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Kenmore Elite HE4t - self diagnostic test mode how to
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kjru Original Post: Nov 22 '06,  5:18 pm           Reply
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Kenmore Elite HE4t - self diagnostic test mode how to

Our Kenmore Elite HE4t washer was purchased about 15 months ago and has not had a single problem until a week ago. After a few F02 and Sud fault codes being displayed on the rinse cycle of nearly all loads for a few days I wanted to get the machine fixed! I called Sears technical support and they said unplug it for 5 minutes and then plug it back in. That did nothing to fix the problem, so I called back and actually took advantage of the Master Repair Agreement I purchased with the washer.

The Sears technician came to the house today and suspected something was stuck in the filter which would trip the fault code on the rinse cycle. I hung around and he was nice enough to show me how to troubleshoot different issues with the washer. He first showed me how to check the filter for blockages and then how to put the washer in the self-test diagnostic mode so I could troubleshoot any issues on my own in the future. He also provided me with some tips for preventative maintenance.

As suspected the filter was clogged with two small infant socks. Since these are so small they can get sucked up in the high speed spin and then get lodged and stuck in the filter. It is wise to put really small articles in a mesh bag, which we'll start doing from now on. The socks were easily removed, and then the technician showed me how to put the washer in the self test diagnostic mode. This basically goes through a rapid test of 7 different tests.

PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE / CHECKUP - the tech told me they go through the self-test and then listen for unusual sounds from the motor and mechanical parts.

We only use Tide He detergent, but apparently we were using more than necessary, so a tip from the technician was to use much less---about half the distance to the "1" on the Tide liquid detergent cap for a full load. This way the washer is less likely to still have too many suds during the rinse cycle. Using less detergent will also save us money. The technician also recommended we run the Sanitize (the HE4t has a built-in water heater to raise the water temp) cycle without clothes once per month with bleach in the liquid detergent dispenser so it is released in the beginning of the cycle. We do not use bleach so we'll substitute a diluted all natural cleaner. The point of all of this is that the inside of front load washers are susceptible to bacteria, mold, algae, etc. so this cycle will clean and disinfect the inside of the washer's tub and should remove most or all odors which can be transferred to clothes. All of this cannot be bad.

(I need to go back and confirm this, but I think I have most of it correct from memory).

1. Press Drain Spin
2. Press No Spin
3. Press Prewash 3-5 times in a row quickly until the display shows 000
4. The washer will begin the self-test mode and will display C01 through C07 for the seven checks or tests. At the end it will display fault codes if problems are found.

C01 - Tests door lock
C02 - Tests cold water
C03 - Tests hot water
C04 - ?
C05 - Tests agitation
C06 - Tests drain / spin
C07 - Tests high speed spin

I hope this is helpful to others who are trying to diagnose problems with their washers.

pvreditor Posted: Nov 22 '06,  8:39 pm           Reply
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RE: Kenmore Elite HE4t - self diagnostic test mode how to

Thank you very much for posting this. This looks quite useful for people trying to figure out what to do with their washers.


bcbf Posted: Dec 16 '06,  8:40 am           Reply
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Kenmore Elite HE4t - self diagnostic test mode how to

Great Information THANKS!!!

You just saved me from spending a couple of hundred dollars with Sears. I found 4 small baby socks in the filter you mention. Anyone getting a SUD or F02 message should try this first before you call Sears.

This is exactly how to get to the filter.

Unplug Machine

Remove Three Torx (hex heads) screws on front bottom of machine. Slighty lift the panel and pull the bottom towards you. Pump is right in middle in front of you.

Have a few big bath towels ready for this next step.

Unscrew the hard plastic screw lid and remove the filter. There you may find the source of all your problems. In my case 4 socks. This is an easy 10 minute job to try before calling Sears.

One other note on the Diagnotic Test, you can advance to the next step by pressing the PREWASH OPTION Button two-times. If PREWASH OPTION is not present press EXTRA RINSE two times instead.

davidlt1969 Posted: Dec 23 '07,  7:49 pm           Reply
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RE: Kenmore Elite HE4t - self diagnostic test mode how to

Thank you!!!! Saved us a service call. One infant sock in the pump filter.
Again thank you so much.

jamesp2000 Posted: Dec 14 '08,  9:37 am           Reply
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Thanks for the info. I had a SUD code and found a Bra pad and loose change in the pump filter.

jazkaz Posted: Aug 31 '09,  11:43 pm           Reply
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Worked for me

Thousand thanks for the guidance; I opened up the filter, found three socks & some nastiness in there that, once cleaned out, had the washer working brilliantly. Oh, and definitely bring towels when you open it up....

deeks1317 Posted: Mar 22 '10,  7:41 pm           Reply
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RE: Kenmore Elite HE4t - self diagnostic test mode how to

thanks for the very helpfull technical assistance,found 2 quarters,broken pens,lint and other obstacles stuck in filter,took me about 10 minutes to repair.plenty of towels were needed for water when removing filer. Working great and guess what,wife owes me big time! thanks for the great tech tip.

