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Kenmore Tumble Action Washer
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madmama2 Original Post: Dec 13 '06,  7:41 pm           Reply
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Kenmore Tumble Action Washer

I have a Kenmore Tumble Action Washer, Front Load Washing Machine Model #417 It is a HE and it is just 1 year and 3 months old. I went to wash a load of clothes, slected the normal cycle, press start and it won't start. It is plugged in! All the necessary lights are on, but the "door locked" light is not on. Any suggestions or experience why this is happening. The techs at Sears won't help because the machine is over a year old, then they try to get me to buy a warranty for $239.00!! You can probably imagine what I wasn't say out loud to this guy. I hope someone can help me.

nursy2 Posted: Jan 09 '07,  6:10 am           Reply
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check out reviews

Your problem is most likely Faulty wiring timer and motor. My husband and I are currently going through major issues with this washer. After 4 mos of owning the machine, we had the same problem as you. They replaced the timer and motor. If you read the reviews on epinions or anywhere on internet, you will see this machine is a piece of garbage. we are now having issues with the machine banging, which we now learned is the bearing assembly that everyone is speaking about.

gkshaffer Posted: Aug 19 '08,  6:41 am           Reply
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Kenmore model 417 frontload washer

DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE!!! We've had this washer for only 3 1/2 years and are ready to throw it out the window. The machine fills completely with water during the final spin and forces the door to fly open with the drum completely full of water. Once the door is open, the water does not shut off. Yesterday, I came home to a flood. I had 2 inches of water in the laundry room and kitchen, and the water had even seeped through the wall and soaked the carpet in an adjoining bedroom. I called Sears and after telling the associate what had happened, her response was "Well, that's impossible". I strongly reminded her that it was not impossible because I was standing in 2 inches of water in my kitchen! She passed me off to the 1800 number and I arranged a service call through a computer. I'll never buy anything from Sears again!

karenlove Posted: Aug 16 '09,  5:31 pm           Reply
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Don't waste your money

We bought a Kenmore Tumble Action Washer Model 417 10 years ago. I couldn't wait for the darn thing to completely fail. The drawer that holds the detergent and stuff was so moldy. I cleaned it out 2x a month and it would still just get moldy again. The ring around the door was also full of mold. It was also installed in a 2nd floor laundry room and it shook the whole house! In the past few months, something was rusting in it and I would get rust stains on my clothes - so that sealed it's fate. I'm glad it lasted 10 years at least - but it's been a pain - don't waste your money!

peter95949 Posted: Jan 09 '10,  2:24 pm           Reply
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Excellent performance....until now

Machine is 4.5 years old. Has given excellent service and does great job on clothes.

I agree about mold in dispenser drawer. But if you will leave dispenser tray and door ajar after completion of cycle, this will not be a problem.

But now, the machine tries to leave the house when on its high-speed final spin. If it weren't connected to the wall, I think it would walk itself right out the back door! Tremendous shaking.

Independent repairman thinks it's the shocks on the drum.

I am upset by this, as Kenmore products have always had such a stellar reputation.

beyward Posted: May 30 '11,  9:12 am           Reply
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front walker

tumble action washers are known to walk I found heavy rubber pads to place under the legs, found at a parts store in colton the cost was $20.00. Solved my problem i am happy now no more shaking

beyward Posted: Jun 01 '11,  9:22 am           Reply
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will not drain

small load normal load still will not drain. spins will drain after i take all the clothes out.

pvreditor Posted: Jun 01 '11,  1:49 pm (Updated: Jun 01 '11,  7:51 pm)           Reply
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RE: will not drain

Quote: beyward
small load normal load still will not drain. spins will drain after i take all the clothes out.

Several of the other discussions about Kenmore HE washers here talk about cleaning the drain trap under the washer. It gets filled with junk and clogs, causing error messages and, well... lack of draining. Could be your problem. You shouldn't have to look far to find where it's discussed.

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