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Repair Master Extended Warranty
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stephiee Original Post: Feb 24 '07,  10:30 am           Reply
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Repair Master Extended Warranty

When I purchased a $2300 Toshiba 52 inch DLP TV I also purchased one of these extended warranties for $275. Just as the package advised I registered online. Within a week I received a CONFIRMATION stating that the warranty was valid. This included my address, phone number and e-mail address. Two years later, when I need the warranty and call Repair Master, I am told that they were never paid by the vendor and therefore my warranty is invalid. THEY NEVER TRIED TO CONTACT US. It is their policy to contact the vendor (Who is no longer in business). How do I know that their records are accurate??? Why would they contact only the vendor and not the customer??? Be very cautious about these warranties. You could be scammed.

AVaddict Posted: Feb 26 '07,  3:31 pm           Reply
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RE: Repair Master Extended Warranty

who exactly did you register the product with? repair master or toshiba?

xiphoid Posted: Mar 01 '07,  4:28 pm (Updated: Mar 01 '07,  4:28 pm)           Reply
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RE: Repair Master Extended Warranty

Do you still have the confirmation? If you did receive one, and you were not told anything had changed, I would definitely try to talk to someone about it, as you aren't at fault.

I don't know much about these warranties, though. I always turn them down to save a few bucks.


busy-doc Posted: Aug 03 '08,  12:38 pm           Reply
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RepaiMaster Extended Warranty

After reading this message board I have decided not to buy the RepairMaster warranty. It looks a rip-off operation if they deny benefits after taking your money and sending a confirmation package.

ioncowboy Posted: Aug 10 '08,  12:53 pm           Reply
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RE: RepaiMaster Extended Warranty

Ditto --I was thinking about getting a 5 yr warranty with them but this posting has changed my mind.

nylaphx Posted: Sep 19 '08,  4:46 pm           Reply
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Excellent experience with Repair Master

I understand you had a bad experience, not sure who's fault it was as it related to this situation but I have to relay my personal experience with 2 TV's issues with Repair Master.

I had a Toshiba DLP TV and whatever the main part is went out, I called them, they sent out someone who confirmed that it was the main TV part (sorry don't know what it is called). After a few days repair master called me and said they had another TV for me, the one I had was discontinued but they had a substitute. The sub didn't meet my needs (too big on the base for the stand I was using so I declined) they set up credit for the FULL price of the TV for me at Second Act (refurb place, the first one was a refurb) and I then bought a Sharp LCD with another 5 year warranty.

2 years later the Sharp develops a thin green line down the the full horizontal length of the TV. The repair guy comes out, says it is the main panel, about a week goes by and repair master calls me again and says they are going to "cash me out" of the TV since again the panel is the main part of the TV.

I purchased a NEW Panasonic LCD (consumer reports highest rated LCD) and ANOTHER WARRANTY for 5 years, it took about 3 weeks but I got a check from Repair Master in the mail for the FULL price I had paid for the Sharp (not prorated for 2 years of use, FULL price).

I normally do not buy extended warranties on anything, and I buy a lot of refurbed electronics, but I have learned over the years that big TV's seem to have issues.

Bottom line I spent about $400 total on the first 2 warranties and I thought the service on the phone and after the fact was pretty amazing. I live in a small little town of 10,000 people in No AZ so I wasn't even sure a repair guy would come at first.

I don't know how any of their other warranties work but I would 1000% recommend Repair Master for TVs.

jnsoriano Posted: Oct 06 '08,  7:58 am           Reply
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Repairmaster SCAM STAY AWAY!

I bought repairmaster for a plasma TV in 2005. It is their RMT4YR2500 for $279.95. It is supposedly a 4yr warranty on top of manufacturer's warranty for TV under $2500.

I have been trying for the last 3 weeks to file a claim since the tv's image is distorted and a crackling sound is coming from the back of the tv when turned on. I spoke to 5 different people w/in the last 3 weeks and I got no where. They said that they cannot proceed because the info they have about my TV on their system is incorrect and that they need to correct it. I provided them with my reciepts and all. They even gave me a hard time when I was faxing my receipts. Everytime I tried faxing, it seems my fax number was purposedly blocked (they ask you first what fax # you are trying to fax before you send it thru, so when it was not going thru after about 20X, I refaxed it from a different number and it went thru right away first try. It is just one of their delaying tactics)It took a whole week just to get my reciepts to them via fax.

