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Fedex Hands Off Package To USPS
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termy Original Post: Feb 09 '10,  10:16 am           Reply
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Fedex Hands Off Package To USPS

Yep, just like the title says, Fedex is now handing over packages to the United States Postal Service. I started noticing this a month ago. So, I checked the tracking information and sure enough, my packages were being handed off to the USPS.

Fedex is calling this the "last mile" project or something like that. What I call it is, Fedex are too lazy to deliver our packages now, so they dump them off to the USPS. Fedex knows USPS has to deliver because they are a government organization.

So I ask you, whats the bloody point of using Fedex when they are just going to hand over your package to the USPS? The whole point of using Fedex in the first place for most people in the US is cause its common knowledge that the USPS is not really that good. Horror stories of your package being lossed or damaged. Stories that your money was stolen cause of their X-ray readers.

Fedex conviently decided not to inform the public about this, rather let us all figure it out by ourselves. I am not happy about all this. And frankly, if this is the way its going to be, then I rather companies ship my packages via UPS or stop screwing around ad ship through the USPS in the first place, at least my shipping rate will be cheaper!

What do you guys think about all this?

pvreditor Posted: Feb 09 '10,  7:50 pm           Reply
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RE: Fedex Hands Off Package To USPS

I actually had the opposite happen a couple weeks ago. An item that was sent by US Mail (and shipping paid at parcel post rates) was delivered by a FedEx truck. I didn't know what that was about, but at least I got my package.


ladyconsumer Posted: Feb 10 '10,  2:34 am           Reply
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RE: Fedex Hands Off Package To USPS

This is very interesting - I didn't know anything like that was going on. Cost-saving measures are in play, I would imagine. Seems to me they should at least be upfront about it.


termy Posted: Feb 10 '10,  9:14 am           Reply
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RE: Fedex Hands Off Package To USPS

Agreed, because if they were, at least it would not feel like there is some huge conspiracy going on. I always think its a shame when companies care more about their bottom line, then their customers. Have you guys read the articles pertaining to the worlds most untrusted banks who are like that? I have and I find its a shame, just a shame.

termy Posted: Feb 10 '10,  9:16 am           Reply
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RE: Fedex Hands Off Package To USPS

I guess USPS flipped a coin and decided Fedex should go this time? The days of common sence shipping are over, begun the shipping war has. lol

lousygolfer Posted: Feb 10 '10,  10:53 am           Reply
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It's not that recent of a trend

I think Fed-Ex has been doing this for at least a year, from my own personal experiences. I've received three or four such packages in my mail box that were supposed to have been shipped Fed-Ex and discovered that it was taking an extra one to three days to deliver to the postal service and eventually arrive at my door. I don't think UPS does this, but the third shipping company, whose name escapes me right now (and they may have gone out of business in the past year or two, I believe their names starts with a "T"), used to do this, too.

termy Posted: Feb 10 '10,  11:45 am           Reply
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RE: It's not that recent of a trend

Really? Fedex has been doing this for a year now? That sucks, I guess they just started doing it here a couple months ago.

It saddens me because I used to like Fedex a whole lot. When buying packages or sending packages, I always used UPS or Fedex cause I have found over the years that they have been the best! I always said, "forget DHL & USPS." lol

Oh well, times changed I guess, and I got to change with them. Or.......We could skip Fedex all together now if companies change their shipping carriers. I got to admit though, I always loved Fedex's express saver option, UPS doesn't have that.

I really don't like the USPS though, cause I have had packages come to me damaged before. And sometimes I swear they are looking inside my package. And our carrier that is on our rout, she is always putting our mail into somebody else's box. So annoying! lol

jamesky Posted: Apr 15 '10,  8:21 am           Reply
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Fedex to USPS

Sure enough. I ordered a package from Indianapolis on the 13th. After a couple of days, using their own website tracking, I saw it had reached Grove City, Ohio. It left that evening but said USPS had received shipping information. The delivery day was estimated to be the 19th. Today is the 15th. So my package was delivered I assume, to my hometown as of Thursday morning. If the date is correct, I will have to wait over the weekend for USPS to deliver to my house. That sucks. FedEx has made a big mistake for their reputation on this.

termy Posted: Apr 19 '10,  4:56 pm           Reply
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RE: Fedex to USPS

Yeah cause, they simply don't care about their reputation. They care more about their bottom line, the money involved. They know USPS is no good, but do they care? If you asked me, this whole shipping adventure is going to hell in a hand basket.

When I received my package that contained my new heater, I was standing in my driveway, watching the truck, waiting for the guy to hand me the package. I saw him come back to the front of his vehicle, and he violently flipped over the box, to read the barcode.

Frankly, I didn't like the way he treated my package, but the reason I didn't say anything was, its got packing material in it for this sort of thing, should be ok, and it was.

What really sucks about all this, is how much we pay for shipping. Think about it, haven't you all seen a difference in shipping costs in the last 10 years? Remember the days when shipping a package cost 3 dollars? Now we pay 10 dollars for shipping, just so they can play "bounce the box." I'd like to bounce their heads and see if they like it LOL

ssjakira1 Posted: Apr 20 '10,  9:42 pm (Updated: Apr 20 '10,  9:44 pm)           Reply
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RE: Fedex Hands Off Package To USPS

I don't use FedEx anyway and the last time I used UPS, my package was more ghetto than if I'd packaged and sent it.

I now carefully package everything myself and just use the USPS. That way I know even if it gets thrown around or they let attack dogs play with it, it'll be safe.

elcamaro15 Posted: Apr 21 '11,  5:07 pm           Reply
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fedex hands

As a fedex driver I can tell you there's nothing more in my ten hour (minimum), no benefit, salary day than to make deliveries for ups. I don't like their attitude about either...like i have a choice. I deliver what's put on my truck. If ups or vice versa fedex can't handle their loads they will do WHATEVER to get the packages delivered. Because fedex is run by CONTRACTORS and ups has a UNION maybe you should talk to your teamster or whatever.

phungus Posted: Apr 25 '11,  2:02 pm           Reply
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RE: fedex hands

Imagine how much the ending of Castaway would have sucked if it just showed Tom Hanks going to the post office to mail the packages he kept on the island.

city310city Posted: Apr 29 '11,  10:23 am           Reply
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Dammit I hate USPS

Idk..... First I got a confirmation email saying that my package was sent via USPS.... (whatever)

A day later it was in FED Ex's hands....... (WTF??)

2 Days ago its going back to USPS... (WTF!!!?!?!?!)

USPS has the worst tracking ever.. it says they don't have record of pacakage.... idc... I have never relied on USPS tracking for anything.. its a joke..

Fed Ex tracking is showing in transit.. its almost going to be 7 business days tomorrow.... WTF IS MY PACKAGE..!!??

its coming from 3 states over.... I've gotten packages from NY to LA in 3 days regular mail....

now its taking a week to go 3 states over....???

termy Posted: May 14 '11,  8:24 am           Reply
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RE: Dammit I hate USPS

Times have changed. Its not about the consumer anymore, its about them. They deliver when they feel like it, and most often the case, they deliver to the wrong house, forcing you to travel miles to pickup your package, that should have been delivered at your house!

I had to call these companies before lodging complaints about improper service received regarding my packages. And its more often then not, that my package is received damaged with holes in it.


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