not disagreeable, but was simply questioning the lack-of-process behind this glitch...).

...2)Per above, was told it was due to a glitch in their system, and my "account" has already been put into their collections dept due to this 3-month stall(...a stall on their behalf...). I was told this glitch was that their "system" had informed them that i was paid in full, yet apparently i had not met the #-of-months of payments per the contract - regardless of what i've been told numerous times that my account has been paid in full.

...3)Was told that if I did not allow for funds to be accessed within a couple of weeks my "account" would be sent to the legal level, assuming this means "govern yourself"-type letters.

...4)Absolutely ZERO communications on their part regarding the re-activation of payments(much can happen in a few months re. personal banking details - eg. = I had moved and so had changed a few banking details re. address & funds dispersment, etc...).

I don't know....but i feel a bit discouraged....

Is there anyone at MDG that actually cares about this crap??

I wonder...

cportillo09 Posted: Dec 30 '10,  7:00 pm           Reply
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Complain against MDG

I wanted to get a Laptop from MDG and was told that it would be shipped as soon as they received the first payment. I hadn't even sent them all the documents they were asking for, along with the application, when they went an withdraw the first payment from my bank account. Now They want me to make 4 payments before they ship anything and wont even consider cancelling my application and issue a refund. I haven't even seen pictures of the damn Laptop! How can I trust this people?

smokymark Posted: Mar 21 '11,  10:23 am           Reply
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MDG Unfair Business Practices in Alberta

MDG Computers has been found to have engaged in 'unfair business practices" according to an investigation by the Alberta government. In a decision dated Dec. 15, 2008, the company's retail operations in Calgary and Edmonton were found to have failed to comply with the Fair Trading Act by, among other allegations, advertising systems at 'special/ price discounts that were in fact no different from the regular prices, charging for additional parts/accessories that were not included/installed, and offering 'free' bonus items that proved to be unavailable to purchasers despite meeting the requirements for these offers. This can be seen at http://www.servicealberta.gov.ab.ca/pdf/directors-orders/MDG.pdf

To anyone considering a product from MDG, ensure that you get EVERYTHING in writing as to what is in your offer, (software AND hard copy disks, as well as accessories, parts, features and peripherals), exact quote on WHAT you will be paying and the interest rate being charged on financing, and warranty details. As of March 2011, the current offer online is a 'free 22" LDC HDTV with any purchase of a desktop or laptop computer when financed 'in-house' by MDG.

NDG seems to offer some good values, but it is difficult to be sure when their online site doesn't give you specs or overall price - just "from as little as $0.59 cents per day OAC". Buyer beware is the principle to keep in mind here...

reverendgail Posted: May 02 '11,  8:56 pm           Reply
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RE: The end

can u still help with mdg shutting down my pc if so great if not can u tell me what part of the pc they access ie they access the mobo so that means i can use all the other parts to build another pc. Can i do that and would that work ?

kataklysm Posted: May 05 '11,  11:15 am           Reply
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mdg 2011

i was wondering what they use these days at mdg to lock a computer up if you havnt paid and also how to get around it

fxrsz82 Posted: May 09 '11,  4:04 am           Reply
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RE: MDG Computers (Toronto)

I had an MDG computer built for me.
1. 2 -250 gig hard drives not installed as ordered,they substituted to 160 gig drives instead.
2. In first few months of operation, I had...a western digital hard drive of theirs fail,the motherboard fail..rather replace the motherboard they added a stand alone audio card as a cheaper fix & I had their power supply fail as well.
Just food for thought before you hire these folks for computer building..don't!!

fxrsz82 Posted: May 09 '11,  4:26 am           Reply
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Beware of MDG!!
Read this!! Government of Albert6a report on MDG !

dabest1ever Posted: May 23 '11,  12:31 pm           Reply
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RE: Help at hand

Hi,Nova..I was just trying to find a way to contact you but i dont see any links to email you or anything. Are you still offering help with the MDG Platform ID problem? I could really use some help here?!!

dabest1ever Posted: May 23 '11,  1:14 pm           Reply
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RE: The end

I Do not see a way to email you? Is MDG removing peoples email adresses to prevent you guys from helping? It wouldnt surprise me! BASTARDS

kataklysm Posted: May 24 '11,  10:46 am           Reply
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mdg 2011

do they still use the modified bios and if so would using a jumper for the bios fix the problem with being locked out or take the cmos battery out then when you gain accses could you flash the bios from windows to an updated version would that fix the problem?????

mistress66 Posted: Jun 28 '11,  7:25 am           Reply
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RE: MDG Unfair Business Practices in Alberta

I am researching and thoroughly. I have had experiences with future shop/staples/ etc. Now technology at best changes, I read your post. So far the "sales rep" has answered in email and on the phone all my questions. The reviews I found poor from earlier years. They are definitely sales oriented. The technique is to get you on he phone. I am replying direct to your post as the specs are there perhaps they added them after? Still researching and questioning. My toshiba lasted under 2 years. Even with warranty.. it was not salvaged. But I could buy... That was from Staples. will be reading more posts, but wanted to note here the specs are there.

mistress66 Posted: Jun 28 '11,  7:32 am           Reply
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RE: Fraud

Is there anything current ? from 2008 to 2011 is a long time to make changes. Thoughts? They did have a run of bad reviews. However...?? (reading more posts)

indigomary Posted: Jul 12 '11,  1:22 pm           Reply
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RE: MDG Computers

Sounds like you work for them.
MDG is a rip off company. Make sure you read the fine print before signing.

indigomary Posted: Jul 12 '11,  1:30 pm           Reply
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RE: MDG Computers is a good company

Pffftttt...as if

dylanw15 Posted: Jul 17 '11,  11:30 am           Reply
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RE: The end

hey, i have been paying mdg for 4 years now for a crap computer and all the sudden they have started putting 3 payments a month, so any ways i stoped paying them and now its locked. changing the date no longer works. can you help.

twilighttime Posted: Jul 31 '11,  5:18 pm (Updated: Jul 31 '11,  5:21 pm)           Reply
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MDG Financing...

MDG used Wells Fargo Financial for their payment plans. FWIW, my computer was nothing but trouble from the start and MDG wouldn't admit there was a problem with my machine. To make a long story short, I ended up defaulting on my payments and basically telling them to go to hell, I wasn't paying for a piece of junk computer. After many threatening phone calls and letters from collection agencies demanding payment "or else", they finally got the message and all of the sudden started to leave me alone. That was over 7 months ago now and I've not had a letter or phone call from them since. Don't give up. Their day is coming I assure you. I'm surprised these clowns are even still in business. Check out the BBB reports on this shady company--not for the faint of heart...

daigle81 Posted: Aug 05 '11,  9:14 pm           Reply
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RE: The end


If you have a solution for the modified bios, i would really like to have it.. if possible.

I ordered an MDG computer, it arrives next week. I can't wait to see which kind of crap they sent me. I hope though there is no issues.

I read on intel website, you can use the windows utility to automatically detect the bios you have and auto flash the bios from windows. I don't know if that does the trick, but it is worth a try.

Thank you for your reply..

oh by the way my email is: ricricdaigle@hotmail.com

Thanks :D

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