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Category Leads
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critic64 Original Post: Dec 29 '11,  4:17 pm           
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Category Leads

Does anyone have an updated list of Leads in each category for obtaining sap's? The list I have seems to be outdated.


scmrak Posted: Dec 29 '11,  5:05 pm           
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The official list:


sleeper54 Posted: Dec 29 '11,  7:03 pm           
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Or perhaps she was wondering if there is an update of this page..??

Epinions SAP Request Info

It seems the 'books' request page, as linked above, is not the same as the link displayed on the category Leads' pages.


popsrocks Posted: Dec 29 '11,  9:06 pm           
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RE: Sorry

It's gone now. All is well. you can delete your last post here if you like and if so, I'll do the same with this one.


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