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Virgin Mobile - No support - Ripoff
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wendymitchell Posted: Aug 19 '11,  9:27 pm           Reply
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Virgin Mobile MiFi is a joke

I have had this card less than 6 months and in that time it has worked approximately 75% of the time. I have lost contracts, interviews, and posts because of the slip shod way Virgin Mobile's system is run. I have spent HOURS on the phone, only to have some one in a call center in India tell me that they are aware of the problem and are working on it. This lost time and work is NEVER reflected in the bill and they have launched and continue to advertise a product they are in no way ready to support or stand behind.

westrikeback Posted: Nov 15 '11,  6:21 pm           Reply
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Virgin service is the worst

I have had my HTC incredible S for about three months and love the functionality of the phone. I bought a screen protector and a body wrap to protect the phone. I have not dropped it or had any incidents with the phone. About three weeks ago, my phone would not charge properly. I went to the virgin booth and asked if they could test the battery. They said that they did not have the equipment to do so but to go the Bell service center located in the same mall. I went there and they advised me to go the main repair depot across town. I travelled there to be told that they do not have a battery tester. I finally called into Virgin (611) and they advised that I needed to place a service call and that my entire phone must be sent away to be checked. They promptly sent me a loaner (2 days). I removed my memory and chip and loaded the (used) loaner (cheapo) phone. I sent my phone off in the express bag provided.
FYI the loaner phone has a habit of locking up and not working. I have to remove the battery to re-boot.
I waited two weeks to hear back from Virgin. Not a word. Today I called and spent over 90 minutes on the phone with their ridiculous customer service people. When I called to enquire about the state of my service for my phone they thanked me for calling as my phone is in a hold state. It seems that I did internal damage to the phone and they will fix or return the phone until they receive authorization from me. The charge to get my phone back is $90. I asked how a phone under warranty which has internal damage could possibly be billable to me? The service person was clueless. I She told me that I could pay the bill to have it fixed or I could just have the phone sent back to me directly. I asked to talk to her supervisor and after about 10 minutes on hold she returned to tell me that the managers were all in a meeting and could not help me. They would call me back. Ok - I waited.
The manager basically gave me the same story. $90. She did offer to absorb $40 of the cost. I said that this was not good and that I should not have to pay for anything if it is under full warranty. She then advised me that the phone was actually at HTC and that she was only reading the service notes on line. I suggested that I and my family would be leaving the Virgin family and that it would cost her company substantially more in revenue than the cost of the $90. She apologized once again. And again.. but still no.
I asked to be transferred to the warranty department 20 minute wait. I received even less empathy and more of an in your face attitude. He actually hung up on me.
I called back once more to ask to have my phone sent back to me. The new woman on the line apologized for the situation once again. They do this well. She said that someone would call me back from the cancellation department shortly. I have yet to hear back from them and it has been about 4 hours. Stay away from Virgin. The service is terrible. Their business processes are ridiculous and the people are not well trained or even vaguely competent.

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