twistr Posted: May 29 '10,  8:33 pm           Reply
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On our He4t: If you remove the panel on the bottom of the machine to access the drain, you can also find the "cheat sheet" that contains all the codes and the diagnostic test sequence. Look to your right against the outside wall of the machine and there is a plastic envelope attached, with the technician reference material in it. A correction to the sequence given:
-press the "Drain & Spin" button
-press the spin speed options until it lights up "No-Spin"
-press "Prewash" 4 times
C:00 thru C:08 sequence begins. You can advance from step to step by pressing "Prewash" again.
By running the diagnostic test it seems to re-set the machine and allow for normal operation.

twistr Posted: May 29 '10,  8:39 pm           Reply
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Refurb CCU

Found on another forum a repair service for the CCU F11/FDL codes: Go to e-bay and search "Whirlpool Duet Kenmore HE3T CCU Repair For F11 FDL Code"

nancyreeves Posted: Oct 28 '10,  8:54 am           Reply
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This works!

Thank you so much for this information. I did exactly what you suggested. Found $43 stuck in my filter. Score! Not only did I not have to pay a technician, I made money!

victoriah311 Posted: Nov 14 '10,  6:56 pm           Reply
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kenmore elite he5t steam problem/ no water

i ran the diagnostic test and its giving me c00 which is door lock but now what?
please help!!!

rj123 Posted: Nov 28 '10,  12:13 pm           Reply
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Thanks for the proceduce for running diagnostics. It seem to reset cycle operations. Now everything runs smoothly again!

scissory Posted: Jan 16 '11,  1:59 pm           Reply
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RE: Kenmore Elite HE4t - self diagnostic test mode how to


I'm a guy that could mess up toast and these instructions worked like a champ! Now my HE4t drains no problem and now no more "F 02" or "Sud" error messages.

Thank you thank you thank you!

jb_nichols77 Posted: May 31 '11,  2:09 pm           Reply
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F/DL and C00

I just purchased this unit used. I got it all installed and recieved this code (needless to say, I felt I had been took). I popped the top removing the back three screws, wiggled the connection and made sure that they were secure. Previously, I could hear a contact or something clicking within the circuit panel. Immediately, the washer started functioning.

peterdacarson Posted: Jul 16 '11,  8:44 am           Reply
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I faced the same error messages "SUD" and "F02." I found almost exactly the same items in the front filter as others listed: a pen, two baby socks and coins.

It's unfortunate that Kenmore makes no mention of the front filter - and the need to clean it out - in the owner's manual. (If it's there, it sure is buried).

This is year six for this HE 4t washer and the first time I knew of and cleaned out this filter. Made a huge difference in performance. I'm also hoping that a clean filter will cut down on the nasty stench that the washer often emits.

janetjordan489 Posted: Aug 07 '11,  6:13 am           Reply
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Kenmore Elite Ht4

Awesome you just saved me $129.00 and I can cancel my appointment with sears! Thanks Bunches

riskable Posted: Aug 19 '11,  1:06 pm           Reply
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So THAT'S what happened to all the other half of those baby socks! Wow, thank you for posting this! Saved me a ton of money.

IMPORTANT TIP: Two bath towels was NOT enough to capture all the water! I had to use FIVE. Keep that in mind before you unscrew that plug :)

Here's the gruesome details of what was found inside my filter:

* A nickel. I actually MADE money thanks to this post!
* Two unmatched baby/toddler socks... Nearly black. I'm almost certain they started out white.
* SIX(!) toddler barrettes.
* Three toddler hair elastics/miniature scrunchies (I have no idea what to call them).
* Some bits of clear plastic wrapper.
* Enough decayed dog and human hair to really freak out your family if you throw it on top of the drain in the shower (not that I would do such a thing ;) ).
* A few chunks of I-don't-want-to-know. Really, I don't.

Anyway, it was a successful 15-minute operation. It would've only been a 5-minute operation if I had started with more/better-placed towels :)

culchee70 Posted: Sep 04 '11,  9:38 am           Reply
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Just Saved another expensive call out!

Thank you so much.

Just followed instructions on here to do diagnostics test as I was getting a faulty door error code. Took the top off, by just removing three screws and listened to where the clicking noise was coming from. Found one of the connections had come a little loose. Simply pushed it in and it started to work!

Thanks again!!

mmcgraw74 Posted: Sep 12 '11,  8:40 pm           Reply
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these repair tips helped me too

since the tub was almost full of water - I first siphoned off as much as possible to a floor drain in my laundry room. Next I still needed three towels to catch some of the water left in the tub. Since we have the washer and dryer on the kenmore platforms with drawers - the water from the washer that I didn't catch with the towels fell into the plastic tub of the drawer and I'll get that later. I found a little debris in the filter - but pulled a small cord (like from an athletic pants waist band) from the hole to the pump - the cord was keeping the pump from turning. Cleaned the filter and put it back into the hole and now the washer drains. Thanks again for your tip.

vbray Posted: Nov 05 '11,  8:19 am           Reply
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Big help!

Thank you for this helpful tidbit. We totally agree with the comment that there were items in the filter we could not identify. We did find a dime, a washcloth, a sock and some immense foul stench!
Also definitely need more than a few towels to catch all the stinky water.
Running a load now, and there is NO WAY the washer won't work better!

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