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Rowe Furniture
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tmurnin Original Post: Apr 20 '07,  9:38 am           Reply
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Rowe Furniture

Just wanted to relay an experience I've had with Rowe Furniture - a manufacturer that sells under multiple brand names including Jonathan Adler. I purchased a Rowe sectional from a local wholesaler in April 2006 and it was delivered in July. When it was delivered, it was evident that the two pieces had been manufactured poorly and would not fit together as the end of one piece was manufactured at a 90 degree angle while the other was on a 45 degree - so while the tops of the couches met, the bottoms had a substantial gap (picture an upside down V). I called the retailer who in turn called Rowe - they sent a furniture repairman out (even though it was clear that this was a defect and not a repairable item). After several weeks of back-and-forth which included me calling the office of the president of Rowe, they agreed to remanufacture the sofa and send me a new sofa.

When we had still not received the replacement in December, I called the company back. They went into complete lockdown and stopped returning calls, emails, giving me no information whatsoever. When I finally threatened to hire an attorney, I received an email asking me to stop calling them and saying that they would only answer my questions via email. There had been a drop in communications so they had to re-send the new sofa now.

When it finally arrived, the delivery men were unpacking it and immediately noticed that the back of one of the pieces had a hole in the fabric and that two pieces of metal were sticking out of the fabric in the arms. Rowe sent their regional sales rep out, who photographed the problem and said he would send a repair tech out to fix the issue.

While waiting for the repair tech to show up, the fabrid on the back of the OTHER piece has started to rip. When I contacted Rowe about that issue, they said, "It's evident that we will never be able to satisfy you so we are just going to refund your money." Classic blame the customer approach!

So, the retailer has just called me and said that he has been given a refund for the sectional - but not the $300 in shipping charges that I am expected to eat!! Please avoid this company at all costs!!!

pvreditor Posted: Sep 05 '09,  4:17 am (Updated: Feb 10 '10,  8:22 am)           Reply
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...for the tip!


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