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Including ingredients in a review
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bonniesayers Original Post: May 24 '04,  5:37 pm           Reply
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Including ingredients in a review

Since I have had eczema my whole life and allergic to lanolin I really need to see the ingredients in a cosmetic review.

Actually for cleaners I would too, but I use the pre-treated wipes while wearing cotton gloves to minimize the risk.

With all the allergic reactions around to dyes and chemicals I feel ingredients should be listed.

I usually go to walgreens.com and drugstore.com to get them to cut and paste within the review, unless it is a small list on the box.

Since I buy items on ebay now at a fraction of the cost I ask the seller if the item contains lanolin before I make the purchase.

Do others feel the ingredients are a key asset to the review and do you rate differently if that data is not listed?

As a reader I personally do not like the attitude some reviewers add to their review that insinuate those with allergy problems should not have this data available in the review.

When you read in the K&F section the reviews do not say "for those that need to know about batteries", or in H&G they do not say " for those that need to know about the attachments", so why the need to state "for those that need to know about ingredients" in beauty reviews?

For those with allergic reactions trying a product that produces rashes, hives, etc is not a pleasant experience and depending on the allergy could be a serious complication. Maybe when posting a review one should consider how it reads to someone who really needs to know this information before assuming the reader is being picky or lazy.

I am on dozens of disability lists where kids have to have a gluten and casein free diet and others must avoid dyes - Feingold diet. This means reading labels on everything and special toothpastes and soaps must be purchased. The same for shampoos and detergents. Plus many have sensory issues and certain textures must be avoided.

I would like to see more ingredients listed in all sections that have products with ingredients and less focus on those who are rating them differently, because it means a great deal to their health and their concerns should be taken seriously as well.


shantel575 Posted: May 25 '04,  7:59 am           Reply
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re: Ingredients in reviews

I have some sensitive skin issues as well so I like to read ingredients in skincare product reveiws, BUT... I don't think ingredients are necessary for a VH review. Listing ingredients is up to the writer. If they choose not to list the ingredients, I don't rate any differently based on that.

Besides, even if someone does list ingredients, and I decide to purchase the product, I'm going to read the ingredients myself before I use it just to double check. I would never rely solely on an Epinion before using a product that may contain something I'm sensitive/allergic to. So it doesn't really matter if they are listed in the review, bottom line.

If an author wishes to include them, great. If not, that's totally fine too. I've read plenty of VH reviews without ingredients. I hope no one feels the need to down-rate a review based on whether the writer has listed the ingredients or not. Epinions are about personal experience USING a product more than anything, everything else is just an added bonus.

Just my .02 cents :)


pippadaisy Posted: May 26 '04,  5:48 pm           Reply
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I add that text...

Bonnie, I often add that text to point out to others that some of us DO have a need for ingredients, and that's why. I know that there are some who read reviews who feel that ingredients lists are nothing more than filler.

I always appreciate the lists, because while I always check ingredients before I buy something, I'll know not to bother going to get something that's impossible for us to use. When I'm in Target with three little ones, I don't want to go get something that sounded perfect here on Eps only to find out we can't use it after reading.

Freak369 Posted: Nov 24 '04,  11:33 am           Reply
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RE: I add that text...

I started adding the ingredients after my son had an allergic reaction to some laundry detergent. If someone doesn't want to read them then they can skip it. On a side note to Shantel - it's a great idea to double check the ingredients if you are allergic to anything. You never know when a manufacturer is going to switch the ingredients on you :]

PattyTherre Posted: Jan 20 '05,  11:04 pm           Reply
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I do it

I have been posting ingredients in my recent reviews. I find that, since I have sensitive skin, I am interested in what the stuff has in it. Sometimes, even if my skin isn't sensitive to the ingredients, a long list of unnecessary ingredients will help me to decide not to try a product.

I try to think of what a person who is making a decision whether or not to buy a product based on my review would want to see. Some couldn't care less what is it a beauty product but many do.

I don't think it hurts the review any and it can only help some people to make a decision. So far, listing the ingredients hasn't hurt my ratings and I hope it has helped some to decide one way or the other on a product.


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