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Question about Valspar Brilliant Metals
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floridagram Original Post: Apr 07 '08,  7:59 am           Reply
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Question about Valspar Brilliant Metals

I have a couple of wall niches that I am thinking of painting using Valspar Interior Semi-Gloss and Brilliant Metals paint.
Has anyone used this paint and method for small areas and was it an "easy" project or did you run into problems? If so, what kind of issues did you have?
This is a rather expensive undertaking, so if YOU can share your information, it would be appreciated.

eskimo180 Posted: Jul 29 '08,  9:46 am           Reply
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Valspar Brilliant Metals Paint

I love this paint...I tried it for the first time over the weekend painting a living room for a friend of mine. She chose to go with the Golden Fire finish and although it was a long process, the result is well worth it. The first thing we did was prime the walls with a dark tan/salmon color, we only did one coat of that. The second day we did the base color which is Fire on the Mountain and boy is it orange, I mean almost flourescant red/orange. Two coats of the base is required for a nice even finish. The next and final day we put on the Golden Fire metallic finish. I was nervous at first because even though I followed the directions explicitly I was still getting lap lines. I discovered the key is to putting the paint on super heavy, we were working on 8 feet walls so I did a top section (about 2 feet wide), a middle section and then the bottom. When the vertical line was done I went from top to bottom with the roller. However, the final coat (and you definitely can stretch this coat alot more than the first)got rid of all the lap lines and the finish is amazing. No streaks, lines or anything. Make sure though that when you are cutting in your corners and trim first (you only need to do this the first coat), make sure you cut in with heavy on the paint. You don't need to cut in on the second coat. I highly suggest this paint, and even though it was a 3 day process, the finish is amazing, and when the sun hits it, it is just beautiful. Hope this helps anyone looking. Enjoy!

beckyc4u Posted: Jul 29 '09,  4:03 pm           Reply
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valspar brilliant metals trouble

I have spent the last two days painting my dining room with the two top coats of the Brilliant Metals in Shimmering Bronze. While I am happy with the color and the sheen, I still have streaks, light and dark areas, and most notably the difference between the part that was cut in with a brush and the part done with the roller. The light hits it differently making it look like a different shade. I have painted LOTS of rooms in my life, and never had this problem before. Does anyone have any tips?

poiumnb Posted: Jan 31 '10,  10:48 am           Reply
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RE: valspar brilliant metals trouble

I have the same problem with steaking. I have to paint over it with a differnt color and forget about the metals.
Not only was that a waste of $42 for one gallon, but time and frustration. I DO NOT recommend this paint to anyone- honelsty. My husband and I are pretty handy people and we could not get this to go on without streaking!!

selosk Posted: May 28 '10,  4:11 am           Reply
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brilliant metals on furniture

has anyone tried this on furniture? I have two dressers I was to paint pewter. Why do you think they insist up and down motion only not side to side? Think it's because of brush pressure? The dressers have curved fronts so there it wouldn't be easy to go up and down. Thoughts?

thecarlady Posted: Jun 05 '10,  11:13 am           Reply
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Uses more paint than expected!

I just used Valspar Brilliant Metals to paint ONE wall (accent wall) in my dining room. The wall is 10 feet.

I painted the base coat with no problem. One coat covered the wall and I have almost a gallon of paint left.

However, when I painted the metallic coat using the 2 coats they required, it was still streaking and I, too, found light and dark spots. I painted a third coat which made a BIG difference, but I still see some streaking/splotchiness.

There is a very little bit of paint left in the gallon can. Not even enough to do another coat if I wanted to.

If you are planning to use this paint, note that you need A LOT of the metallic - it is not a one-for-one with the base coat. It is also a very expensive paint and even though I love the color, would not recommend it based on the price. Ralph Lauren had a one-step metallic that I used in the past with excellent results. I just couldn't find the color I was looking for.

Good luck in your projects.

innameme Posted: Oct 21 '10,  5:38 pm           Reply
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Brilliant Metals Disaster

We used the Shimmering Bronze and have streaks galore! So far, we have used 2 coats but it is still streaky. We are using the "Metallic" roller but it doesn't help at all. It appears to leave a "see thru" spot when you put your roller on it to do the final "roll down". Any suggestions?

xtrunique Posted: Oct 28 '10,  9:05 am           Reply
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brilliant Metals

a Big No, higher priced, a lot of work, shows all imperfections and does not go on even.....VERY DISAPPOINTED!! I DO however recommend Valpar Venetican plaster...easy to do looks beautiful and the more you put on the better the results.

daynparadise Posted: Nov 04 '10,  10:05 am           Reply
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My husband and I have redone our kitchen cabinets and chose Valspar Golden Satin in the Brillant Metal series. We were advised by the rep at the store (which she had used the product previously) that instead of applying 2 coats of the Metallic top coat we applied only 1 and then a coat of clear coat. We could not believe the outcome, our cabinets turned out absolutely gorgeous and with no streaks, it did require additonal work, but it was worth it and far less expense than buying new cabinets.

rudixeno Posted: Nov 21 '10,  5:02 am           Reply
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RE: Brilliant Metals Disaster

My Valspar paint guy recommends first using a good sealer/primer tinted to a color similar to your base coat and give it a good day to thoroughly dry.