Now they have my reciepts. Last week the person I spoke to told me it will take 3-5 business days to correct my info on their system. 3-5 days to type 13 characters off a keyboard to correct info? That's rediculous! THe guy I was talking to could have done that while we were on the pghone for 45 minutes, going back and forth with the incoming fax I was trying to send. Anyway that was last week, 7 days ago.

I just called today and spoke to an obnoxious service guy (James, I wish upon you that you'll never ever talk to a rep like this guy, he is a "piece of work") just to find out that no one has changed my info on thier system. Their excuse: 'THEY ARE BACKED UP'. I asked for a manager?supervisor and James said "NO, YOU CANNOT TALK TO ONE BECAUSE THEY CANNOT DO OR CAHNGE ANYTHING". I was so upset that I have to hang up on the guy.

I tried their website: perairmaster.com and they have a chat service. I was hoping I can make connection to a reasonable rep but their chat service does not work: "ALL REP ARE CURRENTLY BUSY"

So here i am almost 4 weeks into trying to get service from a warranty that cost more than 10% of the total TV cost and I got nothing. Save your sanity... do not buy Repairmaster Warranties by WARRANTECH. Just spend the money for a better quality brand name and hope it will last longer or ask if the manufacturer offer extended warranty and buy the instead... not 3rd party like Repairmaster Warranty... DON'T GET SCAMMED!

dnchapm Posted: Nov 30 '08,  5:40 pm           Reply
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RepairMasterô extended plasma TV warranty

Based on the the response to this topic, does anyone have a recommendation on where to buy a reliable ESC (extended service contract).

johncarol Posted: Jan 15 '09,  6:30 pm           Reply
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Repair master

I bought a repair master warranty on my large TV. It has developed a problem and I had to search for a phone number to call them. I finally found it, and as I type this, I have been on "hold" (read "ignore") for 45 minutes, listening to their music and the occassional message, "all representatives are assisting other customers."

Stay away from this company.

dray98 Posted: Jan 20 '09,  5:25 pm           Reply
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Don't buy

I purchased a 5-year extended warranty for my Samsung DLP TV 4 years ago. The color wheel went out in late December. I called RepairMaster on December 28th. Talked to a rep after an 18-minute wait. He confirmed that the warranty was in effect and would have a local repairman call me. I live in Atlanta, so finding a local repairman should be no problem.
The next day the repairman called and scheduled an appointment for the next day. I told him to bring a color wheel, since that was obviously the problem. He replied that the warranty company did not allow them to stock parts!
The next day, December 30, two techs came out and immediately pronounced the trouble was a failed color wheel (Duh!). Said they would order one and schedule the repair. I tried several times during the next two weeks to call the local guys. Their answering machine always answered and, after an invitation to leave a message, told me "The mailbox is full. Goodbye."
On January 9 I called RepairMaster again. After 25 minutes I finally got through and was told the color wheel order had been approved on January 6--not exactly speedy service. I asked how they go in touch with the local people since their phone was never answered. They swore to check into it. RepairMaster told me they had 50 color wheels in stock, and they could not imagine why the local people had not ordered one yet. I started to smell the rat.
On January 12 I faxed a message to the local guys and told them to call me. A lady called that day and told me the color wheel was on back-order. I told her that RepairMaster had told me they had 50 available. That is the last time I have been able to communicate with either RepairMaster or the local people. Now when I call RepairMaster, after 15-60 minutes I get a lady who says she is just an answering service, and a customer service rep will call me back. I fell for that twice. The third time I reminded her that she can go to hell for lying. They never call back.
After being on hold now for 53 minutes, I was told by the rep who finally answered that she needed to check with her supervisor. That was 25 minutes ago and counting.

retiredtel Posted: Mar 03 '09,  6:36 am           Reply
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Not My Experience

I bought a Samsung Plasma TV in October of 2003 for $5,800 and a Repair Master 5-year Warranty for approx. $600. In 2006 a board went bad so I called Repair Master and waited for the repair man to call. After 2 days...no call, so I called them back and got the name of the TV repair company and called them directly. I found out that Repair Master had sent them the service call but they had not gotten around to calling me. I set up the service call and one day later they came and picked up the TV and after another 4 days returned the repaired TV.

