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Jenn Air Built In 720-0139
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frannyhelp Original Post: Feb 19 '07,  6:36 am (Updated: Feb 19 '07,  6:39 am)           Reply
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Jenn Air Built In 720-0139 Need Opinion !!!

I just purchased a Jenn Air Built in Grill at Lowes for $499.00 and want to know if I made a stupid purchase. After reading some of the feedback about some of the other Jenn Air Grill products I'm starting to wonder if I should return the grill or not . The grill is orginally $1000.00 (42 inch Stainless Steel - 50 burger capacity) and I got it for half the price. Please Help.

takeahike66 Posted: Jun 14 '07,  11:39 am (Updated: Oct 18 '07,  1:29 pm)           Reply
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It should be OK and a great buy

Most of the problems were with the first sear burners that was installed on the new models. I don't believe yours have the sear burner.

the_gas_man Posted: Oct 05 '07,  8:57 am           Reply
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RE: It should be OK and a great buy

Contrary to what "takeahike66" has been saying around this site, you can not change the regulator on a certified gas grill to an adjustable type to increase your input rate. This suggestion is not only illegal it is dangerous. By law any replacement part, particularly one that controls the flow of gas, MUST BE APPROVED FOR USE WITH THAT MODEL. If you alter parts or substitute them and play with the gas supply pressure, you are really on your own if the unit goes into melt down or blows up in your face.

Takeahike66, I wish you would stop leaving this suggestion all over this site, no manufacturer I have ever worked with would appreciate it and when there is a problem they will not accept any liability. Adjusting supply and manifold pressures should ONLY BE DONE BY LICENSED service techs.

The Gasman

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