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Direct TV Through Costco
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Direct TV Through Costco

If you subscribe to Direct TV through Costco, cross your fingers that you get an installer who is trained. Our experience with Direct TV installation is a nightmare.

Costco concierge service apparently doesn't assist with Direct TV. When I called them I was referred to Costco Online service which is open during workdays but not weekends and evenings.

1. The installer left the cable from the roof to the midsection of the outside wall unanchored. The cable had slack so it was bowed out so it visible from the road and moved about on a windy day.

2. He ran cable from the cable box on the outside wall through a ventilation duct into the interior of the house and left that cable unanchored so it is hanging loose. A hole from an earlier Direct TV installation is available for running the cable directly through the exterior wall and into the house.

4. The installer used the existing cable TV internet connection for Direct TV instead of using this earlier Direct TV cable route, thus disconnecting our Internet service. I had to ask him to run the Direct TV cable separately from the existing Internet connection.

5. The installers did not assure that the DVR and receiver box were actually functioning with programming, and they weren't. I had to call Direct TV customer service and they identified the programming package we purchased and downloaded it from the satellite as I stood by and let them know when channels were available.

6. The installers left without showing us how to use the DVR and remote.

7. One of the installers did not know how to turn on a touchscreen DVR. He and a second young man with him attempted several times and couldn't locate a power button. The installer who put the dish on the roof came and showed him how to do it. But they left a piece of translucent plastic (which is to prevent scratches while shipping) on the touchscreen making it less sensitive. I removed it after they left when I saw it up close.

8. They left their plastic bags and small boxes in the house behind the TV and outside on the lawn, and I picked them up and discarded them.

8. They did not leave the owner's manuals for the DVR, a second tuner nor a printed station guide.

9. Direct TV sent me three emails with links to download pdfs of the owner's manuals. But the two we need are 125 pages and I'm not downloading and printing a document that size when I should have it from the company.

10. As they were leaving, I tried a local channel and got no program and ran outside to stop them. They came in, used the remote and saw it was not functioning. One called a supervisor who told them, according to the installer's comment to me, "It happens all the time. It will come on. Go ahead and go to your next install."

10. I have found Direct TV customer service to be very responsive. When I have called they send an email to the installer and I get a call within a few hours.

11. The following day an installer changed the cabling on the roof, re-locating it satisfactorily. However, he did not change the cable from the exterior wall to interior and I called them again.

12. The installer called me back and made the point that this was their third call to our home, and left the implication that the problem is me, not their inadequate installation.

14. In that call, we agreed on a window from 8:00 to 12 noon for them to return. It's now 1:30 and we've neither seen them nor heard from them.

If I had to do it again, I wouldn't.

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