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Natural, Effective & Cheap Cure for Toenail Fungus
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amyk49 Original Post: Sep 22 '05,  9:06 am           
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Natural, Effective & Cheap Cure for Toenail Fungus

I just wanted to share with you the fantastic results my husband has gotten from this easy cure for toenail fungus.

He's had a terrible problem on two of his toenails with fungus. He never sought medical attention, because he figured they'd just prescribe something like Lamasil, which is hard on the liver. Doing a search on the internet (don't have the URL now, because it's been several months ago), I found a natural cure - vinegar! Inexpensive, natural, and - guess what - it WORKS!

You just need to spray it on the affected nails twice a day, soaking the nails well. DO NOT miss a single day, though! As you spray the vinegar, it will kill the fungus, and new, healthy nail will grow out. But if you don't keep spraying, the fungus can spread to the new nail. So you need to keep treating, twice a day, until the entire fungus-affected nail has totally grown out.

My husband noticed that new, healthy nail was indeed growing out after using the vinegar. He's been diligent with applying, and the fungus is now almost entirely gone and grown out. Amazing. This has been an awful problem for him - and he's grateful to have found such an inexpensive, natural, and effective cure. Hope this might help someone out there with a similar problem. (Just remember to keep applying every day.)


shantel575 Posted: Sep 23 '05,  9:56 pm           
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RE: Natural, Effective & Cheap Cure for Toenail Fungus

wow that's great Amy! Can't beat that!


mrpimms Posted: Nov 28 '05,  10:58 am           
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Nail Fungus - Alternative Treatment

While at the risk of skirting the spam policy here, I think this offers enough value to post. If too many members don't like it, I'll pull it, but people should know what's out there. Internally ingested prescription medicines have been causing a lot of grief due to their side effects so here's my opinion as someone who's been researching this for a while...

If you search the web you'll find just as many people saying vinegar doesn't work, as those who say it does. More commonly, the same goes for Tea Tree Oil, and Vicks Vapo-Rub, and many lesser treatments. The reason, I believe is that there are many variations in people's physiology as well as nail fungus strains.

I work for a company (as the web guy), that created a treatment which combines active ingredients found in Vicks, Tiger Balm, Tea Tree Oil, and other web "miracle" cures. The ingredients are natural and all readily available OTC, you can make it yourself if you care to.

We started with a doctor's article, and pharmacist's own test to derive our main ingredients. We then took the next most common effective treatment, so a wider variation of fungus would be less likely to survive a treatment cycle.

The treatment is called DF2 Nail Fungus Eraser.

[here's the part I think that justifies this post]
It's "secret ingredients" are found by reading the labels of products like Tiger Balm, Vicks, and other penetrating products, because there have been some successful studies showing they work.

We then added Tea Tree Oil,(although we have not found any definitive study, there's enough holistic testimonial out there to make us think that adding it would make the product more responsive to more people - less trial and error).

So my point is that if vinegar doesn't work, you can also try:
-Vicks Vapo-Rub type products
-Tea Tree Oil based products
-Floride-based products
-DMSO Based products

Or you can try our product, which contains some of the most effective ingredients found in products above. We're at www.fungus-gone.com. This may end up being cheaper because it has a money-back guarantee.

The most common thread in all these topical treatments is consistency. It won't work if you don't use it once or twice a day, without fail. Based on everything I've read, you should see results 2-3 weeks, if you don't you should return to your doctor, because what you have may not be a simple nail infection at all.

amyk49 Posted: Nov 29 '05,  5:51 am           
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RE: Nail Fungus - Alternative Treatment

I have sent you an email regarding this post, requesting you edit to remove your website URL.


mbader Posted: Dec 04 '05,  5:43 pm           
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Fungus cure