A week ago I had another problem and checked to see if the warranty was still in effect which it was. I MADE SURE TO GET THE PHONE NUMBER OF THE REPAIR COMPANY. That was on a Saturday so I called the repair company directly on Monday. They had the order and came out on Tuesday. It was determined that it would cost $1,300 to fix the TV so Repair Master gave me the choice of replacing the TV with a new 50" LG plasma or sending me a check for $1394.00. I took the check. That was yesterday. They told me to expect the check within 10 working days.

kyop Posted: Mar 04 '09,  11:26 pm (Updated: Mar 04 '09,  11:31 pm)           Reply
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I filed a claim with Repair Master on my 46" Toshiba Regza and after a mere 3 months, received a check for 2/3 the purchase price. They claimed, in spite of the wording on their warranty, that they only had to replace with an "equivalent" model. My TV was a super-thin bezel that would just fit into my entertainment center. They just priced the cheapest 46" Toshiba listed at Walmart (seriously) and sent a check for that - $960 back on a $1,500 purchase.

That's the happy, rewarding part of the story. What led to finally getting that check was a series(20-30)of phone calls by me and the folks at the store where I bought the TV to Repair Master. Each time, it was like starting over and if I hadn't kept each and every piece of paper associated with the purchase, they would have blown me off. Every step in their process was repeated over and over and promised return calls were NEVER made by them. They needed 5-7 business days to "research" the replacement unit and, after waiting this amount of time and calling back, I'd have to start over because the "research" never happened. Then, there was apparently some elaborate ritual to process a check that involved a ceremonial headdress and a large bonfire that also took 5-7 business days which isn't that bad, unless you experience the process 3 times. Basically, you call and call and call and it's Ground Hog Day on each call.

"Who is this?"
"We don't have any record of that."
"This is the answering service...please give your name and number and we'll have someone call you back."

No...they won't call you back...they won't keep any records of your conversations and they won't honor your extended warranty until you have spent about 30-40 hours of your time playing their games. Every facet of their policy is designed to keep YOUR money in THEIR pocket as long as possible.

Any poster who had a positive experience with them must have mixed them up with another company as they were 100% consistent with their game playing on my calls.

But if you must, go to them and embrace them like smallpox.

lkjhgf13 Posted: Mar 11 '09,  11:02 pm           Reply
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RepairMaster Warranty

BOTTOM LINE: If you cannot find a phone number or a website for a warranty company before the purchase, why would you assume they will be easy to contact AFTER the purchase. RepairMaster is stealth now. Am sure they will be stealth after a warranty purchase as well. I spend 2 hrs already just trying unsuccessfully to find something other than general sales fluff online. Also they do not show you the warranty until after you buy.

Use common sense people!

warren8470 Posted: Aug 18 '09,  2:30 pm           Reply
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RepairMaster Warranty

I purchased 3 Delonghi portable air conditioners for my offices from J&R Music, along with a RepairMaster Warranty for each. One of the a/c's ceased to function and I called RepairMaster and their response was that they had no service providers in my area capable or willing to fix the Delonghi. I might add that I live in Manhattan, and if they have no affiliated providers in my area, then they have no providers anywhere. RepairMaster then told me that I should find a service provider in my area who would be willing to join their network of providers and that person could then fix my a/c!! After I told them that was their responsibility the customer service rep became adamant and the call ended. I then contacted J&R, who sold me the RepairMaster Warranty and they said it was not their responsibility, all they did was sell the product and any conflict with RepairMaster was between them and myself. Basically, I was ripped off. RepairMaster does not honor their warranties and J&R is complicit in their fraud.

travistchimp Posted: Aug 26 '09,  7:38 pm           Reply
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This place is a scam ! I have been fighting for 3 weeks to get a washing machine repaired. Every time I call I get a different answer as to what the problem is. They tell me to fax them paperwork, which I do, they tell me they have received it, but still, NO REPAIR ! Now I keep getting the answer that their "sysytem" needs 5 to seven business days before it updates. BULL ! It has become apparent to me that they play this game with endless delays and "problems" because they don't want to pay for the repair. They probably keep this up for as long as they can in hope that the consumer will just give up. BE WARNED !

pajohngalt Posted: Sep 18 '09,  11:26 am           Reply
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RE: Repairmaster SCAM STAY AWAY!

