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What is the way to get data
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ymfd Original Post: Mar 23 '09,  7:23 pm           
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What is the way to get data

I am a researcher of computer science and I want to do some experiments for the trust network.

By the paper read before, many researchers had obtained data of trust and review from Epinions for their experiments.

My question is can someone tell me the way to get the data or the way to contact related staff?

Thank you.

pvreditor Posted: Mar 23 '09,  8:09 pm (Updated: Mar 24 '09,  6:18 am)           
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RE: What is the way to get data

I suggest you contact Christal, who is Epinions' community liaison person. Her e-mail address is on her Epinions profile page, which is at:



sleeper54 Posted: Mar 23 '09,  9:28 pm           
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...and do not forget to . . .


. . .and do not forget to come back at some future date and share some of your observations.

Once you start investigating the idea of 'trust' here on Epinions ... you will not believe how whacked it all really can be.


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