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Bed Sheet Color
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sc2008 Original Post: Nov 08 '08,  12:18 am (Updated: Nov 08 '08,  2:05 pm)           Reply
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Bed Sheet Color

So I was shocked when I visited one of my girl friend's and noticed her bright hot pink bed sheets. I was in shock for a split but then realized that it fits her personality as she is outgoing and not why to try new things.

Do you think the color of your bedsheets tell a lot about your personality and the way you view your bedroom?

What's the most out of the ordinary color you ever had for your sheets?

pvreditor Posted: Nov 12 '08,  7:28 pm           Reply
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RE: Bed Sheet Color

All my sheets are dark colors: reds and blues, mostly. I like striped patterns, too. Not sure what that says about me, though.


imyourpaperdol Posted: Oct 02 '09,  11:54 pm           Reply
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ohh. pink is the most favorite color to girls. but of course not all.

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