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never again
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bdfid Original Post: Sep 10 '07,  10:34 pm           Reply
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never again

I purchased a 3 burner grill 3 years ago. The center nob gets so hot I had to adjust it with my tongs. Now it is just melted into position. The other 2 knobs now also get hot. The ignighter and battery melted into the grill. The manager at the local Lowes informed me the grill is out of warranty and chuckled. My first call to Jenn-air customer service ended with a recommendation and a long parts list. Jennair would not agree the grill is a hazard to use. After my second and third call I was promised a return call by a manager which has not happened yet. I will never enter another Lowes or buy another Jenn-air product.

Suzer Posted: Sep 12 '07,  6:15 pm           Reply
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Problem with grill

I'm sorry about the difficulty you experienced with the grill. The best way to share your story is to write a review on your product. That is what epinions is all about. Consumers write reviews on products that they have purchased to warn others, or to encourage others to purchase.

Simply see if your product is listed on the database of the site, and if so you can write a detailed review on it. if it is not listed as yet, you can submit a Suggest A Product form (SAP) with the information requested, and if possible we will add it for you.

If you aren't sure what to write, read some reviews rated Very helpful and see what they added, left out, etc.

It's fun, it helps others, and it is a great place to research prior to making your next purchase.

If I can help in any way, please don't hesitate to contact me. My email is on my profile page.


the_gas_man Posted: Oct 05 '07,  8:41 am           Reply
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RE: never again

Jenn Air does not actually manufacturer the grills they were sub-contracted out to companies like Nextel Grills out of China and CFM/Vermont Castings. If it's three years old there is a good chance it is one of CFM's. Confirm the model number is one of theirs by contacting techserv@cfmcorp.com or call 1-800-525-1898.

If it is a CFM product, don't waste time trying to talk to the technical support department, write a strong letter to Larry Robinette the CEO of CFM. He has a reputation for looking after such problems personally and things get done when he barks.

You might also want to double check the website for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for recent recalls. There have been quite a few over the past several years involving hundreds of thousands of grills. No question what you have described here constitutes a dangerous product and I suggest you stop using it until the manufacturer repairs or replaces it. A report to the US CPSC is a good way to kick start some action too.

The Gasman

kjak Posted: Jun 10 '08,  12:07 am           Reply
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Jenn-Air Built-in Grill Tops

Does anyone have a Jenn-Air built-in grill top...#750-0142 that has used it for a while? It's a 5 burner without a side burner. Has an infra-red cooking unit for the rotisserie. I would like to know the evenness of cooking, heating up, any low flame/heat problems, sturdiness of the unit, and how the stainless steel cooking grates perform. Is the stainless steel good quality and reliable? Anything else you could tell me about it (pros and cons) would be very helpful. I just purchased one from Lowe's (still in the box), paid about $1000 for it, and also purchased a rotisserie unit. I plan to build a concrete/tile island around it. I just want to make sure I purchased a grill top which will last for years and cook properly. I don't want to have purchased this $1000, only to find out later, I need to return it. It would be a pain to have to remove it from the island structure. If I need to return it to Lowe's for something else...would rather do it now. Thank you so much for any help and advice anyone can give me. I've seen so many reviews, both positive and negative for Jenn-Air grills, it's hard to believe what is true of the product. Some of the reviews may be outdated, since the grill top I bought is probably the most recent...and they may have addressed and fixed all of the "bugs".

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