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Dawn dishwashing soap
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kingii3 Original Post: Jan 15 '07,  3:41 pm           Reply
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Dawn dishwashing soap

Proctor-Gamble has changed the top on the Dawn product. It is no longer the pop-up cap. The new cap is a flip open cap and tends to break off easily. In addition the screw down portion is under a lot of pressure and the top will soon split and pour the contents out when turned over. In my attempt to reach Proctor-Gamble I found they refuse to accept email I will contact them by phone but I expect that to go through an overseas connection.
I have switched to using Ajax which is still using the pop-up cap. I did reach Ajax via email but have not received a reply yet. I was surprised to find that Ajax seems so far to work as well as Dawn on dishes. I need to try it on soiled clothes. I will report the results. Now I need to figure how to add this to the review of the products. How do I sign this Topic kingii3

pogomom Posted: Jan 15 '07,  3:45 pm           Reply
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RE: Dawn dishwashing soap


Just wondering if the Ajax top will fit the Dawn bottle. You could always buy the larger refill size Dawn and fill the Ajax bottle when it is empty.

If you need to edit a review you already posted, look at the links to the right of the review and click on Update.

If you would like to write a review of a product that is not listed on the Epinions database, I can help you with that. Visit my profile page and click on the SAP (Suggest a Product) link and fill out the form. Don't forgot to input your e-mail address and User ID so we can be sure you receive the new listing.

Hope this helps!


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