When applying your base coats, similarly, give them extra time to dry between applications. Then of course apply the metallic finish coat. According to him, this should give you great results.


dagefresh Posted: Mar 01 '11,  11:43 am (Updated: Mar 01 '11,  12:02 pm)           Reply
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Brilliant Waste of Time and Money

I am a contractor that has done a lot of painting in my lifetime. I have never used a paint that takes so much material or time in my life. I have used it on two different occasions. The first time was at a hair salon. It took eight coats to get it to the point of not showing streaks. The second time was in another business. The owner was dead set on it even though I tried to talk her out of it. I am on coat #5 right now. It finally is starting to look OK. There are a few tips I have learned.

1 Use the special roller pad designed for brilliant metals paints. I didn't even know they existed until after coat three. The people who sell the paint should tell you this when you buy your first gallon, but some of them dont even know.

2 Put the paint on heavy. If you try to spread it, you will have lines and shading.

3 Paint fast. This paint dries quick. If you let an area dry and then try and go over it again, you will have lap lines.

4 only cut in on the first coat of metallic paint.

To sum things up. 1 gallon of base, $38. The one gallon of Metals that should cover in one or two coats, $42. The three to five extra gallons needed to get all the lines out, $200. Your time and aggrivation, there isn't a dollar amount to cover this for me. The bottom line is it is expensive and shows any little imperfection. DON'T waste your time or money.

I will never use this product again, nor would I allow anyone whom I consider a friend to use it either.

GOOD LUCK if you still want to try it.

rudixeno Posted: Mar 06 '11,  8:07 am           Reply
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RE: Brilliant Waste of Time and Money

Thanks for the post. We can always use input from the pros.


red2one Posted: May 04 '11,  8:53 am           Reply
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RE: Brilliant Waste of Time and Money

Not having used the current metalic paints but knowing of the drift effect. I pose this suggestion at least concerning the quick drying aspect, try Flotrol. It will slow down the drying of latex paint. I have used it for making faux color glazes. It will thin the paint.
On the last coat(s) coverage is not whats needed but an even sheen w/texture.
One other general advice, use a good quality brush! Soft bristles. 2 1/2" or 3".
P.s. if the wall is rough in texture of repairs I have to think they will show up reguardless of the technique of application.

aquab8 Posted: May 28 '11,  9:30 am (Updated: May 28 '11,  9:30 am)           Reply
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RE: Brilliant Waste of Time and Money

Can you touch up the brilliant metals paint? Currently it look pretty good, but I am nervous about touchups making it look patchy. Please help!

llahaie929 Posted: Oct 31 '11,  3:49 pm           Reply
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RE: amazing!

I am so glad to see someone painted their kitchen cabinets with the Valspar Metallic. Thanks for the tip. We are thinking about having a professional painter do the cabinets - friend of my husband. Did you paint or spray your cabinets?

pvreditor Posted: Nov 01 '11,  5:29 am (Updated: Nov 03 '11,  5:18 am)           Reply
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RE: amazing!

Quote: llahaie929
I am so glad to see someone painted their kitchen cabinets with the Valspar Metallic. Thanks for the tip. We are thinking about having a professional painter do the cabinets - friend of my husband. Did you paint or spray your cabinets?

Who exactly are you hoping will answer your question? It helps if you click on the blue "Quote" link on the right when you post a question, so that you quote the person you are asking. That way, s/he knows the question is for him (or her).

That said, there's a very good chance that the person you want to ask won't see your question, because it's been a few months since this topic came up. You are very welcome to ask but it's possible there won't be an answer.

westies5 Posted: Jan 21 '12,  8:47 pm           Reply
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Lowes Brilliant Metals -Amazing!!

