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Final Fantasy XIII
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JiggyJay Original Post: Mar 06 '10,  6:15 pm           Reply
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Final Fantasy XIII

Just thought I'd say that the thirteenth installment of Final Fantasy drops next week--wanted to see who's as stoked as me for its launch! I read some lukewarm reviews for it, but I'm truly too excited for it and it's going to be the only game for three years that I'm going to buy BRAND NEW on opening day. Anyone have some thoughts...?


kjell1979 Posted: Mar 07 '10,  4:12 am           Reply
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RE: Final Fantasy XIII

I used to be a fan of the Final Fantasy series, however after playing a lot of western RPGs, I find that I prefer those games more to the linear ones. I'm going to put the game on a price watch list. Hopefully it'll come down in price much like FF XII did.

Horhay Posted: Apr 20 '10,  10:37 am           Reply
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Fan of the series but

there's been a ton of good games that were released earlier this year, and Final Fantasy just didn't interest me. Oh and the reviews didn't help either. Anyway, I'll probably pick this up when it hits the $20-30 range.

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