I have had exactly the same experience as another poster here. RepairMaster claims that they have the wrong model number in their files and that I need to fax in my receipt. I faxed in the receipt on 9-12-09. I made a follow up call on 9-14-09. I was told that they needed proof of the purchase of the warranty itself - even though they admit that they show the warranty in their system. I re-fax the original receipt along with the credit card statement showing the warranty purchase on 9-14-09. The rep tells me 3-5 business days to get the model number fixed in their system. I call them on 9-18-09. Now they claim that they just confirmed receipt of the fax and it would be 3-5 business days from now to get the model number fixed in their system - even though it has already been 5 business days since the earlier fax. Given the other very similar stories here - I suggest that if there is an attorney reading this there is a good opportunity for a class action suit. This company is engaged in fraud. They are clearly willing to say and do anything to avoid paying a claim and to wear customers down until they give up. DO NOT BUY A WARRANTY FROM THIS COMPANY. I GUARANTEE YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU EVER HAVE TO MAKE A CLAIM. And if you are considering an extended warranty from a retail store - ask who the warranty company is - if it is RepairMaster or Warrantech - do not buy it.

rippersedge Posted: Oct 23 '09,  3:11 pm           Reply
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RepairMaster Service Plan

I bought a Sony KDS-60A2000 Grand WEGA SXRD Rear Projection HDTV 2/9/2007 from plasmabay.com, great price and even greater tv. I also purchased from TedUnlimited LLC a 5yr extended tv warranty for $184.00 from repairtech (repairmaster) with 5yr bulb replacement for $154.00.

Two weeks ago my bulb went. I priced it localy and the lowest price with tax was around $160.00. After an online search I found the lamp could be purchased for around $100.00.

After calling repairmaster, I received my new bulb in about 5 working days. I did have to ship back the old bulb, the cost to ship back was $9.00.

I'm good for another 2 bulbs before 2/12/2012 good deal so far. No problems with RepairMaster yet!

flippy20 Posted: Nov 27 '09,  11:12 am           Reply
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RE: RepairMaster Warranty

Wasn't the resolution by Warrantech that your defective portable air conditioner was in fact replaced with no costs incurred by you.

giantsfan72 Posted: Dec 04 '09,  11:10 am           Reply
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DO NOT BUY Repair Master Extended Warranty

DO NOT BUY A REPAIR MASTER SERVICE PLAN. IT IS A SCAM. Also known as Warrantech. I live in the metro Atlanta area and though there are 3 factory authorized service centers near my home, RepairMaster refused to contact them to get my appliance serviced because they said they don't work with those factory authorized service centers. This is clearly rediculous: factory authorized service and you don't work with them? Who do you work with then? I placed more calls back to RepairMaster and found there is only 1 (one!!) repair center in the entire Atlanta area on their list and when I called the service center to make an appt they refused, saying they don't service my area!! This is no joke. After I placed numerous telephone calls to RepairMaster about getting my appliance fixed, they told me I have only 1 option- pay to have the appliance diagnosed at my expense, and then wait 2-3 weeks to get approval to proceed with repair (again, all at my expense), after which they can refuse to reimburse me for any reason. And reimbursement takes a minimum of 6 weeks. This is clearly a company that skating the line of the law, doing the minimum of what's barely legal, with plenty of restrictions in order to cause people to simply give up and walk away. I just bought a home about 1 month ago with a home warranty and for a $50 deductible they will repair my machine, no questions asked, using one of the local factory authorized service centers I mentioned. There you have it. Be warned.

mollica13 Posted: Dec 23 '09,  2:28 pm           Reply
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repairmaster extended warranty

I purchased an LG dishwasher with a 4 year extended warranty through repairmaster. I have been on the phone several times trying to arrange a service call. I was first told to register in their system. After doing so I am now told that it takes them a week to confirm my registration. I offered to send them a copy of my invoice but they said not to bother. I have now been 3 weeks without the dishwasher and don't see a repair happening in the near future?
About the same time we bought an LG washer and dryer but through a different company. The washing machine stopped working last night and the repair is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I know who to do business with in the future and it will not be repairmaster.

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