My husband and I used the Brilliant Metals in Ancient Treasure, a deep bronze color, to paint our combined great room and kitchen. Yes, we took a daring chance with such a deep color, however it turned out beautiful! The application is very easy. The base coat is a different color than the finished color. It is applied like "regular" paint. The top coat, which is the metallic coat, is applied in a downward sweep and requires 2 coats. We had no problems with streaks, other than what you would normally find in anything with a metallic type finish. The finished color varies based on the light in the room, which gives this metallic paint a very elegant look. I accented the deep bronze color with decor items in red and gold. I used a spray paint in a wrought iron color with bronze flecks to change our switch plates from white to better fit with the deep wall color. I used the same spray paint on the kitchen cabinet knobs, the cabinets themselves are white and we have white crown moulding. The finished rooms are lovely and we have had so many compliments on the paint. Many people ask if we used a professional painter! We loved the look so much, we painted our dining room the Brilliant Metals in Pale Glow, again another fabulous room, if we do say so ourselves! Next up we will be painting our master bedroom with the Brilliant Metals, maybe in a Tiffany Blue color with gold decor accents....

michelle216 Posted: Feb 13 '12,  12:05 pm           Reply
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Valspar Brilliant Metals is a Very Expensive Nightmare

I think the contractor's advice and experience is dead on accurate. I am not a professional, but I have done a fair deal of interior painting so I wouldn't consider myself a novice either. I can't stress enough what an incredible waste of resources this product is, both time and money. If I had it to do over I would avoid completely.

I treated one accent wall in our office w/ Valspar's Brilliant Metals in "Green Lame". As others have mentioned, I initially bought this paint completely unaware a special roller was required. The paint department staff at Lowes walked me through the entire process, from base coat to brush strokes, but unfortunately for me left the part about the roller out. Almost a gallon down and 3 coats later I decided to read up on it and found out what I was missing.

I returned to Lowes and purchased another gallon ($48 and change, over $50 after tax) and the special roller (just under $4). This time the can of Brilliant Metals paint came with an additional label on the top of the can pointing out the necessity of the roller (would have been nice if they had included this last week).

The roller for the Brilliant Metals paint does make a difference, but even with the roller and 2 more additional coats I'm down almost another gallon of paint and still see streaks.

I think the level of satisfaction with this product probably relies heavily on the amount of light hitting the surface. If you have a wall that gets direct sunlight or is in a well lit area like an office this paint is probably not for you.

If you have anything that requires additional cutting in / boarding with paint (ie- light switches, electrical outlets, security panels, smoke detectors, etc), and / or anything that will obstruct the contact of a solid up and down pass with the roller, this paint is probably not for you.

If you do want to give it a shot, which I really advise against, here's what you need to know- You will need to allow yourself multiple days to complete this paint job start to finish. You will need to first apply the base color, which to ensure you have solid coverage should be done in 2 coats. It is conceivable that it could be done in 1 but given the temperamental nature of the top coat I wouldn't recommend it.

You will need at least 4 times the volume of top coat to base coat paint, some have suggested more. Personally I used less than half a gallon of semi-gloss for the base (2 coats) and nearly 2 gallons of top coat on the same area (5 coats), and keep in mind after that I still wasn't happy.

When applying the metallic top coat you need to wait a minimum of 4 hours between coats, I found I needed to wait over 6. The can says it will be "dry to the touch" after only an hour but I found it to still be tacky after 4. I live in Florida so you may be able to get it down to 4 if you are in a drier climate like NV or AZ.

Yes, you do need the roller and yes it does make a difference.

Yes, it will lighten and change as it drys but no, the streaks will not fade. You must get it as even as possible while still wet. For each coat you will need to apply 1 solid layer followed by doing multiple, multiple passes with the roller, straight up and down, with no added paint and applying no pressure. I found flipping the roller, alternating which side the handle was on, between passes helped somewhat as well.

Hope this helps. I wish I would have done more research first.

daisymae2u Posted: Mar 20 '12,  12:03 pm           Reply
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So Much Effort, So Little Reward

I am finishing up a powder room in Brilliant Metals Violet Gleam. And after two base coats and two top coats applied, as directed, I was ready to cry. The walls looked so streaky. I then tried touching them up with a brush, made no real difference. With all of the cutting in and rolling on, and rolling off you have to do with this technique I figured I would at least wind up with one pretty wall. Nope.

But I am now (after buying another quart of the topcoat) painting a Linen technique over it with the same color. It really seems to make ALL the difference! You really do not see any streaks. It gives a slight texture to the wall, but you still have all the sheen. It looks like raw silk basically, which will work for me. It is better than starting from scratch with something else. But I am now over $125 (and two weekends) just for the basics to get the the room done. Not a cheap and easy update.

mygraphix Posted: Mar 30 '12,  5:27 pm           Reply
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Waste of time, waste of money

Valspar metallic, is a total waste of money and most of all time. I've primed, painted the base coat an the metallic final coat. Now I can start over to cover up the awful finish from this awful product. Save your money and your time, this product is BAD!

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