I have suffered from the fungus problem in my finger nails. I to have tried many solutions including Lamosil, Vick's Vapor Rub, and Vinegar, and agree that many solutions don't work for everyone. I came across another solution that has cured my fungus problem. I soaked my fingers in a 50%-50% solution of distilled vinegar and Hyrdogen Peroxide (for about a minute), I then washed and dried my fingers and soaked them in a 20%-80% solution of water and clorox (for about 30 seconds). I then would wash and dry the fingers and apply tea tree oil with vaseline. I did this for three days. Afterwards I applied the tea tree oil once a day for two weeks. The fungus was killed immediately and the nails grew back. I have since been researching the reasons I grew the fungus in the first place and am looking at treatments to rid my body of this fungus.

revlon Posted: Dec 11 '05,  8:17 am           
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cheap & effective remedy for onychomycosis

Recently I came across an alternative therapist who advised to use two drops of paraffin(kerosene)on the affected toenail and continue to use it for a few weeks to get rid of the fungus. It worked. wonderful remedy.

jbob Posted: Feb 07 '06,  7:54 am           
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Nail Fungus Natural Permanent Cure

I lived with nail fungus for 12 years. Both toe's and fingers. I went through 2 expensive Lamisil treatments and the results were positive but temporary. After extensive research I found that the problem was caused indirectly by Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea causes poor circulation to the extremities. Poor circulation is a major cause of nail fungus. Sleeping on a CPAP has cured the circulation problem and in-turn my nails heeled on their own for the first time ever with no recurrences. I've been nail fungus free for over 6 months now. A sleep study can easily determine if you have Sleep Apnea. Consult your physician.

amyk49 Posted: Feb 13 '06,  6:43 am           
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RE: Amy, regarding your husband's treatment


It seems that his nail is now all grown out cleanly with no fungus. He is not using the vinegar any more. Of course it takes quite a while for the nail to completely grow out, and you need to apply daily, without skipping a day, until the nail is grown out.

Also, I didn't think I specified, but you can just use the cheap, distilled white vinegar. He put it in a spray bottle and just sprayed it on the nail. You'll have a vinegar smell for a few minutes, but the smell goes away quickly after it dries/evaporates.

It really did work for him, but the key is to be diligent about applying every day, perferrably twice a day, until the fungus has completely grown out and all you see is a clean nail. Then you can stop using the vinegar. But if you see any hint of fungus returning, begin the treatment again. So far he hasn't had any recurrence.

Hope this helps - good luck!


amyk49 Posted: Feb 13 '06,  3:59 pm           
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RE: Oooh

I looked at the picture at the link you provided, and I would say my husband's was worse. It covered pretty much his entire big toenail, and also some on the second toenail.

Yes, he just sprayed it on the surface of the nail. Just have patience. The vinegar will kill the fungus, but to toally get rid of it you need to keep spraying until the whole fungus part is grown out and gone.


momexec Posted: Feb 25 '06,  11:25 am           
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Tea Tree Oil


I understand and can vouch for the Tea Tree Oil! That stuff has worked wonders on plenty ailments that my family has had over the years. We continue to use it daily as for my family has real bad eczema issues. If possible, I recommend you try some to see if it would help.

toe2go Posted: Mar 14 '06,  11:23 am           
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Toenail photos

Hi, good to hear about the different ways that you are fighting this toenail fungus. I am using a tea tree oil mixture that works fine.

That photo that you refer to above is actually from a website that talks about using the prescription internal meds - that I am staying away from. Is that REALLY your picture? or did you just use it as being similar to yours? Never mind, it doesn't matter.

But I wanted to let you know about a website (non-profit) that has photos of toe fungus www.toenailfungus.org. That has many photos that people have sent in, and you could use that for reference as to the severity of your condition.

Thanks for the great posts!


mrs-j Posted: Mar 19 '06,  11:04 am (Updated: Mar 19 '06,  11:05 am)           
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RE: Oooh

Amy, I too just stumbled upon this while Googling. Good to hear about this remedy!

I've got a slight discoloration in one toenail that I fear may be fungus. I went to a doctor and he prescribed Penlac, but it's so expensive and I really doubt its ability to get under my nail. I was looking for something else to treat this problem. I decided to soak with vinegar today, after reading about it on the web. Now I'm off to find a spray bottle so I can spray it twice a day. Thanks again for mentioning this!

