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Should I get a Zune HD over the iPod Touch?
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gadgetarian Original Post: Sep 27 '09,  11:49 pm           
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Should I get a Zune HD over the iPod Touch?

Question: Should I get a Zune HD over the iPod Touch? What is so great about the new Zune?

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nc10 Posted: Sep 28 '09,  8:25 pm (Updated: Sep 28 '09,  8:36 pm)           
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RE: Should I get a Zune HD over the iPod Touch?

We've had an ipod touch in our family for the past 18 months or so. Also a couple of iPhones, and a 2nd gen 8gb Zune MP3 player. I've looked at the Zune HD, its hard for me to see why I'd purchase one instead of an iPod touch. I don't have a Zune HD, based on window shopping, I'd say the most attactive features of the Zune HD are:

1. Microsoft's Zune Pass subscription service. $15/month to listen to any song you want from the Zune service, which appears to be a competitive library of tunes to songs available on iTunes, amazon, etc. Stop paying $15 a month, though, and you can't listen to the songs any more....... EXCEPT, you get to download 10 songs each month that you can keep forever. If there was something similar to the Zune Pass on itunes or on the Amazon music store, I think it would be wildly popular.

2. I like the Zune software better than iTunes, on windows pc, at least. I'm constantly amazed by how sluggish and non intuitive iTunes is. iTunes is a great podcast aggregator.

3. The Zune OLED screen and form factor are a slight plus vs the iPod touch, but very slight, to me at least.

4. FM radio (HD, too, maybe its catching on)

5. HD video. But, you must buy a $90 dock to output HD video to your HDTV. How many HD video's are you going to have on even a 32gb zune anyways? Maybe Microsoft will develop a compelling video store for HD video, but I'm happy enough with netflix DVD's and streaming video. My understanding is that if you've bought videos on Xbox live, you can download them to your zune HD.

Taking 1-5 together, to me, they're not enough to overcome the advantages of the iPod touch, the huge and growing number of (incredibly) inexpensive and free applications and games available from the iTunes store, and the wide selection available peripherals. I could see Microsoft putting together a competitve application/gane store (they've done it with the Xbox), but I'd think it will take a couple years.

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