And thanks to the others who have commented re: tea tree oil, etc. I'm going to probably buy some of that as well, and also look into the probiotic treatments out there. Good stuff, thank you all !

ultrasooner Posted: May 14 '06,  3:13 pm           
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RE: Oooh


I am starting on the vinegar treatment today.

Did your husband have to cut his nail back, or did he just start using the vinegar? I thought mine was bad, but some, I have seen, are a lot worse than mine.

amyk49 Posted: May 14 '06,  8:25 pm           
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RE: Oooh

He didn't cut his nail back any further than normal, just started spraying. Good luck!


deborahwilson2 Posted: May 15 '06,  7:22 am           
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toenail fungus - vaporub

Don`t know if this is a current discussion topic but I am so thrilled with the results of vaporub I feel the need to share!

I work on a dive boat and had developed that horrible whitish discoloration in my big toenails taking over most of the nail, it started about 4 years ago, obviously from not drying feet properly between dives and wearing bootees for my fins. This was a HUGE source of embarassment for me, might not sound like much but all the other female divers have beautifully pedicured nails when they come to dive for the day and I had these nasty looking feet, so I compounded the problem by hiding them in my bootees....

Anyway, I tried Sporanox, Lamasil, vinegar, chlorine, cutting down the nail to painful extremes, nothing made any difference at all. Two days ago I read how Vicks Vaporub cleared up someone`s fungus in hours, I was hugely sceptical but had nothing to lose other than the $2.00 for the vaporub, literally within hours the nasty crusty whiteness had gone!!! I`m still waiting to see how the nails grow back (I had cut them down drastically) but they are all healthy and pink and clear at the moment. Evidently it depends on the type of fungus or infection you have but it`s certainly worth trying! Off to contemplate my lovely clear toenails.....


monkeyyyyyy Posted: May 17 '06,  4:40 am           
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Post: 57647

I think I saw your post on another website and just wanted to catch up with you with some questions. Are you still applying the vaporub or did you stop that after so many days and are now just watching the nail grow in? Thanks.

nairammto Posted: May 21 '06,  9:28 am           
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fungal toenails

Hi, I am currently trying a 'cure' called acidophilis beer soak add 1 litre of guiness, 1 litre of white distilled vinegar, 50 billion acidophilis bacteria, soak feet in solution for 20 mins before going to bed, solution can be kept in fridge and reused. Every 3 days add another 50 billion acidophilis. Do this daily for 30 days or until you see normal healthy toenail growth, you can also add urea paste to the nail during the day, this will help the fungul nail to disolve, I will let you know if it works. Good luck. I found this on www.healthegoods.com

monkeyyyyyy Posted: May 23 '06,  6:21 am           
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RE: fungal toenails

I tried that soak for about two weeks and then stopped. I really didn't see any improvement after two weeks, but maybe my fungus just didn't react to it like others did. Also, I have to admit, I kind of got grossed out looking at that big jug of foot soak in my fridge every day! I hope it works for you. Please let us know.

noonereally Posted: Jun 14 '06,  7:54 pm           
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Need Help

My infection started when I stupped my big toe witch caused the nail to lift slightly. I ignored it as the bruse dissolved and my pedicures continued I assumed the discoloration was still brusing but realised the nail was still lifting My problem is I can uncomfortably fit a toothpick under te nail and stuff is there. My nail looks fine from cuticle to half way but then lifts the nail itself looks healthy just under it is bad I read all these treatments but how do you fix it when it is under the nail any one else have this type problem and if so what was your treatment By the way Vicks made my toe tingle for hours and I couldnt seem to stop it even with washing I cant see my self doing that for weeks and dealing with the tingle. Im not on the internet often so If you do have a comment relating to this please email me corrinekessler@gmail.com

amyk49 Posted: Jun 14 '06,  8:08 pm           
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RE: Need Help

Hi there. I don't think the problem you are having is a nail fungus, which is quite different from an infection. Frankly, I'd suggest you go to the doctor. I'll bet they can get it taken care of quickly. But I wouldn't mess around with it yourself. JMHO.

Good luck!


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